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. NINUTES OF THE <br />EDLNA ViLLAGE COUNCIL, <br />6/7/65 <br />REGUI;& 'PEETING OF THE 2". <br />HELD MONDAY, JUNE 7, 1965, AT <br />7:OO POL, AT THE EDlNA VILLAGE HALL <br />ROLLCALL was answered by Members klacMillan , Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of May 17, 1965, were approved as submitted, by <br />motion of Tupa, seconded by ZilacMillan and carried. . - _, <br />,... ~ .- <br />BENTON AVENUE - HIGHHAY 100 INTERSECTION PLAN REVLEG7 CONTINUED FOR TRAFFIC .VgLUPIE * <br />STUDIES, <br />the*Ninnesota Highway Department over the past several years, beginning with <br />Layout 6 in 1955, and progressing through to Layout 7-D, currently under Council <br />consideration. Mr* Hite introduced blr. * Richard Braun of the Highway Department , <br />who explained that Benton Avenue was selected as the most reasonable street to <br />retain as an east-west artery connecting the two sides of Edina between the Nest 50th <br />Street interchange and the Crosstown Highway interchange, <br />of design, he explained, there would be a bridge at Benton .Avenue and some encroachment <br />on the pond in the northwest corner of the intersection. <br />taken under Layout 7-D because of some modifications in the exit and entry ramps. <br />The southbound entry from Benton Avenue to Highway 100 was moved from the south side <br />of the bridge to the north side to allow for a more reasonable mixing of entering <br />traffic and traffic exiting at the Crosstown Highway. Ik, Vernon Tew, 5012 Benton <br />Avenue, addressed the Council on behalf of the residents of Benton Avenue. and East <br />View Drive who are affected by the proposed interchange. <br />from the residents of the area which requested the.Counci1 to approve an overpass at <br />Benton Avenue, but without. access or egress facilities to Highway LOO. Mr. -Clifford <br />Simenson, 5825 East View Drive, stated that it was not definitely established that <br />the proposed interchange would be of service to only residents of the west-central <br />portion of Edina, but that it would probably invite the traffic of non-Edina origin, <br />thereby endangering the safety and atmosphere of the residential area, <br />5300 Benton Avenue, requested the Council to consider the need for more$ not less, <br />overgasses to connect the community after the severe division by super highways, <br />Plr. Bob Boran, 5805 East View Drive, pleaded that the Council preserve the pond as <br />a beauty spot and source of educational material for high school art and biology <br />studies. Mr. Cliff Hess, 5120 Benton Avenue, argued that the construction of a <br />multiple purpose overpass and interchange would endanger the school pedestrian traffic, <br />which was the basic reason for construction of the overpassI The direction of <br />greater vehicular traffic, through construction of entry and exit ramps to the <br />bridge, would impair the safety of school children on Benton and the bridge. <br />stated that entry onto southbound Highway 100 on a southbound ramp of a diamond <br />interchange would be faster, and consequently safer, than entry on a ramp than loops <br />from the north side of the overpass, which would allow an entry speed of approximately <br />20 miles per hour. To declare the use of a diamond interchange at Benton as being <br />inadequate based on the experience of the diamond interchanges at Penn Avenue and <br />France Avenue South on Highway 494, he stated, is misleading because Benton Avenue <br />does not have the present or potential traffic load that either Penn or France <br />Avenues do, Mr. Braun replied that Benton Avenue has long been designated by the <br />Village as a State Aid street and it has long been considered the most reasonable <br />point of access in central Edina on Highway 100. The traffic counts on which the <br />future traffic load projections are based were made by the Village of Edina and <br />furnished to the Highway Department, he stated. <br />change at Post Road and Interstate 494 was an inaccurate analogy, as drawn by Mr. Hess, <br />because there are no nearby- entry or exit ramps to conflict with the mixing of traffic <br />as there are with Benton Avenue+and the Crosstown Highway intersections. <br />Hastings, 5901 Josephine Avenue, asked whether or not the Highway Department was <br />prepared to handle the problems caused by the natural springs in the pond, and <br />whether they considered rearranging the scenic attributes ofthe existing pond area <br />so as not to totally void the area of its attraction. <br />Highway Department was not aware of natural springs in the pond until very recently. <br />He did not consider them an insurmountable engineering problem, but would require <br />further study. <br />Highway Department was required to employ a landscape architect for the purpose of <br />preparing plans and conWacts, which meet with local approval, for the best esthetic <br />utilization of the remaining landscape, <br />Avenue, disputed the calculations presented in justification of the expanded ramps <br />from Benton Avenue south on Highway LOO. <br />highway ramps similar to the proposed ramps at Benton Avenue, which indicated that <br />the distance required between the nose of the Benton entry ramp and the Crosstown <br />exit ramp was considerably less than advocated by the Highway Department. <br />replied that although the design is predicated on a 70 mile per hour or 60 mile per <br />hour basis, those speeds would probably rarely be attained under actual use ofthe <br />facility. This is caused by the presence of several decision factors presented the <br />driver upon entering a freeway. <br />on the entry ramp which lane he will travel to reach the desired exit point. These <br />decision factors substantially affect the speed at which a vehicle is able to travel <br />Mr. Hite presented a review of the improvement proposals submitted by <br />I <br />Regardless of the extent <br />Eiore of the pond is being <br />. .- <br />He presented a petition <br />Mr. Bob Benson, <br />-I He also <br />Braun added that the diamond inter- <br />Hr* Tom <br />Mr* Braun stated that the <br />* <br />As for preservation or replacement of esthetics, he stated that the I Mr. Frederick Matthews, '!ZXL 'Bent&*. . <br />He presented calculations based on actual <br />Mr, Braun <br />With a choice of three lanes, the driver must decide