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9/14/64 205 <br />i-iiiiUTES Of THE XLGUu4_R i%1LhT1i1G OF Thi,' <br />14 <br />EDI* it VILIJLGE COUNCI <br />SEPTLIILE?, 14, 1964, AT 7:00 P.,I. , AT <br />THE LDIIIA VILLAGE h-tiLL <br />1-'011call were 'lac1lillan, Rite, Tupa, VailValkaaDur- and il)redasen. <br />ROBERT L. 0JZR14EYEF,, senior eiaployee in Village Ln C, ineerin�- Department, aas <br />coa;ratulated on his i)ecoiain6 "Senior Engineering Ta-c-finician". I'layor 31edesen <br />told auciianca this, and the achievements of other village employees, is notewortay <br />because the self-education of employees interested in their work means better <br />service for the citizens. L11r. Obermeyer is a fifteen-year employee. <br />AINUTIS of the Re-ular Meeting of Monday, August 17, 1964, aepe approved as <br />submittaci, i), motion Tupa, seconded by Rixe and carried. <br />BUDGET FOR YEAR 1965 PRESENTED BY VILLAGE HANAGER. HEARING SET FOR WEDNESDAY, <br />SEPTE11BER 23_2- AT 4:30 P.M. 1-tanager ilyde presented to the Council his proposed <br />Lud-at for tila Year 1965, reporting that in its present form it represents a <br />tail! rate increase of 2.5--which would utake the village levy under 30 mills and <br />still below that of most of the suburbs. Budget was discussed Driefly, and <br />'wednesday, September 23, at 4:30 P.1%1. , was set as date and time for Budget <br />i4eetin.Z. <br />M SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS LEVIED ON NUMEROUS IMPROVEMENTS. Clerk ?resented Affidavits <br />of Publication in Edina-Horningside Courier on August 27 and September 3, and <br />of i4ailinL to owners of, affected properties of "Notices of Public <br />on Proposed Spacial Assessments", which affidavits were approved as to form <br />and ordered placed on file. Pursuant to due notice given, Public J:1earin&s were <br />conaucted 1 and action was taken by the Council as hereinafter recorded: <br />1. PUBLIC hEARI.LiGS OiT PROPOSED ASSESSL-1EATS FOR TRUAI,' yIATEit!IAIi4 Ii-JPROVZIIE.11TS <br />k10S. 171 �htiL 175., AL Q LATERAL IATE <br />Ri1AI11S AOS. 172 LND 176, (IiT THE 'WEST <br />IlldlTErlPOLiS IGi­iTS-ALiQELSSUH44 ARLA) . hearings were held concurrently on <br />these four proposed assessments inasmuch as the areas benefited are conti&uous. <br />TOTAL COST for the four projects was -given as $356,698.77, $107,82517.03 <br />i.)ainb assesses D'la for Trunk .4ateriiiain improvements iios. 171 and 175, against 946 <br />lots in fire assassable area, at 'L?"113.98 per lot, as coi.u.jared with $153.92 per <br />Lot iiaariilL Estimate, and $243,873.69 assessable against 533 '.U-ateral <br />S_rvic�!s (including 47 services iron Trunk Watermain Jo. 171, 13 Prow Truak <br />ilat�raiaiil ilio. 175, 403 in 11ateriaain ifo. 172 and 65 is iIatermiain lio. 176) at <br />$466.93 Lot (connection) as compared with $601.05 Irfij?roveiaeat haarir17 <br />EstiiiLate. Objections to the taethod of assessment were made by i1r. Leo !`02?, <br />304 i4adison Avenue; Robert Extrand, 318 VanBuren Avenue; and Sidney A. Thoiiijsori, <br />425 iiarrisoa Avenue, all of wiioiii ra,_juasted the "4:,er front foot" Danis of <br />ass, s:�,,aaiat, ia-char tiian tiie "tier lot" basis; and by ',W. 11,"ox,,iati. Sette--o, 303 <br />lone ro <br />a tiv:alaia, 1-3,10 su, Lested that EdIL:1a follow the lead of soiae of the othar <br />sauurbs ii la ii L c, :,art payment for the project from either the ilater:rorko <br />i',eveaue or tiie General Fund. Those who advocated the "from -foot" ass_,ssi!-lent <br />J I ja6i5 told tii,z! Council the pro,�oseCi i)asis of assessr.1-Int will main EL Of <br />about 'l?'12.00 x1ar foot for their 46-foot lots. !Jr. ThOLLDson advocated the <br />" Froilt- foot" basi3 on the opinion that property oanars are bein" &ssussea for <br />the cost of tiie project and it is evident that it costs otore to install two <br />11- � <br />iutlurec, fa e t of pipe than to install a hundred feet; thus lar6e lots should pay <br />chore than sl!idil lots. Aeraindin6 Council that the Sanitary Sewer had been assessed <br />on tiia ")ar front foot" basis, "Ir. Extrand told Council he believes that new <br />taus cannot bu aj,.)lied to old plats and that, in this case tile Council should <br />revert to its original method of assessments. i1r. Setter's su—Fastion was <br />aasi-jarad JJy iiayor Bredesea, 4-3110 pointed Out that in the iaunicioalities which <br />)ay -art of watermain construction from the tiaterworks ,evenue fund, the <br />water rates are considerabl y hither than Edinals, and that it is not cc,,uitable <br />to ra:1-se the water rates of those consumers, who have already )C id full "rice <br />for their own ruins to help to pay costs' of new mains in otiler ' areas. As to the <br />ar.-ui.i3ats for tale "per front foot" basis of assessment, ilaiiaber il%;,de explained <br />tii�,t Couiicil had caanfed its method of assessment to tile "per lot" basis some <br />Loup or five years ago, when "contour" plats became j_)o,)-dlar and it became <br />apparent that a triangular lot aith a 50-foot frontage and a rear line of <br />150 feet received the same benefit as the lot with 150-foot frontage and a <br />rear line of 50 feet; that, while it is true that the cost of the project is <br />being assessed, it is also true that the assessment is for tile benefit to the <br />property; that each buildable tract receives one service connection, thus <br />benefitia all properties equally. <br />Saying he understands there is some apartment property in the area, lh.,. i;%trana <br />inquired about tile -method of assessment, here. - 1,1r. 11yde replied that apartment <br />tracts rill pay two connection charges for the first two daellinc- units in each <br />apartment builaing, plus 500 of the connection char4g-en a rate for each additional <br />wuaaliia � unit in tae building. He added that because there is no way or J . �nowin,,:� <br />> � , <br />now,tlaa itatfiber of apartwents to be constructed, taese assessments will have to be <br />made later, and the amounts credited against the total assessment in the latter <br />