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12 /21/ 64 <br />It is further resolved that the following transfers be made: <br />PARK FUND <br />Transfer to: Transfer from: <br />Administration $ 750,OO Recreation $1,500.00 <br />Maintenance 750.00 <br />$1,500,00 $1,500.00 <br />Motion,for adoption of the Resolution was seconded by MacMillan, and on Rollcall <br />nvalkenburg, aye; Bredesen, aye; <br />CLp?IIdS PAID", <br />Pre List dated December 21, 1964, was seconded by VanValkenburg and carried: <br />General Fund, $80,320,42; Construction Fund, $131,863.26; Park, Park Construction, <br />Swimming Pool and Golf Course Funds, $14,625.86; Water Fund, $6,986,56; Liquor <br />Fund, $91,839.51; Sewer Rental Fund, $1,070,88; Improvement Funds, $47,037.43; <br />Poor Fund and P.I.R. Fund, $19,028.03; Total -- $392,771,95, <br />Tupa's motion authorizing payment of the following Claims as per I <br />Council having covered Meeting's agenda, Rixe moved for adjournment . Motion <br />was seconded by VanValkenburg and carried, Meeting adjourned at_ 8:20 P.M. <br />MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING <br />OF THE EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT EDINA <br />VILLAGE ,HALL, TUESDAY-, DECEMBER 29-, 1964, AT 5:OO P.M. <br />Members answeryng Rollcall were: .MacMillan, Rixe, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />1965, SALARY FOR HE E-QUIPMENT OPERATOR DECIDED, Mr. Dalen , Village Finance <br />Director, presented to the Council the recommendation that the salary proposed <br />for Public Works Heavy Equipment Operator for 1965 be established at $593.00, <br />up $1.00 per month over the figure tentatively decided upon at the December 21 <br />Meeting. After a short discussion of comparable positions in other suburban <br />municipalities, Tupa moved that the 1965 salary for Heavy Equipment Operator <br />be finally established at $593,00 per month, <br />and carried. <br />Motion seconded by MacMillan <br />I <br />VILLAGE IdANAGER-fSw SAL-ARY ESTABLISHED .FOR 1965_. <br />its decision of January, 1964, which does not appear in the Minutes, that the <br />Village Manager's compensation for the calendar year 1964 should be $18,600, <br />and that the compensation for the calendar year 1965 should be $l9,200, as <br />decided on December 21, 1964, also not appearing in the Minutes, Motion was <br />seconded by Tupa and carried unanimously. <br />Exe moved that the Council. reaffirm <br />INTEREST ON ALL LOANS FROM OTHER FUNDS. Mr, Dalen <br />presented the recommendation that the Golf Course pay interest on all Loans <br />made from other Village Funds beginning January 1, 1965, at the rate of 3.5 per cent <br />per annum. During the discussion that followed it was agreed that such a <br />requirement was advisable since the recipient of the loans is a revenue producing <br />operation. Rixe moved that the Golf Course be charged 3,5% per annum on a11 loans <br />made from other Village Funds beginning January 1, 1965. <br />MacMillan and carried. <br />Motion seconded by <br />VILLAGE, TO- CONSIDER P-ROVIDING SNOW REJ4OVAL FOR ALL SIDEWALKS. <br />of Mayor Bredesen, it was agreed that the service of snow removal from a11 <br />boulevard sidewalks would be offered on the same assessment basis as tree trimming <br />and street oiling, It was agreed by Engineer Hite that the snow removal, sidewalk <br />repair, curb repair and ornamental lighting would be presented for consideration <br />at Public Hearing at the same time. <br />At the suggestion <br />I <br />CLAIMS.PAID. <br />dated December 29, 1964: <br />Park, Golf Course, Park Construction E Swimming Pool Funds, $19,092.49; Water <br />Fund, $6,788.50; Liquor Fund, $75,958.84; Sewer Rental Fund, $107,11; Improvement <br />Funds, $2,004.07; Joint Sewer District No, 1, $989.80; was seconded by MacMillan <br />and carried. <br />Tupa's motion for payment of the following claims as per Pre List, <br />General Fund, $1,582.09; Construction Fund, $161,171,59; <br />The meeting's agenda having been covered, MacMillan moved for adjournment. <br />was seconded by Tupa and carried. Ad <br />Motion