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124 { 6/1/64 <br />d <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELI) MONDAY , <br />JUNE 1, 1964, AT 7:OO P.N., AT THE <br />EDIilTA VILLAGE HALL <br />tfembers answering Rollcall were Macblillan , Rixe , VanVallienburg and Bredesen. <br />Tupa entered the meeting later, as hereinafter recorded. <br />Trustee <br />ESSAY COXTEST WIiJNERS COMPLIMENTED BY COUNCIL. <br />Havor Bredesen complimented Hichael Anderson and 1.5arilyn Snyder, Edina-Horningside <br />On behalf of ldayor and Council, <br />4 - <br />High School Seniors on their achievements in winning first and third places, <br />respectively, in the b5innesota Police E Peace Officers'.Association's Essay <br />Contest. Mayor Bredesen told the audience that more than 5,000 entries had <br />been received in this contest, and that it was a distinct honor far Edina to <br />have two winners . <br />I4INUTES of the Regular Village Council Heeting of May 18, 1964, were approved as <br />submitted, by motion VanValkenburg, seconded by b1acMillan and carried. <br />I Subject of essays wa.s "Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency". <br />. <br />COUNCIL DELAYS ACTION FOR TWO WEEKS ON PSLIWINARY PLAN FOR TRUNK HIGHklAY NO. 100 <br />FROM HIGHWAY NO. 494 TO NORTH VLLLAGE LIMITS. b5r. R. P. Braun, Deputy District <br />Engineer for the State Highway Department, and Mr. Dean Wenger, Traffic Analysis <br />Engineer, reviewed for the Council "Layout No. 14A, S.P.2733-25 (T.H.100=130) <br />from Jct.F.A.I.494 to Jct.62nd St. & T.H.169" and "Layout No. 7C, S.P.2733-25, <br />S.P.2734-12 & S.P.2735-52 (T.H. 100=130) from C.S.A.H.62 to T.H.711whicli together <br />comprise the revised Preliminary Plans for Highway No. 100 from Highway No. 494 <br />to the North Village Limits. <br />First, the proposed full-half cloverleaf at 76th Street, with service roads brought <br />up from $494 on both east and west sides, to W.76th Street; then the treatment at <br />70th Street, the combination of Highway No. 169 with Highway 100 from the <br />Crosstown to the North Vilbage Limits;the new treatment of the intersection of <br />Highway No. 100 with W.66th Street, with 66th Street curved to save some homes; <br />Valley View Road to be cloased, with service drives north to the Benton Avenue <br />"braid" interchange---which is something new, and which was discussed at some <br />length. Question was raised as to whether there are any of the Ilbraid" interchanges <br />now in ogeration, and Council was informed that there is one at St.Pau1 Park and one <br />at Rochester. . <br />been planned for Benton Avenue is that the conventional type would use much of the <br />High school athletic field. Council was interested in planned traffic movement at <br />this interchange, and it was noted that the interchange will be signalized. <br />Brag 38+$ 8o:cilthat work on the portion of Highway 100 between Excelsior Blvd. <br />and <br />Highway, during summer of 1967; that there is no programming of the part south of <br />the Crosstown. <br />construction plans can be prepared. <br />tonight, are the result of many meetings between State Highway Department and the <br />Village Staff; and Mr. Hyde told Council that he believes the present design has.; <br />solved most of the problems set forth at former hearings; that the main problem is <br />with the Church and Biltmore Motor Hotel area properties. <br />delay action, for further study of plan, to the June 15th Meeting. <br />wasmlhad concerning the problem of the Church's land. <br />Council action on plan be set over for two weeks, was seconded by bracbiillan and <br />carried. <br />to the Highway Department Representatives. One lady inquired about the 66th Street <br />Hill, was informed that 66th Street will be raised, but that the main lines will be <br />depressed slightly. <br />Several items along the route were pointed out. <br />Hr. Hite told Council that the reason this type of interchange has <br />Hr. <br />Be55 e&: $&way will begin during the summer of 1966; from there to Crosstown <br />He added that plans mast be settled, soon, so that actual <br />He added that the plans presented here, <br />He recommended that Council <br />Some discussion <br />VanValkenburg's motion, that <br />Mr. Hyde asked that those in the audience who had questions state them