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3/30/64 <br />COUNCIL WPROVES CLAIM OF HARRY COOPER FOR MOVING AND MILEAGE EXPENSE AND FOR <br />INVENTORY. <br />Harry Cooper, Jr, Golf Pro, for $49.00, Mileage for Jan., Feb. and March; Noving <br />expense, .$144.00; and Inventory for Resale, .$858.64--PotaL, $1,002.64. <br />motion that Claim be paid was seconded by VanValkenburg and carried. <br />Manager Hyde presented to Council for action the Claim, No. 25150, of <br />Tupa's <br />70 <br />NORMANDALE GOLF, INC. ON-SALE BEER LICENSE APPROVED FOR YEAR 4/1/64-4/1/65. Appli- <br />cation for renewal of On-sale Beer License at Normandale Golf, for year April 1, 1964 <br />to April 1, 1965, was presented. <br />seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />There being no further business to come before this meeting, MacMillan moved <br />MacMillan's motion that License be approved was <br />D for adjournment . Motion seconded by <br />Villsge Clerk <br />KCNUTES OF THE. REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HEGD MONDAY, <br />EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />APRIL 6, 1964, AT 7:OO P.M., AT THE <br />Members answering Rollcall were hiactlillan, Rixe, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />FIREMAN ROBERT J. BURESH was recognized by the Mayor and Council on his completion <br />of Course in Municipal Fire Administration, by International City Manager's AGSn. <br />7.. I: <br />- COUNCIL ZONES TO R-4 MULTIPLF, RESIDENCE DISTRICT, BLOCKS $20 AND 21, EMMA ABBOTT PARK <br />- (NORTHIJEST CORNER. BROOKSIDE AVE. & MOTOR ST. 1 FOR 220-UNIT APARTMENTS. SUBJECT TO __ <br />AGREEHENT WITH PETITIONER RELATIVE TO MAINTAINING QUALITY OF DEVELOPMENT . Mayor <br />Bredesen announced Continued Public Hearing on the.petition of Dietrich-Francis Co, <br />foxthe Rezoning from Open Development Disirict to k-4 MULTIPLE. RESIDENCE DISTRICT <br />o€ Blbcks 20 and 21, Emma Abbott Park, for the purpose of construction of 220-Unit <br />Apartments thereon. Hearing had been continued from the March 2nd Heeting to this <br />meeting for the purpose of Council's securing report on traffic in this-areas and the <br />effect this proposed development would have on traffic, and also for the purpose of <br />ascertaining availability of sanitary sewer,and water supply, to this area, Mr. Hite <br />submitted to the Council a report entitled "Traffic Study and Report for the Village <br />of Edina, Minnesota--Brookside Avenue E 44th Street Area", dated April 6, 1964, by <br />Bather Engineering, Traffic Consultant at Excelsior, Minnesota. <br />indicates that the 220-unit apartment development will not cause a traffic hazard <br />on Bither IJ.44th Street or Brookside Avenue. <br />As to the Sanitary Sewer and the Water Supply, Mr, Hite told Council there <br />will be no difficulty at a11 about the Sanitary Sewer inasmuch as it is now very <br />near the property; but that the Watermain is several blocks away--that, in this <br />case, the simplest means of obtaining water would be from St.Louis Park, although <br />it could reach the development by bringing it east on Division St. and then North <br />on Rutledge Avenue, or brought from the East (48th Street), <br />watermain, saying he is quite concerned about who would be assessed and how much <br />the assessment would be. <br />1962 because of the high cost and the small amount of assessable property. <br />added he wants to be sure that if water is put in it goes close to his residence <br />so that he can hook up to it, <br />population concentration than a single family development, asking if this is going <br />to appreciakly influence the schools, and if taxpayers are thus going to be assessed <br />even more for school services. To this last, Mayor Bredesen replied that from the <br />information the Council has had, apartments will contribute very few students to <br />the school system; that the property will contribute more taxes per student than <br />private dewellings do. <br />had a number of discussion since the March 2nd Hearing, in attempting to get oriented <br />to this project, and that in view of the fact that no one could come up with a <br />positive proposal other than singLe family dwellings for the use of this land and <br />everyone seems to appreciate that owners should be able to make some use ofthe <br />property, it was the hope of the people that the Council could somehow work with- <br />the developers to assure maintenance of what appears to be a high quality project. <br />He said the neighbors feel it is. probable that builders may see fit to downgrade <br />the development later, should the economic situation change or should it prove <br />impossible to fully rent those units constructed within the next couple of years. <br />He added the residents surrounding the proposed development would appreciate any- <br />thing the Council could do along the line of enforcing a continued high standard <br />fo? the project . <br />Mayor Bredesen reminded Mr. Bale that Council cannot force development, but <br />that maintenance of a high standard is-being encouraged by the requirement that the <br />le'ast desirablelproperty be improved first and the most desirable land be utilized <br />I This report <br />fib. Richard Flumerfelt, 5825 Division St., inquired about the route of the <br />He added that proposed water improvement was rejected in <br />He <br />He added that this area is certainly a higher <br />Mr, William Bale, 4380 Thielen Avenue, told Council he and his neighbors have <br />* <br />last <br />Y