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7/19/65 <br />MINUTES OF *THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, JULY 19, i965, <br />EDINA VILLAGE HALL AT 7:OO P.M. <br />Answering Rollcall .- were Members MacMillan, axe, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of the .spgc;aj.meeting of July 7, 1965, were approved as submitted by motion <br />of Tupa, seconded by MacMillan and carried. , <br />BENTON AVENU,E - HIGHWAY.100 1NTERSECTION.PLAN CQNTINUED TO ALLOW RESIDENTS TO OBTAIN <br />OPINION OF THEIR OWN ENGINEER. Mr. I-iyde presented recommendations of E. C. Bather G I <br />Associates, Consulting Engineers, who were retained by the Village to establish traffic <br />counts and projections in the area and to review Minnesota Highway Department preliminary <br />layouts 7-C and 7-D., <br />Benton Ave. - West of T.H. 100, 1,220 vehicles per day; Josephine AVeb - South of <br />Benton Ave., 205 vehicles per day; 60th Street - West of T.H. 100, 707 vehicles per <br />day; Valley View Road - West of T.H. LOO, 4,205 vehicles per day. <br />to counts of July, 1964, in the same locations, Valley View Road showed an increase <br />of 1,824 vehicles per day while Benton Ave. was relatively the same with an increase <br />of 85 vehicles per day. The report further stated that if the Benton Interchange were <br />eliminated, the cloverleaf at the .Crosstown Freeway and T.H, 100 could not take any <br />of the local traffic horn the Benton Interchange, because of the fact that T.H. 100 <br />and the Crosstown Highway are of free,way design and access is controlled and limited. <br />Benton Interchange traffic would, therefore, be forced to filter through residential <br />streets on their routes to the nearest interchange that would allo# them onto the <br />Freeways, <br />interchange is necessary between Eden Aver and the Crosstown Highway and that it should <br />be located at Benton Ave. because of the fact that Benton Ave. is on the Municipal <br />State Aid System and serves as an important collector of traf€ic west of T.H. 100. <br />Layout 7-C was rejected because of the short weaving section between the on-ramp "A" <br />from Benton Ave. to the off-ramp of the Crosstown Highway. <br />layout 7-D which is the present proposed plan of the State Highway Department and <br />which utilizes lake propertyb <br />design to a loop on the NW quadrant which will serveadsouthbound T.Hb 100 traffic and <br />provides an adequate weaving section. <br />stated that he had checked with the State Conservation Department on June 23 to determine <br />whether or not Melody Lake was spring fed but had not had any response as yet. <br />Frederick Matthews, 5201 Benton Ave., stated that children had been tampering with the <br />counter and was told that the Village is aware of this situation but that considering <br />the problems involved it is felt that 1,220 is a reliable count for Benton Avenue. <br />Mr. Matthews then stated that he had made a personal count and that there had not <br />been 500 cars going up Benton and Code Avenues on July 19. Mr. Robert Boran, 5805 East <br />View Drive, questioned whether or not the interchange would add much tra€fic around the <br />schools. Mr. Hite replied that the school is the largest traffic generator of the <br />entire area and that the purpose of the interchange is to carry this traffic more <br />readilyb A lady in the audience asked if the increased traffic on Benton Ave. tsould <br />not create problems fop the children at the new grade school at Tracy and Benton Avenues. <br />She was told that the Village is-%ttempting to prevent a situation like the Wooddale <br />Avenue traffic from developing in western Edina. Mr. Thomas Hastings, Jr., 5901 <br />Josephine Ave., asked why the interchange couLd not be located at Valley View.Road <br />and was told that Valley View Road is too close to the Crosstown Highway. <br />to questions of Mr. Milton C. Nelson, 5905 Josephine Aver, Mr, Braun stated that this <br />would be a six lane highway and that speed limit would be between 5.0 and 60 miles per <br />hour. Mr. Hite noted that the frontage road would cross Melody Lake behind 5821 East <br />View Drive. There are no plans for signalization at the present time, Mr. Clifford <br />Simonson, 5825 East View Lane stated that he fears that the traffic system under <br />consideration is for convenience of vehicles only without consideration for the gafety <br />'of the children. Mr. Hyde replied that the interchange is being located for access to <br />the schools in as safe a manner as possible. <br />is a State Aid road and he did not think it fair that residents on Benton have accepted <br />this aid and now don't want others to benefit from it. <br />east of France had been widened, and though residents were not particularly pleased <br />at the time the street improvement hearings were held, they are now very well satisfied <br />and do not feel that traffic is either exceptionally heavy or fast, <br />that Benton Avenue traffic will increase whether or not the interchange is built. <br />Mr. Hastings asked Mr. Braun why the State Highway Department had first proposed a <br />diamond interchange which would not handle the traffic. <br />projections and design standards had changed in the past few years. Miss Mary E'. Riley, <br />5028 Benton Ave., asked what improvements had been made on Benton, <br />answered that some work has been done, some is being done and other work will be started <br />in the future under the State Aid program. <br />owners were charged at a rate of $5.00 per front foot as compared with a rate of <br />$10.00 to $12.00 per front foot for streets.-that do not have State Aid, <br />5012 Benton Ave., asked Mr. Braun what other designs had been contemplated. <br />Traffic counts taken show average 24-hour totals as follows: <br />In comparison <br />The Bather Report further stated that they are convinced thae an additional <br />The Bather Report approves <br />This design relocates the Ramp "A" traffic <br />Mr, Richard Braun of the State Highway Department <br />Mr. <br />In response '2 <br />Mayor Bradesen stated that Benton Ave. <br />Mr. Hyde stated that 60th Street <br />Mr. Hyde also stated <br />Mr, Braun replied-that traffic <br />Mayor Bredesen <br />Mr, Hyde stated that Benton Ave, property <br />Mr. Vernon Tew, <br />Mr. Braun