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9/23/64 <br />I' <br />?2 3c3 0 4 u u <br />iIIiJUTES OF THE ADJOURHED PORTIOX OF THE REGULAR <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL MEETIhFS ..OF <br />21, 1964, HELD WEDNESDAY, SEPTEHBER 23, 1964, AT <br />SEPTEIWER 14 A1W <br />4:30 P.M. , AT EDIHA VILLAGE HALL <br />ileeting convened at 4:30 P.14. , at the Village Hall, with the follovring members <br />answering liollcall : Nanager <br />fiyde was present to review with the Council the budget formally presented at the <br />September 14, 1964 Regular Village Council Fleeting, together with several <br />Department Heads. <br />Xecommended 1965 budget was in the amount of $1,076.391, which would mean a Tax <br />Levy for the Village of 29d93 mills against Real and Personal Property Valuations <br />totalling $35,962,874, as compared with a 1963 levy of 27.62 mills against <br />Valuations totalling $34,216,678. <br />proposed expenditures in an effort to keep the mill rate the same as that of 1963; <br />and, after a comprehensive review of the Ilanager's recommendations, it was agreed <br />that although some reduction could be made ,wfthout:.krippling services a slight <br />increase in the mill rate, to 28.60 mills, is a necessary. <br />t4acilillan , Kixe , Tupa , VanValkenburg and Bredesen . <br />Council discussed ways and means of reducing <br />1.1acT.Iillan offered the following Ordinance , moving that Council dispense with <br />second reading and adopt Ordinance as submitted; <br />ORDINANCE NO. 16-8 <br />OFWMAi4CE; ADOPTING BUDGET FOR THE VILLAGE OF EDINA FOR THE <br />YEAR 1965, AND ESTABLISHIigG TAX LEVY FOR THE YEAR 1964 <br />PAYAdLE IN 1965 <br />THE VILLAG6 ??%IJCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDIIJA, 14IIJNESOTA, DOES ORDAIiJ AS FOLLOdS: <br />Section 1. <br />-s hereinafter set forth; and funds are hereby apmogriated therefor: <br />The Budget for the Village of Edina for the calendar year 1965 is hereby <br />GEliERAL FUJD <br />GEIJERAL GOVERNIIENT <br />Liayor and Council $9,930 Admini st rat ion <br />Finance <br />Assessing <br />Legal Services <br />Libraq <br />Elect ion <br />Planning <br />PUEL1.C WORKS <br />TOTAL <br />Adrninis tration <br />Lngineering <br />' i-i g hway s <br />TOTAL <br />GENERAL GOVERNMENT <br />59,138 <br />38,744 <br />17,675 <br />3,781 <br />4,460 <br />12,755 <br />43,774 <br />$ 190,257 <br />$15,871 <br />92 ,181 <br />408,948 <br />PUBLIC WORKS <br />P?oTLcTiO:4 OF PERSONS ~JD PROPERTY <br />Police $287,037 <br />Fire 140 , 177 <br />Civilian Defense 2,261 16,231 Public Health <br />anima1 Control 13,154 <br />inspection 24,769 TOTAL PROTECTION OF PERSOdS Ai40 PROPiXTY <br />$ 517,000 <br />$ 483,629 <br />iiUIJ-DEPA&TiIENTAL EXPENDITURES <br />Contingencies $10,000 <br />Settlement of Suits 500 Special Assessments on Village Property 29,000 <br />Unallocated Capital Outlay 14 , 705 <br />Cqit a1 Imjpovement s 5p ,000 <br />TOTAL XSCELLANEOUS MD CONTINGEdCIES $ 104,2p5 -,091 <br />PAN; PUllD <br />Supervision and Overhead $ 40,713 <br />Jaintenance 63 ,278 <br />TOTAL PARK FUigD $ 154.,816 <br />crd at ion 41,350 <br />Capital Outlay 9,475 <br />Section 2. Estimated Receipts other than General Tax Levy are hereby established <br />hereinafter set forth : <br />as