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2/7/66 23 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1966, <br />AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />m <br />ROLLCALL was answered by Members Johnson, MacMillan, Tupa, VanValkenburg and <br />Bredesen. <br />MIIJUTES of the Regular Meeting of January 17, 1966, Vere corrected to read that <br />Mr, Johnson voted "nay" on the motion authorizing the Library Committee to proceed <br />with the preparations of the preliminary library building plans as outlined, <br />Tupals motion for approval of the Minutes as corrected was seconded by Trustee MacMillan <br />and carried, <br />Trustee <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON VARIOUS IMPROVEMENTS, Affidavits of Publication in the <br />=-Morningside Courier on January 28 and February 3, and of Mailing on January 28 <br />were submitted by Clerk, approved as to fomn and ordered placed on €ilea <br />due notice given, Public Hearings were conducted on the following proposed improvements <br />and action was taken by Council as hereinafter recorded: <br />Pursuant to <br />A, CONSTRUCTION OF LATERAL SANITARY SEWER AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOWING; <br />Rolling. Green Parkway from existing manhole on Annaway Drive to 950 feet south. <br />Crescent Terrace from Rolling Green Parkway to 328 feet, plus or minus, west, <br />. <br />Estimate of cost was given at $40,639,23 to be assessed against ten lots at $4,063*92 <br />per Lot, <br />this time because of the difficulty with the disposal system of Richard Petty, <br />5801 Crescent Terrace, <br />at his request last August, the Engineering Department had checked the elevation <br />of his property to ascertain whether it would be feasible for him to connect to the <br />gravity system in Interlachen Boulevard, <br />of this survey and requested that the most economical connection be used for his propertyb <br />Mr, Hite stated that the elevation would again be checked, but that in the event Mr. Price <br />was connected to the gravity system, he would have to be assessed €or his share of that <br />system as well as the road surfacing, Mr, Hyde stated that Mr, C, L; Horn, owner of <br />Lot 23 had telephoned to say that he was not opposed to the htprovement,' Mr, Roscoe <br />Furber indicated that inasmuch as there apparently was a real need for the improvement, <br />he was withdrawing his previous objection. An attorney representing Mr. Petty spoke of <br />the existing need. (See Resolution Ordering <br />Improvement later in Minutes , ) <br />f4anager Hyde informed Council that this improvement is being considered at <br />Mr, Robert MI Price, 4908 Rolling Green Parkway, stated that <br />Mr, Price asked to be infomed of the results <br />No further discussion was heard, <br />B . CONSTRUCTION OF LATERAL SANITARY SEWER AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOWING : <br />'Bansen Road from T,H. #l69 to Minneapolis, Northfield E Southern Railroad. <br />Existing manhole on T,HI #l69 and Ayrshire Boulevard to Hansen Road, <br />Estimate of cost was given at $14,573.22 to be assessed against eight lots at <br />$1,821.65 per lot, Mrs, Stephen P. Sweeney, 5525 Hansen Road, questioned the fact that <br />this estimate is so much higher than the price of the sanitary sewer constructed on <br />Hansen Road to the south, Mrb Hyde informed Mrs* Sweeney that labor rates have gone <br />up for private contractors and that the estimate includes some street resurfacing which <br />was not included in the price of the improvement to the south. <br />was heard on the proposed improvement, <br />in Minutes, ) <br />No further discussion <br />(See Resolution Ordering Improvement later <br />C, CONSTRUCTION OF LATERAL SANITARY SEWER AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />County Road #18. from existing trunk sewer to Indian Hills Roadb <br />Indian Hills Road from County Road #l8 to 385 feet east of Margaret's Lane. <br />Margaret's Lane, <br />Easement line from Margaret's Lane to Post Lane, <br />Post Lane , <br />t <br />Estimate of cost was given. at $63,839,69 to' be assessed against 31 lots at an estimated <br />cost of $2,059.34 per lot, <br />estimated at $13,000 , plus $3,000 €or electrical service, <br />advised by Mr, Hyde that estimates of construction costs have exceeded actuaL costs <br />in 90% of the cases. Mr, McCauley was further assured that sanitary sewer would be <br />available for his home, Mr, Leland Karr, 6808 Margaret's Lane, stated that he lis <br />highly in favor of the improvement, <br />necessity of the lift station and was told that the design using the lift station was <br />the least expensive method of constructing the sanitary sewer, No further discussion <br />was heard. <br />Mr, Hyde stated that this cost involves a lift station <br />14r, Thomas McCauley was <br />Mr, Robert Naas, 6320 Post Lane, questioned the <br />(See Resolution Ordering Improvement later in Minutes,)