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3/30/64 <br />c 5% \ MINUTES <br />REGULAR <br />MONDAY, <br />OF THE ADJOURNED PORTION OF THE MARCH 16, 1964 <br />H.E;ETENG,OP THE EDENA VZLLAGE COUNCIL, HELD ON <br />NARCH 30, 1964 AT 7:OO PaM., AT EDINA VILLAGE HALL. <br />.I <br />I4embers answering Rollcall were MacMillan, TuQa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. a. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of March 16, 1964, were approved as submiteed, by <br />motion VanValkenburg, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />1. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PETITION FOR REZONING OF NELSON FARM RE-CONTINUED TO APRIL 20, <br />FOR NOTICE ELATIVE TO NEW RECOMMENDATION BY PLANNING COMt.IISSION .. ldayor Bredesen <br />announced Continuation of the March 16th Public Hearing on the petition of Metro: <br />U.S. for the Rezoning of part of the Nelson Farm to R-4 Llultiple Residence District, <br />Office Building District, and Planned Industrial District all in accordance with <br />"Notice of Public Hearing" published in Edina-Mornings-ide Courier ilarch 5 and 12. <br />Itjeeting an :explanation be made by Mr. Hite, Planning Director, first; that the <br />Proponents then speak; and that the Opponents, then state their views. <br />Planning Director George Hite reported that at the time petitioners were in <br />the process of developing their plan for land use of the Nelson Farm the Planning <br />Commission had considered with them the possibility that "PLANNED INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT" <br />use for the area described as "The N.779 Ft, of the S..1/2 of Sec.9,T.116,R.2l,lying- <br />W. of a line described as, 'Beginning at a pt,in the N. line of said S1/2 of Sec.9 <br />distant 650 Ft. W, of the E. line of said section thence SWly to pt. distant 1400 Ft. <br />N. of S. line and.1000 Ft, W. of E, line of saida Section 9" would be as good a use <br />for this particular land as R-4 Multiple Residence District; and that at a Meeting <br />subsequent to the Public Hearing of March 30, the Planning Commission had reviewed <br />the proposed land uses once again and is now recommending that this particular <br />tract be rezoned to "PLANNED INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT" rather than to R-4 Multiple <br />Residence District . <br />for the petitioners, made a most detailed explanation of the plan for the Nelson Farm, <br />explaining also the ownership of the property-which is now in the name of 'IEdina <br />Plaza Corporation1'. <br />owned by Metro-U.S. <br />in MetPo-U.S. as well as President of Edina Plaza Corporation. <br />with the aid of a diagram the proposed Zoning Districts in relation to the planned <br />Highway #lo0 Interchange, the zoning as far west as Cahill Road, and as far north <br />as V. 70th Street. After saying that the developing corporation had attempted to <br />acquire additional land after paying $775,000 for the Stowe property, but could not <br />do so because of the high land value, Mr. Dblgren showed a topographic survey of <br />the stow property, calling attention to the "peat problem", peat being $he prevailing <br />soil condition in at least one-third of the area. <br />had purchased their p$operties as "residential" property and with the understanding <br />that the Nelson Fanm-was at least in part in "Open Development" District--that this <br />new proposal for Nelson Farm would devaluate this fine residential area in Lake <br />Edina. compared the distance between the closest .residence in the <br />Lake Edina area to the closest office building in the Rauenhorst Development directly <br />to the south (this being some 300 feet) Mith the distance between the closest resident <br />in the Lake Edina area to the Metro office property across Highiqay #LOO--this being <br />some 1450 feet; the distance between the closest Lake Edina residenee and Rauenhorst <br />industrial being 1100 feet, whereas the closest residence to Metro industrial would <br />be 1500 feet. Saying that several beautiful homes had been constructed in the Lake <br />Edina Third and Fourth Additions since the Rauenhorst's deyelopment was approved some <br />two or three years ago, Nr. Dahlgren told Council he can see no way in which this <br />proposed land use plan can possibly devaluate these residential plats. He added that <br />in the development and planning of the large park adjacent to. Highway No. 100, planners <br />have bent over backward to promote as much space as possible between residential <br />developments and commercial enterprises, <br />development on the Nelson Farm would be $24,000,000--which would mean $475,000 in taxes <br />going to the School District each year; and that because there are no children indicated <br />in a development like this, this $475,000 is clear profit. <br />ment is a reasonable one, is convinced the people behind it are sincere, have adequate <br />backing and are capable of carrying out the entire development; that it is their <br />intention to inmediately invest in the entire road system-and that this development <br />should have no deleterious affect on any development in any direction. <br />Mr. John Grant, 4604 Bruce Avenue, who described himself as Ita resident of Edina <br />since 1952, with childred in the school system", spoke in favor of the proposal, saying <br />he feels taxes are important; that, figuring that about 170 of the 192 acres could be <br />developed as residential, 425 homes at $30,000 average valuation would mean an assessed <br />valuation of approximatel$f,400,000, whereas industrial park would bring an assessed <br />valuation of some $3,300,000, producing $350,000 in taxes on residential properties <br />as against $795,000 or $800,000 in taxes on industrial; that a residential development <br />would add some 720 children, 480 being student age, to the school sgstem, as against <br />I 1-b. Bredesen asked that, in the interests of the orderly conduct of the <br />Mr, Howard Dahlgren of Midwest Planning and Research, Inc., Planning Consultants <br />Mr. Dahlgren explained that Edina Plaza Corporation is 80% <br />He introduced Mr. Tony Bernardi, 7109 Cornelia Drive, and officer <br />l4r. Dahlgren explained <br />I <br />At the last Hearing (Narch 16) , objections had been made that Lake Edina residents <br />Mr. Dahlgren <br />' <br />I As to the tax base, Hr. Dahlgren reported that the approximate valuation of total <br />To end his presentation, Mr. Dahlgren told Council be feels this proposed develop-