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180 8/17/64 <br />I.II>UTES OF THE REGULAR l*EETIi\IG OF THE EDIMA VILLAGE <br />COUWCIL, HELD IIONDAY, AUGUST 17, 1964, AT 7:OO P.i4., <br />AT THE EDIIJA VILLAGE IlALL <br />Hembers answering Rollcall were I.iacLlillan, Kixe , Tupa and Bredesen. <br />XLNUTES of the Regular Heeting of August 3, 1964, were approved as submitted, by <br />motion Xacl3illan, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />COUMCIL COiJTIiJUES SPECIAL ASSESSIEMT HEARING 021 Si&ITARY SENER II*IPROVLLELIT i?G b , 3-88, <br />SUB-TRUBL AND UTLUL, TO StPTEIlBER 14, FOk IiIVESTIGATIO,i? Oi4 TW UIJPLATTED TZACTS <br />Clerk presented Affidavits of Publication, and oE isjailing to owners of affected <br />progerties of "Notice of Assessment gearing on Sanitary Sewer Improvement ,ior 188, <br />Sub-Trunk and Lateral Connections", publication having been in Edina-iJorningside <br />Couries? July 30 and August 6, 1964. <br />placed on file; and, pursuant to due notice given, Public Hearing was called on the <br />proposed Special Assessment for the cost of CONSTRUCTION OF SUB-TRUNK AiJD LATERAL <br />SANITAXY SEWER K?D APPURTEIIAKES AS FOLLOtJS : <br />I Affidavits iqere approved as to form and ordered <br />In Gleason Road from existing Sanitary Sewer manhole at centerline of <br />Gleason Road and intersection of the North line of Section 6, Townshi2 116, <br />Range 21, South 450 feet; then Gleason Road from South right-of-way line of <br />Crosstown Highway to Valley View Road and proposed street in Lot 27, Auditor's <br />Subdivision No. 196 fiqon Gleason Road to existing sewer manhole located at <br />1% corner of said Lot 27. <br />TOTAL ASSESSABLE COST, Tabulation of Proposed Assessment was given as follows: <br />$18,851.99 for the Sub-Trunk Sexer, proposed to be assessed at $60.23 per Assessable <br />Lot, against 313 Assessable Lots; this compared with an Estimate of $66.00 per Lot. <br />TOTAL ASSESSABLE COST FOR LXtERAL CONHECTIOIJS , $62,963.62, proposed to be assessed <br />against 59 Lots, for $1,067.18 per Lot, as compared with an Improvement bearing, <br />Estimate of $1200.00 per Lot. <br />For tbose tracts as yet unplatted, the llper lot" assessment is based on a formula oE <br />1-3/4 lots per acre. <br />Attorney Charles Root, 5602 Garfield Avenue South, Ilinneapolis, speaking in <br />behalf of the Evart Carlson Estate, objected to the proposed assessixent on the <br />grounds that the assessment for the Carlson property (Lot 22, Auditor's Subd,ijo. 196) <br />has been computed on the basis of 22 Acres, whereas his survey shows only 19.46 acres <br />there. <br />it €or 25.12 Assessable Lots. <br />Xr. Folke Victorsen, 56U5 Apshire Blvd., owner of a part of Lots 18 and 19, and <br />all of Lots 20 and 21, Auditor's Subdivision 110. 196, protested that there is no <br />possiule chance of his platting 32 good lots from this land, because of its hilly <br />contour. <br />preliminary plat he showed the Council was for 27 lots. <br />saying he had expected to plat with bir. Evart Carlson, but that plans have had to <br />be changed because of Hr. Carlson's untimely death, <br />properties will mean a higher unit assessment for a11 pro2erties in the assessable <br />area, and Tupa moved for continuance of Public Hearing on Proposed AssessItent for <br />Sanifary Sewer Impovement lio. 183 to llonday, Septerier 14, for investibation of <br />the claims of i4essrs. Root and Victorsen. <br />iJo other objections had been made from the ?loor, nor had written oujections been <br />received prior to the Hearing. <br />Be asked that the p?o$osed assessyent ba changed for this property to assess <br />I <br />He estimated that 20 buildable lots could be platted, although the <br />He explained this by <br />It was noted by the Council that any reduction in assessment for these two <br />lIotion seconded b2 i.Iaci4illan and carried. <br />COUISCIL LEVIES SPECIAL BSSESSdEIJT FOR STPXET IidPROVE1EiST iJ0. E-18 , POXfLAISD CEL-BiT <br />COXXETE PAVING ifITH IdTEGRAL CUR3. Public Hearing was next called on poposed <br />Assessment for Street Im2rovement No. 18, pursuant to "iJotice of Assessment Hearing <br />on Street Im2rovement 110. E-18" published in Edina-2-lorningside Courier July 30 ana <br />August 6, 1964, and iiotices of Hearing mailed to owners of affected properties, as <br />per Affidavits of Publication and Idailing presented by Clerk, approve$ q~ &QDfp&-fiyd <br />VITH IiJTEGRAL Cum on a number of miscellaneous streets throughout the Village, <br />including the streets in "Edina Parklands" Addition and the South 2/3 of "Chapel <br />Hill" Addition. <br />Hearing'' puolished and set forth in the 14inutes of August 3, 1964, Page 176, this <br />Giinute ijook. <br />$245,331.48, Less 10% Village Share, $24,536.99, €or Assessable Cost of $220,794.49, <br />proposed to be assessed against 21,796.1 Assessable Feet, for $10.13 per Assessable <br />Foot, as compared with Improvement Hearing Estimate of $10.41, <br />As to the proposed Chapel Hill Assessment, Council reviewed report that Lot I, <br />Block 2, and Lot 9, alock 4, Chagel Hill--which have previously been assessed on a <br />Qer-lot basis for STREET IGiPROVEiJEiJT NO. 3A-35--have not been included in the <br />proposed Assessment for Street Improvement Bo. E-18, together with the thought that <br />these two lots should be assessed for 1/3 of the street frontage for the long side <br />of their respective lots--with an Assessment of $421.41 for Lot 1, Block 2, and an <br />Assessment of $337.33 for Lot 9, Block 4--which would reduce the progosed assessment <br />to the balance of the lots in Cha2el Hill from $1,039.00 to $1,020.40 per Lot. <br />proposed "Per Lot" Assessmant in this particular area is computed by multiplying the <br />ordered placed on file. This improvement covers the Construction of/C tL i4CKE;TIE j?AVIi?G <br />The streets improved are listed in detail in the "Hotice of Public <br />TABULATIOIi OF ASSESSLEXT was as follor~s : Total Construction Cost, <br />The