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' 5/18/64 <br />MINUTES OF THE =GULAR MEETING OF THE EDII\IA VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL, HELD PIONDAY, MAY 18, 3964, AT 7:OO P.M., AT <br />I. <br />THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />MEMBERS answering Rollcall were i.IacMillan, Rixe , Tupa , VanValkenburg and. Bredesen. <br />MIqUTES of Meeting of May 4 were reviewed pursuant to the request of Misses Katherine <br />and Marie E. Pearce for their interpretation relative to Storm Sewer in Cross Town <br />Highway. (See action of later in meeting, approving Minutes as submitted). <br />PEARCE SISTERS ASK COUNCIL ACTION RELATIVE TO CROSSTOWN HIGHWAY STORM SEWER.ASSESSIVIEi'lTe <br />The Hisses Katherine and Marie Elizabeth Pearce inquired of the Council concerning a <br />reply from the Hennepin County Highway Department about Storm Sewer in the Crosstown <br />Highway. Miss Katherine Pearce reported she had talked with the "man in charge" at <br />the c ounty Highway Department, who had told her that storm sewer plans were l'carried <br />out just as submitted by this Village". Miss Marie Pearce asked, What happened to <br />the money which we paid for a benefit we-never received and never will receive?" <br />Village Attorney Hasselquist explained to the Pearces that-the letter of inquiry to <br />the County Highway Department had not yet gone out because the Village Attorney's <br />office does not yet have all the information necessary for such an inquiry. Mr. <br />I George Hite reported that the Crosstown Highway Storm Sewer System was not built as <br />planned, insofar as elevation along line is concerned; Mayor Bredesen asked Miss <br />Katherine Pearce to try to get the name of 'the man at the County Highway Department <br />with whom she had talked; and the Misses Pearce were told that when Council receives <br />report from the County a meeting of all parties concerned will be called. No formal <br />action taken. <br />. <br />"HILLSIDE LANE" IN "EDINA VALLEY ESTATES FIRST ADDITION" TO BE "HILLSIDE COURT" <br />Public Hearing was called on the proposed change of street name of that part of <br />Hillside Lane within Edina Valley Estates First Addition to HILLSIDE COURT. <br />presented Affidavits of Publication, Posting and Mailing of Notice of Hearing, which <br />were approved and placed on file. Nanager Hyde explained that this street runs into <br />Limerick Lane at one end--which makes numbering confusing. <br />this is a village-sponsored change, rather than a petitioned one. <br />objections from the floor, and none had been received prior to the Hearing, <br />Tupa offered the following Ordinance, moving that Council dispense with second <br />reading and adopt Ordinance as submitted: <br />Clerk <br />Mr. Hite told Council <br />There were no <br />ORDINANCE NO. 164-26 I <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING VILLAGE OF EDINA ORDINANCE <br />NO, 164 ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE NAPSING AND RENAMING <br />CERTAIN ROADS, STREETS AND AVENUES bF THE VILLAGE <br />OF EDINA <br />THE VILLAGE COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDIIJA, MINNESOTA, ORDAINS: <br />further amended by adding after Section 41the following: <br />Section 1. Ordinance No. 164 of the Village, as amended, is hereby <br />"Section 42. . That part of "Hillside Lane" lying within the property platted <br />as "Edina Valley Estates", as the same is of record in the office of the Register of <br />Deeds of Hennepin County, is hereby renamed "HILLSIDE COURT" ,Ir <br />Section 2. This Ordinance shall-be in effect from and after its passage <br />and publication. <br />Motion for adoption of Ordinance as submitted, wit? waiver of second reading, was <br />seconded by VanValkenburg, and on Rollcall re five. ayes and no nays , as <br />follows : MacMillan , aye j Rixe , aye ; Tupa, Valkenburg, aye; and Bredesen, <br />aye; and the Ordinance was adopted. <br />COUNCIL APPROVES SIDE LOT VARIANCE FOR 4618 ARDEN AVENUE. <br />on the request of Mr. Milton M. Broeker, 4618 Arden Avenue, for a zoning variance <br />allowing him to remove his present one-car garage and construct a double garage within <br />two feet of his west and north lot lines (Lot 10, B1. 10, Country Club Dist., Fairway <br />Section). Zoning Ordinance requires five-foot setbacks. Planning Director Hite <br />told Council that Planning Commission has recommended favorably; and that this two- <br />foot setback is found on many Country Club properties. <br />the floor, and none had been received prior to Hearing. <br />requested variance be granted was seconded by Riqe and carried. <br />Public Hearing was conducted <br />There were no objections from <br />VanValkenburg's motion that <br />. ".