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93 30 0 .cc u u <br />10/5/64 <br />NIiJUTES OF THE REGULAR iiIEETING OF TdE <br />VILLAGE COUIJCIL, HELD i4ONDAY, OCTOaEE <br />AT 7:OO P.i.I., EDINA VILLAGE dkLL <br />Jembers answering Rollcall were 14aci4illan, Sxe , Tupa, <br />2-3 1. <br />EDI1iA 1 <br />5, 1964, i VanValkenburg and dredesen. <br />iIIiJUTLS of the Regular bleeting of September 21, and the Adjourned Portion of the <br />September 14 and 21 IIeetings held September 23, were approved as submitted, by <br />motion Tupa, seconded uy i4acilillan and carried. <br />AS TO <br />PLAI.JiGD IlWJSTRIAL DISTRICT SECTLOTI OF ZONIdG ORDIiJMCE kIiE16DED/IraXsilivrr LOT CUVEUGE <br />DY uUILUIlJGS. <br />Septemwand October 1, and of Posting September 22, of "Notice of Public liearing <br />on Proposed Aifiendment to "Planned Industrial District" Section of Village Zoning <br />.Ordinance 140. 261", and of Hailing of Notice, all of which were submitted by Clerk, <br />approved as to forrii and ordered placed on file, Public Hearing was conducted on <br />tiie Proposed Amendment to the Planned Industrial Uistrict changing the maximum <br />allovrable lot coverage by buildings in which the total floor area is under one <br />roof, and when the total area used for loading terminals, docks, and berths is <br />completely enclosed within the same building. Ilr. hite explained tnat this <br />amendment will do tiie same thing as that variance granted to General Jotors <br />Corporation recently. <br />none nad been received prior to this Hearing. <br />urdinance, movint; that Council dispense with second reading and adopt Ordinance <br />as subniitted: <br />Pursuant to Affidavits of Publication in bdina-:Iorninbside Courier <br />There were no objections offered at tne Public dearing, and <br />VanValkenburg offered the follokring <br />ORDidAi?CE NO. 261-97 <br />Ad UAiDiIYAdCE AME;~JDII~G THE ZONIiJG ORDIL~AI~CE OF THE VILLliGL <br />Of EJJL~A AS TO AREA STMDARDS FOR LOTS AdD $UILDIi?.II;; Id THE <br />Section 1. Section 12 (Planned Industrial District) of the Zoning Ordinance <br />(140. 261) of the Village, as amended, is hereby Further amencLed by ailendin;: Sub&n?atrapIi <br />(3), Lot CoveraAe, <br />Parapapi 6 , <br />as Eollows: <br />of Subparagraph (b), h-rea btandards for Lots and Luildinss of <br />Oils, Controls and Design Stanuards, of said Section 12 to read <br />"ParaLrapii 6. Kestrictions, Controls aria Uesibn Standards. <br />"awparagaph (0). Area Standards for Lots ana 4uildiili;s. <br />"(3) Lot Coverage. Ilot more than tiiirty per ceri7: 30; of <br />tslc total area of any lot, tract or pdrcel shall be covered <br />by uuildings or stmctures , except that tile following schedule <br />oE nlaxinurn allowable lot tract or parcel coverage shall aljply <br />when the total building floor area on a site is contained <br />xithin a single building, and when the total area used for <br />loadin,: terrriinals , docks, and berths is co'qletely enclosed <br />witliin the same single building. <br />Total ~uilding Ground EIai;, Allovable Lot, Tract, <br />Floor Area Parcel Coverage - <br />. ~ :j,quare Feet Per Cent .. 100,000 - 193,999 35 <br />200,000 - 299,999 <br />300,000 - 399,999 <br />400,000 znd over <br />40 <br />45 <br />50 <br />ai-tar its <br />bection 2. <br />passage and publication. <br />Tnis ordinance snall be in full force and effect iimiiediately <br />dotion fori waiver of second reading and adogtion of Ordinance as sumitted was <br />seconded uy' itixe, ana en Kollcall there were five ayes and no nays, as follows: <br />I4aclIillari, aye ; Rixe , aye ; Tujp, aye j VanValke <br />the Ordnance was adogted. <br />6 LOTS 13 Mil 14, 6LOCL 9, BROOXSIDE hELGHTS TO 3-2 6ULTLCPLt iXSLD&iJCL <br />IIlS?+CT , <br />Eaina-iiorningside Courier Septemer 24 and October 1, 1964, of Posting September 22, <br />CjO.Jh DOclbLi r;UdGALOJ. Clerk presented Affidavits of hblication in <br />and of Jailing of "dotice of Public Hearing on Petition for Rezoning", WhiCh <br />Affidavits were approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />notice Liven, Public ilearing was called on tne 2etition of vir. i.1. H. drouillette, <br />5144 Hankerson Avenue, for the Xezoning from Open Development Distr4ct to K-2 ihltiple <br />Residence Oistricr: of Lots 13 and 14, dlock 9, Brookside Heigiits (5145-5141 'JilliaIn <br />Avenue.) <br />relation to neizhDoring land uses; the Biltmore i4otel to tne Soutn, a 4-unit apartnent <br />to tiie Last, and singie fadly dwellings to the i4ortii and Jest. <br />Planning Comkssion feels tnat one double dwelling on the combination oE the two lots <br />would De goo6 land useage, here. Hr. islark J. Dougall, 5116 uilliam Ave, , stated Lie <br />Pursuant to due <br />ditn the help of a visual aid, Elr. Hite located this property in its <br />ilr. dite stated tile