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MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />EDSNA VSLLAGE COUNCSL, HELD WEDNESDAY, JULY 7, 1965 <br />AT 4:OO P.M. IN THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were: MacMillan, Rixe, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen, <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of June 7, 1965, were approved as amended by motion <br />of Tupa, seconded by MacMillan and carried, <br />V. 0, Lewis" on Page 119 of the Minutes Book be corrected to read "J. 0, Louis," <br />Minutes of June 21, 1965, were approved as read by motion Tupa, seconded by <br />MacMillan and unanimously carried, <br />Tupa's amendment was that the name <br />ICE ARj2)A BIDS, APPROVED., Clerk presented Affidavits of Publication. in the Edina- <br />MorningsideCourier and Construction Bulletin on June 10, 17 and 24, 1965. <br />Affidavits were approved as to form and placed on file, <br />of the Park Board presented a tabulation of bids for the Ice Arena and reviewed <br />the project, <br />and Johnson was second low bidder at $368,700,00. <br />high at $396,174.69 for the Base Bid. <br />was low at $94,490,00 for gas and $90,490,00 for electric; Gartner Refrigeration <br />was second low at $101,408.00 for gas and $96,403.00 for electric; Creamery Package <br />Division of St, Regis was third low at $110,899.00 for gas and $103,796.00 for <br />electric; Vilter Manufacturing Company was high at $115,386.00 for gas and <br />$102,773.00 for electric. Mr. Diercks stated that original cost estimates had been <br />$480,000 including $270,000 for the building itself, <br />for $525,000, including $361,000 for the building itself. <br />the Park Board feels that $25,000 shouLd be added for contingencies which would <br />bring the total figure to $550,000. <br />be as follows: <br />Mr, H. Robert Diercks <br />Gunnar I, Johnson E Son, Inc, was low bidder at $361,000.00. Berglund <br />Bloomberg Company, Inc. was <br />For Refrigeration bids, Hohsten Refrigeration <br />Costs as submitted now are <br />In view of these bids, <br />Methods by which costs can be reduced would <br />1. <br />2. <br />3. <br />4. <br />5. <br />$11,000 by allowing advertising on the Zamboni ice surfacing machine <br />over the life of the machine, <br />$2,000 by allowing advesrtising on the scoreboard, <br />$800 by using one coat of paint on the ceiling rather than two coats, <br />$800 by reducing the amount of millwork used. <br />$9,431 on mechanical and plumbing changes. <br />These figures total $24,031 which would reduce the total figure to $525,969. <br />Citizens Group will attempt to raise the amount necessary over $500,000, <br />also stated that estimates of annual opeaating expenses had been revised from <br />$74,167 to $80,176 if electricity is used, or $77,235 if gas is u3ed for refrigeration. <br />Estimated annual revenue is $77,655, but it is anticipated that the 1965-66 revenue <br />is apt to be lower because of a late opening date. Mr..Kendall Stevens stated <br />that the Park Board had attempted to determine the reason for the fact that bid <br />,prices were so much higher than estimated cost and was convinced that at least <br />the majority of the increase represents true value because of greater specifications, <br />Mr, Dalen answered Rixe's question concerning financing by stating that it is <br />proposed to sell bonds in the amount of $450,000; $300,000 of which are to be <br />Series A and sbld to the general public. <br />the commitment from the2Citizens Group at 3% or less, and $50,000 out of Permanent <br />Improvement Revolving Fund. Tupa emphasized that it is important that the building <br />be well built and that no necessities be omitted, Mr. Hyde stated that there will <br />be a sand floor which will mean that the building will not be available for non-ice <br />use and that 600 seats have been omitted, leaving seating for 2,600. <br />additions could be made at some later date if it should be considered necessary. <br />Air movement and condensation were discussed and Mr. Diercks stated that Mr. Nickolas, <br />the consultant, has recommended this building and his primary consideration is the <br />condition of the ice. <br />of a contractor who had bid the job if there was any place where money could be <br />saved and was told that there was no room for a substantial saving, <br />that because of the higher costs, he would ask the Lake Conference Schools to <br />consider an additional three year agreement for use of the Arena. <br />recommended awarding contracts to low bidders. VanValkenburg's motion to award <br />contracts to low bidders, with the condition that we have written commitments from <br />the Lake Conference Schools and ibom the Citizens Group for the part they take, <br />was seconded by Tupa and unanimously carried. VanValkenburg offered the following <br />Resolution providing for sale of bonds and moved its adoption; <br />The <br />Mr. Diercks <br />$150,000 are to be Series B which represent <br />These <br />Mr, Cuyler Adams of the Park Board stated that he had inquired <br />Mr. Hyde stated <br />Mr, Hyde