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11/1/65 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />EDLNA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY,,NOVEMBER 1, 1965 <br />ROLLCALL was answered by Members MacMillan, Rixe, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meetings of October 4 and 18, 1965, were approved as submitted <br />by.motion VanValkenburg, seconded by Rixe and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS HELD ON VARIOUS STORM SEWER IMPROVEMENTS . <br />of Publication in the Edina-Norningside Courier on October 21 and 28 and Nailing on <br />Clerk presented Affidavits <br />October 22, 1965, <br />Pursuant to due notice given, Public Hearing was conducted on the following proposed <br />improvements, and action was taken by Council as hereinafter recorded: <br />Affidavits were-approved as to form and ordered placed on fiie. <br />A, CONSTRUCTION OF STORM SEWER on an easement line from East Sunnyslope Road to a <br />point in Lot 13, Block 1, Sunnyslope Section, Country Club District, said point being <br />45 feet West of the East line and 65 feet South of the North line of said Lot 13. <br />Total estimated cost was. given by. Mr. Hyde at $4,689.58, with an estimated cost per . <br />square foot of $0,0263. Mrs, Clarence Mann, 4805 W. Sunnyslope Road, stated that <br />she had purchased her property in 1953 and that pumping had been necessary whenever <br />there had been a sudden thaw. This past spring, Mrs. Mann stated, she had three <br />pumps running twenty-four hours a day in an attempt to keep water out of her basement. <br />Mr, A. I, Raugland, 4821 bl. Sunnyslope Road, presented an unsigned statement against <br />the proposed storm sewer and stated that while he sympathized with Mrs. Mann's <br />predicament, he did not believe that the proposed storm sewer would alleviate her <br />problem because her lot is lower than the creek and because there was not sufficient <br />slope to provide adequate drainage. He stated that Mrs. Mann's house had been built <br />at too low an elevation, <br />he had made on his property shows that his water does not drain to 'Mrs. Mann's property <br />and that he would oppose being assessed for the storm sewer. <br />that the design should be checked to determine whether or not some less expensive <br />solution could be found. <br />proposed storm sewer would not function properly due to the fact that it is to be <br />constructed above frost line and that it would become plugged with icer Mr. Hite <br />stated that storm sewers of this type were €unctioning satisfactorily in many areas <br />of the Village but that they do .require special maintenance procedures. Mr. Thomas Hays, <br />4809 W, Sunnyslope Road, owner of Lot 12, stated that he was in favor of the storm <br />sewer, assuming that it will provide the anticipated results. Mr, S. G. Pearson, <br />4816 Woodhill Way, owner of Lot 8, questioned the fact that his property drained <br />toward Mrs. Mann's property, <br />flow of water. <br />been satisfactory because of the fact that they often filled with snow which served <br />to hold back the water, <br />that water from his property flows west and that he, therefore, does not feel that <br />he should be included in the drainage area. <br />grading areas farther to the south in order to divert the water into the street before <br />it reaches a low pdint might be considered, but that this would require the cooperation <br />of all property owners. <br />agreeable to meet together to investigate the possibility of sharing the cost of soil. <br />tests and possible methods of diverting the water before it reaches Mrs. Mann's property, <br />VanValkenburg's motion that the matter be referred to the neighborhood was seconded by <br />Tupa and unanimously carried. <br />Mr. Raugland further informed Council that a survey which <br />He further suggested <br />Mr. Raugland also stated that it was his opinion that the <br />9 He suggested that a ditch be dug to take care of the <br />Mr. Hyde replied that experience of the Village with ditches had not <br />Mr. C. J. Duffey, 4812 Woodhill Way, owner of Lot 7, stated <br />Mr, Hite stated that the possibility of <br />Those in attendance at the meeting indicated that they were <br />B. <br />north line of Lot 2, Block 1, Bings 1st Addition, north to the north line of Lot 2, <br />Block 1, Bings 1st Addition; thence west along the north line of Lot 2, Block I, <br />Bings 1st Addition a distance of 100 feet west of the east property line; thence <br />northwesterly towards a point in the north line of Lot 1, Block 1, Bings 1st Addition <br />said point being 15 feet east of the northwest corner thereof a distance of 70 feet <br />and there terminating. Total estimated cqst was given by Manager Hyde at $5,964.62 <br />to be assessed against an estimated aquare footage of 155,086 at an estimated cost <br />per square foot of $0.03846* <br />the proposed storm sewer was presented to Council, Mr. Graham Hughes, 4217 Valley <br />View Road informed Council that water had seeped into their basement for the last two <br />years, and that he has been told that this problem had existed before he purchased <br />the property, <br />condition <br />was constructed and provisions made at that time. <br />spent $1,300 in tiling since last spring and plan to bank two feet of black dirt around <br />the house in an effort to stop water seeping into their basement. <br />CONSTRUCTION OF STORM SEWER in Valley View Road from a point 80 feet south of the <br />A petition, signed by eleven property owners, opposing <br />Mr. John Keprios, 6325 Brookview Avenue, stated that there is no chronic <br />and that the drainage problem should have been anticipated when the house <br />Mrs. Hughes stated that they had <br />Mr, Hite informed <br />Council that he is <br />He stated that Mr. <br />Mr. Batko had gelt <br />walls . <br />not convinced that a storm sewer would alleviate the Hughes' problem, <br />Batko had gone out to see the premises during a heavy rain and that <br />that the water comes into the basement through the floor and the <br />.