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11/15/65 :- 4 259 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VXLLAGE COUItCIL, HELD MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1965 <br />AT THE EDINA VfLLAGE HALL <br />ROLLCALL was answered by Members Macfdillan, Tupa and VanValkenburg: <br />being absent, VanValkenburg served as Mayor Pro-Tem, <br />Mayor Bredesen <br />BIDS, REXEIVED FOR TEMPORARY IIuIPROVEMENT BONDS , <br />by Clerk, which affidavits were approved as to form and ordered placed on file, <br />Hyde opened five bids for Temporary Improvement Bonds in the amount af $1,400,000 and <br />Af$idavits of Publication were presented <br />Manager <br />announced the tabulation as follows: John Nuveen & Company was low bidder at 3.0369% <br />net interest cost; Northwestern National bank of Minneapolis was second low at 3,07%; <br />Girst National Bank of Minneapolis was third low at 3,095%; Goodbody Gompany was fourth <br />low at 3,199% and American National Bank & Trust Company of St, Paul was high at 3.375%, <br />Bids were then handed to Mr. Dalen for verification of tabulation. <br />,At this time Mayor Bredesen amived and presided for the remainder of the meeting. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS HELD ON TWO PROPOSED STORM SEWERS, Clerk presented Affidavits of <br />Publication in the Edina-Morningside Courier on November 4 and 11 and of Mailing on <br />November 5, which Mfidavits were approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />Pursuant to due notice given, Public Hearings were conducted on the following proposed <br />improvements and action was taken by Council as hereinafter recorded: <br />A, CONSTRUCTION OF STORM SEWER IMPROVEMENT IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />From a point on Warden Avenue 215 feet west of Johnson Drive tp 190 feet north. <br />Estimate of Cost was given at $3,350.13 to be assessed against an estimated 270,500 square feet at an estimated cost of $0.0124 per square foot. <br />pipe for this storm sewer would run from the low point in the block to the existing <br />stom sewer‘in Warden Avenue, <br />Lot 3, Block 1, Warden Acres, Larson’s Replat, stated that he had already been assessed <br />for storm sewer and questioned whether he could be assessed for two storm sewers on the <br />same groperty. Mr. Hyde replied that overlapping assessment could be made because this <br />would be an addition to the present stom setter, since the original installation had <br />not provided for the back yard low spots which were flooded last spring, <br />$ question from a lady in the, audience, Mr, Hite replied that grading would not help <br />this situation, but that a second low spot to the north of the block would be graded to <br />allow water to drain from it to the proposed storm sewer, Mr. Gerald Brown, 56014 Warden <br />Avenue, stated that before Johnson Drive was graded and paved, there had been no problem <br />in this area, Mr. Hite stated that the construction of streets often redirects natural <br />drainage. €4r. R. S. Uppgaard, 5620 Johnson Drive, asked if he wouLd be assessed for his <br />entire lot, etren though only part of it slopes to Johnson Drive, He was told by Mr. Hite <br />that he would be assessed only €or the portion of his lot which drains to the rear. <br />klr, Uppgadrd then asked if it would cost less to bring in fill, to which Mr. Hite replied <br />that this would be more costly than the proposed storm sewer, Mr. A, E, Melin, 5632 <br />Johnson Drive stated that ice has formed in this spot even from the little rain of the <br />past few days and stated that he thoughtit most imphrtant that the project be authorized <br />in view of the danger to children. Mrs. L. A. Kerber, 5608 Warden Avenue, stated that <br />she had water two feet deep in her basement last spY” but had never had any trouble <br />before the new houses were built, In reply to a question as to when the project would <br />be installed, Mr, Hite stated that he hoped it would be-completed prior to next spring’s <br />run-off, <br />Improvement later in Minutes. 1 <br />B, CONSTRUCTION OF STORM SEWER IME’ROVEMENT IN THE FOLLOWING: South lot line of Lot 1 <br />Block 1, LaBuena Vista Addition, from Tracy Avenue to 90 feet west, <br />was given by Manager Hyde at $1,522,46 to be assessed against an estimated 156,993 square <br />feet and at $0,0097 per square foot, Mr, Hite stated that the purpose of this project is <br />to drain a low point in the block at 5705 West 68th Street (Lot 2) directly to the east <br />at which point it would connect with an existing pipe, Mr. Neil A, McLean, 5801 W. 68th <br />Street, asked if the possibility of adding fill to the low spot had been investigated, <br />Mr. Hite replied that the house at the site of the Low spot has’a walk-out basement <br />and that this would not be possible. Mr. McLean stated that although he realized that <br />his property drained toward the low spot, he did not feel that he would receive any <br />benefit from the proposed sewerr He further stated that Mr. Howard GI Mickus, who owns <br />the property at 5705 W, 68th Street, does not want the storm sewer installed and that <br />the people who had been complaining about the problem have moved. Mr. Hite stated that <br />the problem at this location is severe and that the Village had spent a number of hours <br />pumping and sandbagging. Mr, James E, Johnson, 5700 Brook Drive, stated that he had <br />talked to Mr, Mickus who felt that the storm sewer was needed, Mr, Stuart Ferreira, <br />5716 Brook Drive, stated that he did not feel that his lot drains to Mr. Mickus’ lot <br />and that he feels that the problem is one for Mrr Mickus himself to solve. Mr, Hite <br />assured him that the elevatiw would be re-checked. A geneleman in the audience <br />stated that Mr, Henry Oltmanns, 5717 Brook Drive had a much more severe problem than <br />this and that he is having a three inch core hole drilled down to the frost line himself <br />in order to solve his problem, <br />Mr, Hite explained that <br />Mr, D, N. Paetznick, 5609 Tracy Avenue, owner of <br />In reply to <br />No further discussion was heard on this proposal. (See Resolution Ordering <br />Estimate of Cost <br />Mr. Hite stated that the Village was not aware of