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12/16/63 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, DECEMBER 16, <br />1963, AT 7:OO P.M., AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL. <br />I 263 <br />Members answering Rollcall we're MacMillan, Rixe, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />WHITE OAKS SEWER HEARING POSTPONED, <br />Public Hearing on the White Oaks Sewer has been postponed until spring; that owners <br />will..receive mailed notification of new date at such time as it is definitely scheduled. <br />Mayor Bredesen announced that the proposed <br />Tupa's motion for approval of Minutes of December 2nd Meeting, as submitted, was <br />seconded by MacMillan and carried. <br />EDINA TO BE 75 YEARS OLD ON DECEMBER 18. Mr. Bredesen reported that Edina was <br />incorporated as a Village on December 18, 1888. <br />COUNCIL ASKS FOR REPORT FROPI LIBRARY CONSULTANTS, PURSUANT TO CITIZENS' REQUEST FOR <br />IMMEDIATE ACTION ON NEW LIBRARY. Mayor Bredesen told an audience of about fifty <br />persons that the Council is meeting tonight for its first formal discussion since <br />receipt of the report of the Friends of the Library relative to new and improved <br />library facilities, although each of the Council has studied and discussed the <br />report informally. <br />many letters advocating a new library, some of which letters asked for new facilities <br />providing there would be no raise in taxes, Mr. Bredesen suggested that"citizens not <br />confuse the facilities under discussion-that the reareation facilities constructed <br />and under construction (swimming pool and golf course) are and will be self sustaining, <br />whereas the library can be built from moneys provided from either one of two sources; <br />private contributions, which the Friends of the Library feel is not possible, or <br />from tax levy, <br />Liquor Stores might be used for the library, but that a commitment was made at the <br />time the municipal liquor store was established, that such profits be used for either <br />park and recreation purposes, or to decrease the taxes by direct contribution to the <br />General Fund of the village. Mr. Bredesen suggested that if it is decided by the <br />Council to proceed with the building of a library, Council should seek the advice of <br />professional librarians, familiar with all aspects of library operations, preferably <br />coming from outside the Village and with no personal nor convenience preferences. <br />Trustee VanValkenburg said that in his conversation with one member of the <br />School Board it had been suggested that the demand for bigger and better school <br />library might be worked out, with access to the public; that as part of the study <br />for new library facility it might be well to work with the School Board for their <br />suggestiions. <br />Dr. Alan Mogck, Chairman of the Friends of the Library, presented to the <br />Council a petition reading, "We respectfully request and urge that the Trustees of <br />the Village of Edina take immediate steps to provide adequate library facilities <br />for said Village," signed by 1941 persons. <br />read the Resolution adopted by the Student 'Council after discussion with the student <br />body concerning the library problem, asking that (1) library be built as soon as <br />possible to assure adequate facilities for students; (2) that library have a special <br />student section; (3) %hat library be open Saturdays, two nights and each afternoon <br />until 6:OO P.E.I.; (4) that library have large reference section for school assignments; <br />and stating that students realize that all their wants and ideas cannot be <br />incorporated into the plans but feel the composition of the new library might be <br />assisted by these ideas. <br />members of the student body, reading in the same manner as the petition presented <br />by Dr. Mogck. <br />Relative to the location of a new library, Mayor Bredesen told group it is <br />evident from the discussions he has had, that one library cannot completely serve <br />Edina; that the Village has already been cut in two by construction of the Crosstown <br />Highway, and will be further divided when Highway 100 is improved. He added that <br />some 10,000 people can easily walk to the library at its present location, and <br />that the land has been donated for either library or park purposes and will revert <br />back to the owner if it is not used for one' or the other. <br />Dr. blogck supported the Friends' recommendation €or a location at Valley View <br />Road and W.66th Street on the grounds that this lo'cation has ready access to <br />heavily travelled nearby highways and is close to Southdale, which predominates as <br />the Edina Shopping Center in the minds of most Edina residents. <br />Village Manager Hyde suggested that one of the big considerations is the plan <br />for a future Regional Hennepin County Library to serve the southwest area. <br />inquired of Miss Helen Young, Director of the Hennepin County Library, as to whether <br />the County Library will continue to serve Morningside if Edina goes ahead with its <br />plans for a new facility. She explained that <br />the matter of the location of a regional library is most difficult to determine <br />because of population trends; that it is hoped a planning consultant can be employed <br />for further study; that, with a one-mill Capital Improvements levy within the <br />permitted five-mill levy, it will take some five years to begin the regional library <br />program; that it is felt that the southwest area--Edina, Richfield, Bloomington and <br />part of Eden Prairie should have first priority, <br />Adding that he and the other Council members have all had <br />He added he has heard some comment that profits from the two Municipal <br />Mr. Don Bennett, President of the*Edina-Morningside High School Student Council, <br />Mr, Bennett also presented a petition, signed by 265 <br />He <br />Miss young's answer was indefinite. <br />.