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13/3/64 1x9 <br />i\rATER RATES .DISCUSSED. A report on"l4ill Rates, Taxes, Water Rates and <br />Assessments" by Trustee Naci4illan, was the occasion for a discussion on <br />water rates. <br />St Louis Park, Richfield and Bloomington. <br />Edina's Water Rate be raised fromthe graduated rate of 20$ per LOO Cu.Ft. <br />for 1st 3,000 Cu.Ft., 19$ for Next 3,500 Cu.Ft. and 18$ for consumption of <br />everything over 6,500 Cu,Ft6 be raised to a flat rate of 25$ per 100 Cu.Ft,, <br />to provide for future water storage needs. It was thought, too, that this <br />increase might tend to keep sprinkling down some. <br />was of the opinion that this raise was not needed yet; and Engineer Hite <br />requested that action be delayed until a report on LO-Year Projection of <br />Expenditures for Capital Improvements can be made. <br />Report showed comparison oftaxes and water rates in Edina, <br />Hayor Bredesen suggested that <br />Finance Director Dalen <br />It was so orderedr <br />Council's having covered this meeting's agenda, I.lacMil1an moved for adjournment. <br />itlotion seconded by Rixe and carried. <br />MLWTES OF THE ADJOURiED PORTION OF THE <br />JULY 15, 1964 MEETING OF THE EDliJA BOARD <br />OF REVIEW, HELD kLGDNESDAY, AUGUST 5,1964 <br />AT 5:OO P.H., AT EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />r3 23 0 :e u U <br />Council Menbers acting as Board of Review were Idacf4illan, Tupa, VanValkenburg and <br />Bredesen. <br />No one appeared before the Board to complain that the property of another was <br />assessed too low, or who considered himself aggrieved by the assessment of <br />his own property. <br />Assessor liearns gave an unconfirmed figure of $1,791,000 as the gain in Real <br />Estate Valuation over that of last year, and stated that the Personal ?roperty <br />Valuation should gain just 3ligfitly. <br />change to IBilI. <br />Totalling has been delayed because of <br />14ac€.lillanfs motion, that Valuations for the Year 1964 be approved as presented <br />by the Village Assessor was seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />The meeting's business having been accomplished, Tupa moved €or adjournment. <br />Motion seconded by MacMillan and Carrie%. Adjournment at 5 : 15 P I4.