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6/21/65 <br />NINUTES OF THE REGULAR l4EETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, JUNE 21, 1965, AT <br />THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Answering Rollcall were Nembers MacMillan, Rixe, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen, <br />SCHAEFER ROAD. SANITARY SEJIER AND WATERMAIN APPROVED. Public Hearing was conducted <br />on the proposed construction of Sanitary Sewer and Watermain in Schaefer Road, <br />Affidavits of Publication in the Edina-biorningside Courier on June LO and 17, 1965, <br />and of Mailing on June 11, 1965, were approved as to form and ordered placed on <br />file. <br />own initiative after receipt of a petition from several of the affected property <br />owners following the decision of the Council of four weeks ago-to install Sewer <br />and watermain fop the complete project as distinguished from a shorter project. <br />Mr,.Hyde read the report of James Hensley, Village Sanitarian, which stated that <br />of the seventeen wells in question, the fifteen which were tested were satisfactory. <br />The report indicated, however, that there was gross pollution in all ponds, and approval <br />of the entire sewer project was urged. Mr, Mark S. Dahlquist, 5012 Schaefer Road, <br />asked for an explanation of the comparative cost, Mr. Hite stated that at the first <br />Hearing it was proposed to construct the sewer on Schaefer Road from a point just to <br />the north- of Interlachen Blvd. to a point approximateiy 1,900 feet south of <br />Interlachen Blvd. which would provide sanitary sewer service for 21 connections on' <br />Schaefer Road between Interlachen Blvd, and Nestwood Court. Total estimated assessable <br />cost was $59,759.00 with an estimated per connection cost of $2,845.65, He stated <br />that based upon bids recently received on this project, the estimated per connection <br />cost would be reduced to $2,545.00. The alternate "short" proposal being heard at <br />this meeting would provide immediate sanitary sewer service for seven connections <br />on Schaefer Road from Interlachen Blvd. to 480 feet south and from Interlachen Blvd. <br />to 355 feet, more or less, north. <br />with an estimated per connection cost of $2,145.00 for-the seven immediate sewers <br />and $527,28 for each of the fourteen remaining lots, Again, based upon received <br />bids, the per connection costs woula be $2,43l6k3 and 577,56, respectively, The <br />watermain proposed at the Hearing of May 17 would provide service for twenty-one <br />connections at a total estimated assessable cost of $21,159.40 with an estimated <br />cost per connection of $1,007.59, Based upon the bids, this per connection cost <br />would be $943.27, <br />provide immediate water service for seven connections. <br />connection would be $1,007,59 for the seven lots immediately served and estimated <br />cost for the remaining fourteen lots would be $361,64. <br />immediately served connections would cost $943.27 each, and the "future service" , <br />connections would be $361+64 each if there were seven connections in the immediate <br />district, and $316.89 each if there were eight connections in the immediate district. <br />All bid prices provide for temporary road replacement.. <br />Vood Addition property in the project and was told that these properties abutted <br />Schaefer Road in the location of the proposed improvements, <br />that he was surprised to hear the report of the Sanitariari and wondered if the <br />pollution was not caused by stables in the area. <br />was evident in locations where no stables existed, <br />that he felt that in view of the report of the Sanitarian that the Village would be <br />shirking its public health responsibility if the shorteF sewer system were installed. <br />Hayor Bredesen pointed out that the homes that are contributing to the pollution can <br />be forced to connect to the sewer after it is installed, Mr, Dahlquist asked if the <br />sewer and water could be delayed another two OP three years inasmuch as storm sewer <br />installation is anticipated at that time, <br />the risk to life would be too great to defer the sewer, Questioned as to whether <br />satisfactory water can be furnished without a loop, Mr. Hite stated that he was <br />sure that there would be enough users on the llshortll project to keep the water in <br />a fresh condition, whereas in the ''long1' project, the water wouId have a tendency <br />to become stale. Hr. Frederick Thorson, attorney representing Pir, and Mrs. Roy Larsen, - - <br />stated that in view of the results of the tests, the Larsens are now in favor of <br />installing bothasewer and water as proposed at the Mziy 17 meeting, - connections for sewer and water for their property'in order that it may be subdivided <br />in the future'. <br />connections €or them. <br />Mr, Carl T. Jensen, owner of Block 28, MendelSsohn Addition, for both sewer and-water. <br />Nr. Connor Schmitt , attorney representing Hr. and Mrs, Larsen, asked whether the ' <br />ultimate loop would be installed sooner if the longer watermain was used. <br />replied that he could not make such a determination at this time. <br />motion confimning action of Council of May 17 r'elative to approval 'of Sanitary Sexer <br />No. 237 was seconded by Tupa and unanimously carried. <br />concerning installation of watermain, Mayor Bredesen asked why the people with the <br />"short" line should pay khree times as much to get water as those to the south of <br />them. Hr. Hite replied that properties to the south will have to pay additional <br />assessments at the time the pipe is extended into that area. Mr. F. A. Wheeler, <br />Manager Hyde stated that this Hearing had been called by the Council on its <br />I <br />The total estimated assessable cost was $22,396.92 <br />The alternate "shortJ1 proposal being heard at this meeting would <br />The estimated cost per <br />Based upon the new bids, the I <br />Mrs. Harold Schaefer, 2 117 Schaefer Road, questioned the inclusion of Mendelssohn Addition and Harold <br />14r. Dahlquist stated <br />It was brought out thatpollution <br />Manager Hyde informed Council . <br />Mayor Bredesen stated that he'felt that <br />They request three <br />?,lr. Hite stated that 'the 'lshortli rjatemain couxd provide three <br />Mr. Hyde reminded Council of the repeated request from - <br />Hr. Hite <br />,VanValkenburg's <br />In the ensuing discussion