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6/15/64 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETINGS OF THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY , JUIJE 15, 1964 , <br />AT 7:OO P.M. ,AT THE EDIiSA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were MacMillan, Rixe, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />WATERWORKS SUPT. , BEN WOEHLER, COi/MEWDED BY COUNCIL FOR TWENTY YEARS OF SERVICE TO <br />VILLAGE. On behalf of himself and the Council. Mavor Bredesen reconnized and commended -.I Y <br />Ben Woehler, Waterworks Superintendent, for twenty years' service to Edina. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Village Council Meeting of June 1, 1964, were approved as <br />submitted, by motion VanValkenburg, seconded by Rixe and carried. <br />COUNCIL HAS FIRST READING OF COMNERCIAL ZONING DISTRICT (C-l,C-2 ,C-3 ,C-4) AMEIJDLENT <br />TO ZONING ORDIWANCE. <br />conducted on the proposed "Commercial Zoning District (C-l,C-2 ,C-3 ,C-4)" Amendment to <br />the Village Zoning Ordinance. Planning Director Hite reported that while he had <br />received no written objections, he had received suggestions from some interested <br />property owners relative to the terminology of the proposed ordinance; and the <br />Council had a forty-five minute review of the suggestions received by Hr. Hite, as <br />well as the requests for clarification, and suggestions, by Trustee VanValkenburg. <br />Public Hearing, continued from the Regular Heeting of June 1, was <br />PEARCE SISTERS GET CLARLFICATION OF EFFECT OF PROPOSED ORDIIJANCE OLI THEIR <br />PROPERTY. <br />of Village Attorney Hasselquist, and now formally inquires, "Is the proposed <br />IYlr. John Daubney told Council he had already informally inquired <br />ordinance intended to existing Community Store Zoning?" <br />represents the Misses Katherine and Harie E. Peace. <br />Attorney Whitlock reported that he had discussed this question with both <br />Mr. Hasselquist and Mr. Hite, and that "The proposed ordinance will affect <br />as of this time no parcel of land in Edina, but khat at some time parcels <br />of land will have to be re-classified--and may, or may not, be put into <br />this District. <br />also. <br />Mr. Daubney <br />Acting Village <br />Attorney Daubney agreed that this was his interpretation <br />General agreement was had on the suggestions made by Messrs. Hite and VanValkenburg, <br />and discussion turned to Trustee Rixe's objection to the limitation of 9,000 square <br />feet maximum gross floor area for business establishments in the C-1 District. <br />Saying it is impossible to predict trends in merchandising, Mr. Rixe told Council <br />that this limitation will prohibit the old "general store" type of establishment, <br />which is now becoming so popular in other parts of the country. <br />this limitation be changed to 12,000 square feet. Nr. Hite reported that while he <br />believes the Planning Commission will not be averse to this change, the Commission <br />does feel that there should be some limitation--that it is the intent of the <br />ordinance to do away with the establishment of single-use type in areas not now <br />zoned; that the ordinance provides for development of integrated centers, rather <br />than for a collection of scattered small developments. Mr. Hite added that the <br />ordinance provides 'permission for single stores in existing commercial districts , <br />adjacent to existing commercial district, or within a planned commercial district. <br />It was informally agreed that the change suggested by Mr. Rixe be incorporated into <br />the proposed Ordinance, and Trustee VanValkenburg moved that the Council accept the <br />First Reading of the revised COMMERCIAL ZONING DISTRICT (C-19C-2,C-3,C-4) AMENDMENT <br />to the Village Zoning Ordinance, and schedule the Second Reading thereof for <br />Monday, July 6, 1964, <br />He asked that I <br />Motipn was seconded by Tupa and was unanimously carried. <br />3501 W454TH STREET REZONED TO R-2 MULTIPLE RESIDENCE DISTRICT AFTER PUBLIC HEARING. <br />Public Hearing was conducted on the petition of Mr. Leo McClellan, 3501 W.54th Street, <br />for the rezoning of Lots 1 and 2, Block 1, Ivandale Park Near Lake Harriet (3501 \?.54th <br />Street) from Open Development District (Non-Conforming Use) to "R-2 14ULTIPLE RESIDENCE <br />DISTRICT1l , pursuant to "Notice of Public Hearing", published in Edina-Norningside <br />Courier, posted, and mailed to owners of affected properties. <br />explained that the purpose of the petitioned rezoning is to permit Mr. McClellan to <br />convert his neighborhood grocery to a duplex, and that the Planning Commission nas <br />recommended favorably on the request. There were no objections from the floor, and <br />no written objections had been received &ior thereto. <br />petition signed by several near neighbors, in favor of the proposal. <br />the following Ordinance, moving that'council dispense with second reading and adopt <br />Ordinance as submitted: <br />Planning Director Hite <br />Mr. kClellan presented a <br />Rixe offered <br />ORDINANCE NO. 261-86 <br />I <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 261 (ZOIJING ORDINANCE ) <br />OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA, ESTABLISHING ADDITIOiJAL <br />R-2 HULTIPLE RESIDENCE DISTRICT <br />THE VILLAGE COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA, MINNESOTA, ORDAINS: <br />Section 1. Paragraph 1, Multiple Residence District Boundaries, of <br />Section 4 (IYlultiple Residence District) of Ordinance No. 261 of revised ordinances of <br />the Village of Edina, as amended, is hereby further amended by adding the following <br />sub-paragraph : <br />District R- 2 <br />"(2) Lots 1 and 2, Block 1, Ivandale Park Near Lake Harriet.