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5/17/65 <br />MINUTES OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, <br />7:OO P.M., AT <br />RF,GULAR MEETING OF THE <br />HELD MONDAY, MAY 17, 1965, AT <br />THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were MacMillan, Rixe, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />HINUTES of the Regular Meeting of May 3, 1965, were approved as amended by <br />motion of MacIdiLlan, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />that the name, "Cecilia V. Find," on page 97, be corrected to stCecilia V. Fink." <br />ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT ENPLOYEES' TRAINING RECOGNIZED. Mayor Bredesen announced <br />that Chief of Surveys, Donald Lofthus and Draftsman-Inspector, James Michalko, <br />had recently completed, at their own expense and time, a course of training in <br />construction inspection, <br />average citizen expects, Village employees have taken their own time to receive <br />training which is intended to improve their job performance. <br />Completion of the course in construction inspection were presented by the IJlayor <br />with his congratulations. <br />. MacMillan*s amendment was <br />I Mayor Bredesen explained that more frequently than the <br />Certificates of <br />\ <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS. <br />of Notice of Hearing in the Edina-Morningside Courier on May 6 and 13, 1965, and <br />Clerk preseited Affidavits of Publication <br />Affidavit of Mailing of said Notice on May 7, 1965, <br />to form and ordered placed on file. <br />were conducted on the following proposed improvements, and action was taken by <br />Council as hereinafter recorded: <br />A. CONSTRUCTION OF SANITARY SEWER AND A PURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Affidavits were approved as <br />Pursuant to due notice given, Public Hearings <br />Schaefer Road from Interlachen Bouleyard to 1950 feet south, and on an <br />easement line from Interlachen Boulevard to 355 feet, more or less, north. <br />Estimate of Cost was given as $59,758.73, to be assessed against an estimated <br />21 connections at $2,845,65 per connection. <br />Blake Road from Waterman Avenue to easement line, <br />On an easement line from Blake Road to Interlachen Boulevard and Schaefer <br />Road. <br />Schaefer Road from Interlachen Boulevard to 1950 feet south. <br />Estimate of Cost was given as $21,159.40 to be assessed against an estimated <br />21 lots at $1,007.59 per lot, <br />Mr. Hyde reported that the project was petitioned by four property owners in the <br />immediate area, and that the project had been designed to accomodate any possible <br />future need in the area. <br />Boulevard and 5004 and 5008 Schaefer Road. In addition, Mr. Carl T. Jensen, owner <br />of the property north of Interlachen Boulevard, between Blake Road and Interlachen <br />Boulevard, and including the pond, reported by letter that he was in favor of the <br />installation of both sewer and water, but opposed to the installation of either <br />improvement separately. The owners of residences at 609 and 605 Blake Road also <br />wrote a letter in favor of both water and sewer installations. <br />5004 Schaefer Road, and one of the petitioners, stated that he was unable to use <br />his present private sewage system because of high ground water and was in favor <br />of the improvement. Mr. Mark Dahlquist, 5012 Schaefer Road, presented a petition . <br />opposing the proposed installation of water and sewer, representing ten residences <br />on Schaefer Road. <br />been constructed several years ago on large lots with deep set-backs. <br />every instance the household drain to the sewage system is located at the back of <br />the structure, requiring an excessively long service pipe around the structure or <br />the destruction of the basement floor in order to reach Village sewer in the street. <br />These factors would, according to Dahlquist, increase the total cost of sanitary <br />sewer to an excessively high amount. <br />which average 3.85 acres each, the east side average size is slightly over 2 acres. <br />The three lots on Interlachen Boulevard at Schaefer Road, which petitioned for <br />sanitary sewer, are approximately six-tenths and eight-tenths of an acre in size, <br />This is probably one of the main causes of failures of their private systems, <br />Dahlquist stated. He recommended that sever be brought in only far enough to <br />serve theproperties which are in definite need. <br />Road, stated that the absence of utilities such as smitary sewer was nearly <br />unheard of in incorporated, metropolitan areas such as this. <br />was being forced to exist under primitive conditions for the past six weeks. <br />Err*. Frederick Thorson, attorney representing Mr. and Mrs. Roy Larsen, 6321 Interlache <br />Boulevard, presented a petition signed by persons representing two residences on <br />Schaefer Road, one of which was included on the petition submitted earlier by <br />Mr* Dahlquist. <br />supporting the need for sanitary sewer in the proposed area. <br />that Nrs. R. H. Allen, owner of the property at 6400 Interlachen Boulevard, was <br />not a resident in the area of the proposed project and therefore was not a bonafide <br />petitioner. Mayor Bredesen informed Thorson that as long as Mrs. Allen was the <br />owner of the property and would be paying for any improvement affecting her property <br />she would be definately concerned. <br />B. CONSTRUCTION OF WATERMAIN AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />The petitioners are residents of 6400 and 6401 Interlachen <br />Mr. Frank Wheeler, <br />. <br />Dahlquist stated that the majority of Schaefer Road homes had <br />In nearly <br />The west side of Schaefer Road has lots <br />Mrs. Frank Wheeler, 5004 Schaefer <br />She said her household <br />Thorson stated that no public health nged has been established <br />Thorson also contended <br />Bredesen requested that Thorson not attempt to <br />B