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I December 31, 1965 <br />t <br />COSTS INVOLVED TO THE VILLAGE OF EDINA <br />IF THE VILLAGE OF PIOFUINGSIDE IS ANNEXED <br />TO EDINA <br />p REPORT TO TH~; MAYOR AND VILLAGE COUNCIL OF EDINA <br />On December 15, 1965, the Village of Edina received a letter from the <br />21innesota Hunicipal Commission stating that the Commission had of its own <br />motion initiated a petition for the annexation of the Village of Morningside <br />to Edina. <br />the Village of Edina is required to approve or reject the proposed annexation <br />within 30 days. <br />In accordance with the provisions of IYIinnesota Statutes 414,04, <br />If the I4ayor and Village Council of Edina approve, the Commission will <br />hold hearings to determine if such annexation is in the best interests of <br />Morningside and Edina. <br />annexation, an election will be held in the Village of Morningside, <br />Subsequent to s favorable vote, the Commission, after consultation with <br />the governing bodies, would make arrangements for dissolving the <br />government and transferring it to the Village of Edina. <br />If the Commission finds in favor of the proposed <br />On December 20, 1965, the Edina Village Council directed the Village <br />Manager to prepare a factual, detailed report as to the financial implications <br />involved if Morningside is annexed to Edina, with particular attention as to <br />whether additional costs would have to be paid by Edina taxpayers. <br />8 <br />There are many ways in which an anaaysis as to the financial implications <br />for Edina's taxpayers could be made. Any method would involve certain assump- <br />tions and many estimates which might be subject to criticism or counter-claim. <br />After considering several possible approaches, many of which would <br />involve time-consuming research and refinement of presently available <br />financial data from both communities, one has been chosen which can be <br />reasonably substantiated. <br />the providing of municipal services and facilities to Morningside's 2,000 <br />residents, Edina would,not have to add, either immediately or in the <br />foreseeable future, any personnel (other than Norningside's present one <br />full-time public works maintenance man) or equipment solely because of the <br />Morningside annexation. <br />The basic assumption is that if Edina takes over