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I88 9/7/65 <br />i4INUTES OF THE REGULAR I.IEETIl4G OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD TUESDAY, SEPTEtBER 7, 1965, <br />AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />ROLLCALL was answered by members l~lacNillan, Rixe, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />3iINUTES of the Regular ileeting of August 16, 1965, were approved as corrected by <br />motion Rixe, seconded by HacI4illan and carried. Rixe's correction was that the <br />ResQlution providing for Public Hearing on proposed sidewalk replacement in the <br />Country Club was offered by I4actEllan. <br />1965, were approved as read-by motion of Rixe, seconded by iIacl4illan and carried. <br />E4inutes of the Special E-leeting of August 27, <br />PROPOSED BUDGET DISCUSSED. <br />presentation of the budget for the succeeding calendar year be the first order of <br />business at the first meeting in September and that copies are available. for <br />inspection, The budget, as revised in accordance with requests made at the Special <br />Meeting of August 27, provides for a mill rate increase of 0.83 over the 1965 levy. <br />Nr. Hyde stated that the budget must be adopted prior to October 1, according to <br />law . <br />Nanager Hyde stated that State law requires that the * <br />PUBLIC HEARING HELD ON. COUNTRY CLUB SIDEWALK REPLACEMENT . Clerk presented Affidavits <br />of Publication in the Edina-k1orninaside Courier on August 26, 1965, and of Mailing to <br />owners of affected properties of "Notice of Public Hearing on Portland Cement Concrete <br />Sidewalk Replacement," which affidavits were approved as to form and ordered placed <br />on file. <br />OF PORTLAND CEFENT CONCRETE SIDEWALK REPLACEENT IN THE FOLLOWING : <br />Pursuant to due notice given, Public Hearing was conducted on the CONSTRUCTION <br />Arden Ave. from W. 50th St. to Sunnyside Rd, <br />Bruce Ave. from W. 50th St. to Sunnyside Rd, <br />Casco Ave. from Country Club Rd. to Sunnyside Rd. <br />Drexel Aver from Country Club Rd. to Sunnyside Rd. <br />Wooddale Ave. from I.I. 50th St. to North Village Limits <br />Edina Blvd. from Country Club Rd. to Sunnyside Rd. <br />Uoorland Ave. from Country Club Rd.l-to Sunnyside Rd. <br />Browndale Ave, from South line of N1/2 Sec. 18, T. 28, <br />Edgebrook Place from Browndale Ave. to Browndale Ave. <br />Sunnyside Rd6 from Hwy. #169-212 to Grimes Ave. <br />Bridge Str from Minnehaha Creek to Arden Ave. <br />Country Club Rd. from Browndale Ave. to Arden AVea . <br />North side of \I. 50th St. from Wooddale Ave. to the <br />R. 24 to South line of Arden Pmk 2nd E 3rd Additions <br />East line of Lot 29, Block 11, Country Club <br />District, Fairway Section <br />Grimes Ave. from Sunnyside Rd, to North Village limits <br />I4ackey Ave, from Sunnyside Rd. to South line of <br />Arden Park 3rd Addition <br />The area proposed to be assessed includes a31 lots and tracts of land abutting <br />Estimate of cost was given at $47,951.57, with an estimated cost per square foot of <br />$0.96, <br />the streets listed above, Hanager Hyde explained that sidewalk in the Country Club <br />has reached a point where it is both hazardous and unsightly and that work should be <br />done at this time before tree roots cause additional damage. <br />includes removal of defective sidewalk,, removal of roots interfering with the walk, <br />placement bf sand base where required, installation of new sidewalk and replacement <br />of sod disturbed by the construction. All valks will be four inches thick except at <br />driveways where the thickness will be six inches. <br />this Fall or next spring if weather prevents fall completion. <br />4620 Casco Ave,, asked if the cracks could be patched and was in€ormed by i4ayor Bredesen <br />that a complete job would be necessary because remaining roots would cause additional <br />damage, <br />was told by Mayor Bredesen that improvements are ordered by the Council to protect <br />the residents of the community, <br />residents to determine whether or not they are in favor of the improvement. Hayor <br />Bredesen stated that he would not evade his responsibility by leaving a matter <br />concerning public welfare up to a group of people who might not have the same sense <br />of responsibility that the Council needs to have, <br />questioned how corner properties would be assessed. <br />would apply as on new construction, whereby the property owner would pay full assessment <br />on the street on which the house faces, but only one-third of the assessment on the <br />side of the property, <br />whether or not the property owner could have the work done on an individual basis. <br />i.layor Bredesen replied that -5n all probability no money would be saved and that the <br />Village would want to be sure that roots were cut deep enough so that further root <br />damage would not occur. R. E. Damon, 4500 Bruce Avenue, suggested the possaility <br />of eliminating sidewalks completely and was told by I4ayor Bredesen that straets in <br />the Country Club District were too narrow for children to use when walking to school, <br />The estimated cost <br />Work authorized would be installed <br />Herbert J. Brand, <br />R, J. Holbrook, 4512 Drexel Ave., questioned the necessity of the iaork and <br />Mr. Holbrook then asked if a poll could be taken of <br />Uilliam Om, 4920 Arden Avenue, <br />He was told that the same policy <br />Dr. Clarence I, Lillehei, 4601 Wooddale Avenue, questioned