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i 3/1/65 <br />i*fIi?UTES OF THE REGULAR HEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD I.IONDAY, MARCH 1, 1965, AT <br />THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Answering Rollcall were Members l~iac14illanb Rixe , -Tupa , VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />HINUTES of February 15 were approved by motion NacI-lillan, seconded by Tupa and <br />carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED 11.IPROVEt.IEl\ITS. CONTINUED <br />the following Public Hearings were continued to March 15: <br />Because of inclement weather, <br />By klotion Tupa, seconded Rixe. I. 1. <br />2. <br />3, Woodland Road, Brookview Ave, - Lateral klakermain and Bituminous <br />4. <br />5. West 70th St., Block 5, Woodhill - Lateral Storm Sewer. <br />Valley Estates Addition - Sanitary Sewer and Vatermain; Grading and <br />Graveling. <br />Skyline Drive - Lateral Sanitary Sewer. <br />Replacement. <br />Dowriing Street - Lateral. Watermain; Bituminous Surfacing and Concrete <br />Curb and Gutter, <br />H, J. 'BACH ZONING HEARING continued to March 15. L <br />METRO U.S. LOT VARIANCE APPROVED. i4r. Howard Dahlgren of 1-lidwest Planning and <br />Research presented request for lot coverage Variance on Lot 2 and I.J. 163' of <br />Lot 3, Block 5, Edina Interchange Center. <br />Company will be a terminal for storage of paints with a relatively small anticipated <br />number of employees. <br />permanently restricted to warehouse use, was moved by VanValkenburg, seconded by Rixe. <br />All voted aye and the blotion carried. <br />The building, to be erected for E. I. Dupont <br />Motion approving lot coverage of 50%, providing property use be <br />PORTIOgS OF RUTLEDGE AND CLARKeAVENUES AND HIGH AND HOTOR STREETS VACATED, 1-ir. Hite <br />presented plans for vacating portions of Rutledge and Clark Avenues and High and <br />Notor Streets This property is represented in- the Dietrich Construct ion Company <br />Apartment proposal which the Planning Commission approved. <br />a private road system to serve the apartments, which road system will have access <br />to Motor Street to the south and Brookside Ave. to the east. <br />following Resolution, its effective date subject to the securing of utility easements, <br />and moved its adoption: <br />Dietrich will substitute <br />I Tupa offered the <br />A RESOLUTION VACATING PORTIONS OF * <br />RUTLEDGE MID CLARK AVENUES <br />HIGH AND MOTOR STREETS <br />k7H€REAS, two week's published notice and mailed notice of a hearing to be <br />held on March 1, 1965, at 7:OO P.M., on the proposed vacation of the streets herein- <br />after described has been given and made, and-a hearing has been held thereon by the <br />Village Council; <br />Edina, Hennepin County, Minnesota, that those portions of the streets described as <br />follows be and hereby are vacated, effective April 1, unless on or before said date <br />this Resolution is amended, annulLed on rescinded by the Village Council: <br />NOW, THEREFORE, be it.resolved by the Village Council.of the Village of <br />Rutledge Avenue from the northern line of Section twenty-eight (281, <br />. Township one hundred seventeen (117) Range twenty-one (21) southward <br />to the northern line of the vacated right of tray of the biinneapolis- <br />St, Paul. and Suburban Railroad; <br />I <br />* <br />Clark Avenue from the northern line of Section twenty-eight (28), <br />Township one hundred seventeen (117);Range twenty-one (21) southward <br />to the northern line of the vacated right of way of the Minneapolis- <br />St. Paul and Suburban Railroad; <br />High Street from its intersection with the easterly right of way line I of Rutledge Avenue extended eastward to the westerly right of way line <br />of Brookside Avenue extended; <br />That portion of Motor Street lying north of the vacated right of way <br />of the blinneapolis-St. Paul and Suburban Railroad from a line €ormed <br />by an extension of the westerly'line of Block 19 of Emma Abbott Park, <br />extended southerly to the northern line of the vacated right of way of <br />the Minneapolis-St. Paul and Suburban Railroad, easterly to the Nest <br />right of way line of Brookside Avenue extended.' <br />.I/ <br />Motion €or adoption of the Resolution was seconded <br />all voted Aye and the Resolution was adopted. <br />ATTEST : <br />Valkenburg and on Rollcall , <br />Village Clerk i'