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2/21/66 <br />I MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF' THE <br />EDIMA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD t40NDAY, FEBEUARY 25, 1966, <br />AT THE EDZNA VILLAGE HALL <br />n <br />ROLLCALL was answered by Members Johnson, MacMillan, Tupa, VanValkenbwg and Bredesen. <br />HINUTES of the Regular iygeting of February 7, 1966, were approved as submitted by <br />motion of Trustee VanValkenburg, seconded by Trustee Johnson and carriedr <br />MAYOR COI414ENTS ON UNNECESSARY EXPENSE INCURRED BY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT . Mayor Bredesen <br />..showed a copy of Tieauty for America" which had been sent to him by the Federal <br />Governmen$. <br />$,5,00 and that the expense of distribbting one copy to each municipality in the <br />United States should be a matter of concern to every citizen, <br />PUBLIC, HFAR,Ii\iGS CONPUCTED ON VARIOUS LNPROVEMENTS . . Aff'idavits of Publication in the <br />Edina-MorningsiZCourier on February 10 and 17 and of Mailing on February LL, 1966, <br />were submitted by Clerk, approved as to form and ordeyed-placed on file. <br />due notice given, Public Heaeings were conducted on the following proposed improvements <br />and act'ion has taken by-Council as hereinafter recorded: <br />A. CONSTRUCTION OF SANITARY SEWER AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOIJING : <br />The Mayor stated that he'considered that each book must cost at least <br />Pursuant to <br />Easement line along Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern spur line traok <br />from Eden Avenue south to the center Line of Downing Street extended; thence <br />west along line of Downing Street extended a distance of 240 feet. <br />Mr, Hyde explained that this is a rehearing of February 7 at which time it had been <br />requested that the Ninneapolis, Northfield & Southern Railway be sent a notice of <br />Public Hearing, <br />properties at an estimated cost of $3,149.16 per connectionr <br />attorney for the Minneapolis, Northfield qnd Southern Railway Mho owns parcels 1040, <br />1030 and 1100, stated that the railway company would grant the necessary easement <br />through their property but requested that no assessment be made until their property <br />required a sanitary sewer connection. 14r. Smiley of Minneapolis, Northfield and <br />Southern Railway stated that Parcel llQO is completely vacant and that Bepg E Farnham <br />Company and Agri-Vita Company who have warehouses on Parcels 1130 and 1140 are not <br />in qeed of sanitary sewer at this time. Mr. Kenneth Harvey, owner of Block 1, Lot 2, <br />Wanner Addition, stated that he would be agreeable to a deferred assessment agreement. <br />Trustee VanValkenburg stated that it should be noted at the time of the assessment <br />hearing that assessment should be made equally between owners of Lots 2 and 3, Block 1, <br />Wanner Addition, but that in the event that sanitary sewer is installed in the railway <br />property at any later date, the assessment will be split three ways and owners of the <br />previously assessed property reimbursed proportionately. <br />offered. <br />B . CONSTRUCTION OF VILLAGE STORM SEWER AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Estimate of cost was given at $9,477,49 to be assessed against three <br />Ih. Charles Hornb <br />No fupther discussion was <br />See Resolution Ordering Improvement later in Minutes, <br />klaloney Aver from County Road #L8 to Jackson Ave. <br />Belmore Lane from County Road #18 to Monroe Ave. <br />Second Str South from Jackson Aver to Harrison Aver <br />Harrison Aver from 2nd St. South to 310 feet south <br />Alley between Harrison Ave. and Tyler Ave. from 310 feet <br />south of 2nd St. South to 380 feet south of 2nd Str <br />Griffit St. from Spruce Rdr to 420 feet south <br />Easement line from Griffit St, to pond <br />Spruce Rd. from 200 feet east of Griffit St. to Griffit St, <br />Blake 'Rd. from Maloney Aver to Belmore Lane <br />Belmore Lane from Blake Rd. to Griffit St. <br />. Griffit St. from Belmore Lane to south line of Lot 2, Block 14, <br />Easement line along Lot 2, Block 14, Mendelssohn Addition to the <br />' Easement line from Harrison Aver east to alley <br />I <br />Idendelssohn Addition <br />center line of Arthur St. extended; thence southerly to the.noPth <br />line of Davies First Addition <br />Block 5, Mendelssohn Addition <br />center line of vacated alley <br />Rd. to 20 feet south of the north line of Lot 8, Block 5, blendelssohn <br />Addit ion <br />from center line of vacated alley to John St. <br />Addition to Belmore Lane <br />Blake Rd. from 250 feet north of Belmore Lane to north line of Lot 2, <br />North line of Lot 2, Block 5, Idendelssohn Addition from Blake Rd. to <br />Center line of vacated alley, Block 5, Mendelssohn Addition from Spruce <br />A line 20 feet south of the north line of Lot 8, Block 5, MendeLssohn <br />John St. from 20 feet south of north line of Lot 8, Block 5, Mendelssohn <br />Belmore Lane from John St, to 160 feet west <br />Easement line along the east line of Lots 11 & 12, Block 12, Mendelssohn <br />Addition from Belmore Lane to 15 feet north of south Line of said Lot 11