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4/19/65 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF-THE <br />THE EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />MONDAY, APRIL 19, 1965, AT 7:00 P.M. <br />Members answering Rollcall were MacMillan, Rixe, Tupa and VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of April 5, 1965, were not completed sufficiently <br />early to allow Council review. <br />TYLER COURT - ARTHUR STREET AREA STORM SEWER TO HAVE NEW HEARING MAY 3, 1965s This <br />Hearing, continued from April 5, 1965, was to consider the alternative of eliminating <br />the ponding area east of Tyler Court by construction of a completely enclosed system. <br />Manager Hyde reported that the several petitions and letters opposing the original <br />proposal had been thoroughly reviewed and a consulting hydraulic engineer had also <br />reviewed the situation. IThe completely enclosed system included pipe diameters from <br />27 to 42 inches, and included additional catch basins and connecting pipes. The <br />estimated cost of this.adjusted system was given as $49,782639, which would have to <br />be assessed at the rate of $0.0424 per square foot. The Engineering Department did <br />not agree that the substantial increase in cost would be justified by the benefits <br />gained. It was recommended, however, that a modified system which would increase <br />the pipe size connecting the pond east of.Tyler Court to Mirror Lakes be installed. <br />The estimated cost of such a system was $320373.75, to be assessed at the rate of <br />$0.0281 per square foot. This proposed system would allow the pond to drain within <br />three hours after a rain storm occurring once in 50 years. <br />Mr. George Gould, 6615 Waterman Avenue, presented to the Council the opinion that <br />a public .improvement hearing could not increase the cost, but could -,only decrease <br />the cost, as advertised in the Notice of Hearing. Mr. Whitlock, Village Attorney, <br />stated that bond attorneys will accept alterations that are within 33 -1/3 per cent <br />of the advertised estimate of cost.. VanValkenburg then moved that this proposal <br />be tabled, seconded by Tupa and unanimously carried. (See Resolution Providing <br />for Public Hearings later in Minutes.) <br />OLINGER ROAD AREA SANITARY SEWER LIFT STATION AND FORCE MAIN TO HAVE NEW HEARING <br />ON MAY 3, 1965s Engineer Hite presented the estimate of cost as 39,509.26 to be <br />assessed against the number of estimated lots when the area is fully developed at <br />$316.07 per lot. Manager Hyde stated that the per lot assessment would be reduced <br />to $208.00 if the areas along Nine Mile Creek were developed for residential purposes <br />rather than for park purposes. Mr. Hite recommended that if the project appears <br />feasible, a new hearing be scheduled to include all the possible lots in the area, <br />assuming there will be no parkland development in the assessment district, so all <br />affected properties will have a chance to avail themselves of the improvement.. <br />Tupa then moved that the project, as proposed, be tabled, allowing for readvertisement <br />covering the larger area. Motion seconded and unanimously carried. (See Resolution <br />Providing for Public Hearings later in Minutes.) <br />XERXES AVENUE ADDITION ALLEY PERMANENT SURFACING TO BE HEARD 14AY 3. 1965. At the <br />recommendation of Air. Hite, the permanent surfacing of proposed alley in Blocks 1 <br />and 2, Xerxes Avenue Addition, was scheduled for public hearing on May 3, 1965. <br />VanValkenburg offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION PROVIDING FOR PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />ON PROPOSED STORM SEWER, LIFT STATION, FORCE MAIN, <br />GRADING, GRAVELING AND ASPHALT CONCRETE SURFACING <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Council of the Village of Edina: <br />1. The Village Engineer, having submitted to the Council a preliminary report <br />as to the feasibility of the proposed STORM SEWER IMPROVEMENT, described in the form <br />of Notice of Hearings set forth below, and as to the estimated cost of such improvements, <br />said report is hereby approved and directed to be placed on file in the office of the <br />Village Clerk. <br />2. This Council shall meet on Monday, May 3, 1965, at 7:00 P.M., in Edina <br />Village Hall to consider ink public- hearings the views of all persons interested <br />in said proposed improvement. <br />3. The Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to cause notice of the time, <br />place and purpose of said meeting to be published in the official newspaper once a <br />week for two successive weeks, the second of which publication is to be not less <br />than three days from the date of said meeting, and to mail notice to owners of <br />affected properties not later than.ten days before date of said meeting, which notice <br />shall be in substantially the following form: <br />f] <br />1 <br />