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4/20 /64 <br />MINUTES OF 'THE REGULAR NEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, APRIL 20, .'. <br />1964, AT 7:OO P.M., AT EDINA VILLAGE HALL i tIEMBERS answering Rollcall were MacMillan , Rixe , Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen . ' <br />MAYOR ANNOUNCES CONTINUANCE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED STORM SEWER IN BARRIE ROAD, <br />ETC. , TO MONDAY , MAY 4. <br />decision to re-study the proposed Storm Sewer in Barrie Road from proposed W.65th St., <br />Mayor Bredesen announced that because of an administrative <br />northerly and then east, etc., that Public Hearing on this project, scheduled for <br />this meeting, would be continued to Monday, May 4, without discussion this evening. <br />NINUTES of March 30th Adjourned PortiQn of March 16th Meeting were approved by motion <br />VanValkenburg, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />MINUTES OF APRIL 6TH MEETING AMENDED. <br />April 6th Regular Meeting of Council be amended by-adding to the second paragraph, <br />Page 74, Book 27, after the words "and that the costs of this accounting must be added <br />to regular engineering and overhead costs;" the words, "that total cost could possibly <br />run as high as 12% of this project",(this .refers to matter of Village-incurred costs <br />relative to contract for Street Surfacing, Lake Edina Third and Fourth Additions), and <br />that said amended Minutes of April 6th Regular Meeting be approved. <br />Tupa and carried. <br />VanValkenburg then moved that Minutes of the <br />Motion seconded by <br />COUi\lCIL CONGRATULATES POLICE AND FIREMEN QN COMPLETION OF COURSES IN ADMINISTRATION . <br />Congratulations were extended by the Mayor and.Counci1 to the folloHing Village employees: <br />course in Municipal Fire Administration, by International City Managers Assn, <br />Municipal Administration, by International City Managers Assn. <br />offered as Adult Study Course by Edina High School. <br />so that Police Department is able to assist Fire Department in its fire fighting duties, <br />thus saving the cost of additional full time paid fire fighters. <br />FIRE CHIEF CHRIS MITZEL AND FIREHEN E. N. HANSEN AND WM. B. FECK for completion of <br />POLICE SGT. JAMES H. CRAWFORD, for completion of .course, l"Supervisory Methods of <br />POLICE SGT. WILLIAM V. HOFFMAN, for completion of course, "Roll of the Supervisor", <br />Nayor Bredesen added that Police Personnel has now completed its *$integrated training' <br />COUNCIL ZONES PORTION OF NELSON FARM TO OFFICE BUILDING AND PLANWED INDUSTRIAL DISTRICTS. <br />Council conducted Continuation of Public Hearings of March 16 and 30, 1964, on the <br />Petition of Metro4.S. Construction Company, for Rezoning to R-4 Multiple Residence <br />District, Office Building District, and Planned Industrial District of certain portions <br />of the Nelson Farm--all as described in "Notice of Public Hearing", published in Edina- <br />Morningside Courier March 5 and 12, 1964, posted and mailed to owners of affected <br />properties; also conducting Public Hearing on new proposal, as recommended by Edina <br />Planning Commission after the Public Hearing of March 16, to rezone to Planned Industrial <br />District that portion of the Nelson Farm originally petitioned by Metro-U.S. for rezoning <br />to R-4 Multiple Residence District. <br />Public Hearing" published in Edina-Morningside Courier April 9 and 16, 1964, posted and <br />mailed to owners of affected properties. <br />Mr, Ray Jones, 5232 W.7Oth Street, told Council he feels now, and tried to make <br />his opinion clear at the last Hearing, that there is a.definite need €or "pre-zoning" - <br />in the entire area; that he wants to request that Council ask Planning Commission to <br />make a study of the entire area, come up with recommendations to the Council--and that <br />the Council then pass commission's considered recommendations into Ordinance, so that <br />residents may have some idea what they can expect. <br />been a meeting between the developers.of the Nelson Farm (now known as "Edina Plaza <br />Corporation" rather than Metro-U.S.) and ob5ectom to the -prbposed rezoning, and that <br />as the result of this meeting some agreements have been made; that if permitted to <br />rezone, the developer has agreed to build a buffer east of Highway 100, filing letter <br />of intent with Council; and that Mr, E. C. Stow, developer of Lake Edina Additions has <br />verbally agreed to deed to the Village for highway purposes the one outlot, which will <br />later be deeded to the corporation which is composed of the property otmers in the <br />Lake Edina area--Lake Edina, Inc. Letter of intent, dated April 20, 1964, addressed <br />to Lake Edina, Inc., and signed by Antonio Bernardi, President of Edina Plaza Corporation, <br />reads as follows: <br />This latter Hearing was held pursuant to "i?otice of <br />Mayor Bredesen informed the-audience that since the last Public Hearing there has <br />"This is to confirm our agreement to build a parapet dirt screen wall along <br />the East side of Highway #lo0 on outlot # 1, according to Lake Edina Plat. <br />"This screen parapet wall will be the same height as the present highway <br />grade and will be constructed from existing earth on outlot 81. Wall will <br />be constructed in such a manner that after finish sloping and grading, trees <br />and other landscaping can be'provided by others to create a screen. Lenth <br />of this wall will be approximately 300 yards; work will be started when <br />permit is given by the Village allowing such dirt wall to be constructed." <br />14r. Carl Struck told Council it was his understanding that Mr. Bernardi had also agreed <br />to the planting of trees on this buffer, but Mr. Bernardi denied this, and it was the <br />concensus that this had not been a part of the agreement. -