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1 7/6 ./64 147 <br />Administration Course, <br />,C-4) Amendment <br />COUNCIL REZONES PORTION OF WALLALE KENNETH PROPERTY FROM~~OPEN DEVELOPIENT DISTRICT" <br />T0"R-4 MJLTIPLE RESIDENCE DISTRIFT": CALLS PUBLIC HEARING JULY 20 ON PROPOSAL TO <br />1GZONE ADDITIONAL AREA IN ACCORDNCE WITH RECOIYlMENDATION BY THE PLANNING COMMISSION. <br />Public Hearing, continued from Jbne 15, was called on the Petition of Hr. Wallace <br />Kenneth for the Rezoning from Op n Development District to R-4 MULTIPLE RESIDENCE <br />DISTRICT of a tract of land abut ing Coun%:g..-Road. No, 18 on the East, between the <br />Pederson Dairy property and Hine-Mile:Creek. <br />"KENNETH-HANSEH-PEDERSON LAND RE ONING PROPOSAL", dated June 30, 1964, and approved <br />by the Edina Planning Commission at its July 1st Meeting as its firm recommendation <br />for the Rezoning of the undevelo ed area beiween Iiighway No. 183and Parkwood Road <br />, and between Nine-Mile Creek and he cementery. It was noted that this plan confined <br />the proposed R-4 Zoning largely to an area Hest of the Trunk Sewer Line, except for <br />the northerly part of the Kennet <br />not been petitioned for rezoning, 1 Plan shows just one R-3 area, being to the <br />Northeast of the trunk sewer linb, with one tier of R-2 lots on each of Wallace and <br />HansenIpyoperties, and the balan e of the area to remain zoned for single family <br />R-4 District as petitioned by Mrl. Kenneth, but Mr, Kenneth made no objection to <br />1- Mr. Hite presented a lay-out, entitled I <br />Tract and an area still farther north, which had <br />' residences (Open Development Dis E rict). The proposed plan decreases the proposed <br />6645 Parkwood Road, <br />inquired as further <br />Council discussed further <br />District to R-4 Multiple <br />recommended by the <br />Planning Commission for said <br />moving that Council dispense <br />and MacMillan offered the following Ordinance <br />reading thereof and adopt Ordinance as <br />AN ORDINANCE (ZONING ORDINANCE) OF <br />submitted : <br />R-4 MULTIPLE $SIDENCE DISTRICT <br />THE VILLAGE COUNCIL OF THE VILLA OF EDINA, MINNESOTA, ORDAINS: <br />Section 1. <br />part of the Northwest 1/4 o i the Northwest 1/4 of Section 31, Township 117, <br />"District R-4: <br />Range 21, described as foll ws: 'Beginning at the Northwest corner of said <br />Section 31; thence South alpng the West line of said Section 31, a distance of <br />Paragraph 1, Mu tiple Residence District Boundaries, of Section 4, <br />(NultipLe Residence District) of Ordinance No, 261 of revised Ordinances of the Village <br />of Edina, as amended, is hereby urther amended by adding the following sub-paragraph: <br />1'(6) That part of the West 1/2 of the Southwest 1/4 of Section 30, and that <br />0 <br />637.08 feet; thence Easterl' along a straight line to a Y the East line of the Horthw st 1/4 of the Northwest 1/4 <br />straight line isf extended w uld intersect the East line <br />point 730 feet West of <br />of said Section 31, said <br />of said Northwest 1/4 of