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7/20/64 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA j <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, JULY 20, 1964, s <br />AT 7:00 P.M., AT THE VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were MacMillan, Rixe, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />PUBLIC HEARING OONDUCTED ON PROPOSED DIVERSION STRUCTURE TO DIVERT CERTAIN WATERS <br />TO LAKES CORNELIA AND EDINA: CONTINUED TO AUGUST 3. Clerk presented Affidavits <br />of Publication and of Mailing of "Notice of Public Hearing" on the following <br />proposed improvement: <br />CONSTRUCTION OF A DIVERSION STRUCTURE, PIPE FROM THE'DIVERSION STRUCTURE <br />TO LAKE CORNELIA, AND APPURTENANCES AT THE FOLLOWING LOCATION: <br />On pond northeast of Lake Cornelia between the Crosstown Highway and <br />the Village of Edina swimming pool. <br />Before the Hearing.began, Mayor Bredesen informed Council he had received a request <br />from a group of residents who had not been informed of the Hearing because it is <br />not proposed to assess their properties, asking that Council conduct Hearing this <br />evening but delay action until such time as they can determine how their properties <br />will be affected, and that he feels their request should be granted. Persons <br />asking for continuance are those living along Minnehaha Creek. <br />Engineer Hite reviewed for Council the request received last March 18, from <br />the "Lake Cornelia Improvement Committee," asking that air conditioning water from <br />the Southdale commercial complex into Lake Cornelia to raise the water level. He <br />told Council and the audience that this air conditioning water is now flowing north, <br />)0 through ponds and Lake Pamela, into Minnehaha Creek, as the result of a storm <br />d sewer project engineered by Adolph Meyer and Associates and installed by Southdale. <br />For the Lake Cornelia residents, he reported that originally part of this water had <br />r� gone into Lake Cornelia from the pond by the swimming pool, but that back in 1956 <br />V there were flooding conditions on Lake Cornelia, at which time some structures <br />were provided to divert water from the lake, and Lake Cornelia was closed off from <br />the pond. He added that Lake Cornelia is not always high, however; that it is <br />sometimes low and sometimes high - -which is also true of Lake Edina, which is now <br />connected to Lake Cornelia by "Storm Sewer Main No. 1 ". <br />Mr. Hite reported that upon receipt of the Lake Cornelia Improvement Committee <br />request he had discussed it with Mr. Douglas Barr, consulting hydraulic engineer, <br />who was associatiated with Adolph Meyer at the time the Lake Pamela drainage <br />project was designed and installed; that Mr. Barr had informed him to comply with <br />the request would be perfectly feasible and practical, and good planning- -but that <br />because this air conditioning water is now being used to maintain the level of Lake <br />Pamela, it is believed that Lake Pamela should get first call on the overflow <br />water, and that only the water in excess of that needed for maintaining Lake Pamela <br />could be diverted to Lake Cornelia. <br />Mr. Hite reported it is proposed to construct a diversion structure- -dam -- <br />on the pond Northeast of Lake Cornelia, and a pipe, sized to take no more than <br />1800 gpm, between this pond and Lake Cornelia. The dam will be so constructed <br />that no water will be diverted into Lake Cornelia until there is ample water <br />flowing toward Lake Pamela to satisfy its needs. <br />Mr. Hite reported it is proposed to assess the cost of the proposed improvement <br />against the property abutting Lake Cornelia and Lake Edina; that the Village owns <br />approximately 200 of this property, thus 200 of the total estimated cost must be <br />subtracted before an assessment is made. He added that, on an amended cost <br />received today the assessment per lot would be about $60.30, rather than the <br />$73.56 quoted in the mailed Notice of Hearing. <br />Council was questioned as to whether it is proposed to assess over a number <br />of years. Mr. Hyde said this can be done, but it had been thought the assessment <br />period would be relatively short - -three to five years. <br />Mr. Dick Vogel, whose property abuts Lake Edina, said he would be delighted <br />if the Council should decide to make this improvement. <br />Question was asked as to the relative tize of Lake Cornelia vs. Lake Edina <br />lots, and Mr. Hite said that, generally, their size is comparable, especially as <br />to lake frontage. <br />Mr. M. A. Crinkley, 6700 Cornelia Drive, advocated the improvement, saying <br />we have been allowing very valuable water to leave Edina when it is needed here; <br />that he had been told that, could Lake Corneliats level be kept up to its normal <br />level there less trouble with algae, and less trouble with fish dying- - <br />that he would like to see the fishing improved. <br />One spectator, who said he lives on Woodend Drive at Hinnehaha Creek, asked <br />how the flow of water going into Minnehaha Creek would be affected by this <br />proposed structure. Reporting it is safe to say that any water diverted to <br />Lakes Cornelia and Edina would mean less water for Minnehaha Creek, Mr. Hite <br />said the question is, "Will there be enough less water in the Creek to be <br />significant ?" and that the answer is "No." There would be no water at all <br />diverted to Lakes Cornelia and Edina until such time as a certain amount of <br />water is diverted into Lake Pamela and the Creek. <br />