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3/7/66 <br />I4INUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, MARCH 7, 1966, AT <br />Answering Rollcall were Members Johnson l4acMillan Tupa, VanValkenburg, and <br />Mayor Bredesen , <br />MINUTES of February 21, 1966, were approved as submitted by motion of Trustee VanValkenburg <br />seconded by Trustee MacMillan and carried, <br />WEST NIX!jEAPOLIS HEJGHTS - NENDELSSOHN ADDITION STORM SEWER APPROVED , Public Hearing on <br />meeting of February 21. <br />were raised concerning the technical part of the proposed improvement, <br />neighbors headed by Mr. Harold Johnson and Mr. J, H, Weber had met rsith Village Engineers, <br />at which meeting various questions were discussed. <br />serving the rear yard areas is 7.8% of the total project cost. <br />14r. L, P, Pederson, County Engineer, has advised him that the County is anxious to have <br />enlarged pipes installed in County Rqad 18 and that construction might be started on <br />this project in 1967. The County will. 'assist in oreating temporary ponding areas on <br />the east and west sides of County Road 18 near Maloney Avenue, <br />that forty-three homes have been constructed within the boundaries of West Ltlinneapolis <br />Heights and Mendelssohn Addition since 1960 and that as the area is built up further, <br />drainage problems will increase. <br />permanent street surfacing if the proposed storm sewer is installed, <br />that the cost of permanent street surfacing and curb and gutter would be approximately <br />$12 per front foot. <br />approximately $1 ,124 for typical lots in Nest Minneapolis Heights with a resulting <br />average assessment of $144.,00 per year, including interest over ten years or $86.00 <br />over a twenty year assessment period, For a typical lot in Elendelssohn Addition, the <br />total assessment for street and storm sewer would be approximately $1,987 which would <br />amount to an average of $250.00 per year for a ten year assessment and $152.00 per year <br />for a twenty year assessment, Some favorable interest was shown in the suggestion of <br />a twenty year assessment for both improvements, <br />Village Engineers had incorporated changes as suggested as far as alignment of the <br />pipes is concerned. Nr* James K. LindbePy, 425 150nroe Avenue, protested installation <br />of the storm sewer and Mr, John Galvin, 420 John Street questioned the need for permanently <br />surfaced streets, He was told by Mayor Bredesen that too much money is being spent out <br />of General Funds for maintenance of these unimproved streets, <br />from the audience, i4r. Hite stated that the difference in the estimated assessment rate <br />for West Minneapolis Heights and Mendelssohn Addition would amount to only one-tenth <br />of a cent per square foot. <br />been included on the assessment role, only that portion had been proposed to be assessed <br />which is not used for cemetery purposes. In reply to Mr, Hyde's question if all of <br />the questions raised by the citizen's committee had been covered, Mr. Harold Johnson <br />replied in the affirmative, Stating that permanent street improvements should come <br />to hearing at the April 4 meeting, Trustee VanValkenburg then moved approval of the <br />storm sewer, including the backyard pipes, and offered the following resolution: <br />RESOLUTION ORDERING IiU3PROVENENT <br />STORa SEWER INPROVEMENT NO. 103 <br />West Minneapolis Heights - Piendelssohn Addition storm sewer was continued from the <br />Plr. Hyde explaitled that at the last meeting several questions <br />A committee of <br />Nr, Hite srated that the cost of <br />He stated that <br />Plr, Hite further stated <br />Mr, Hite noted that there appeared to be a desire for <br />He estimated <br />The total cost for streets and storm sewer would amount to <br />Mr, Hite stated that in many cases <br />In answer to a question <br />Mr. Hite explained that, while the Grandview Cemetery had <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Council, Village of Edina, Minnesota, that this <br />Council heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published and mailed to owners <br />of each parcel within the area proposed to be assessed on the following proposed <br />improvement: <br />COdSTRUCTION OF VILLAGE STORM SEVER AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOWING : <br />Maloney Ave. from County Road #18 to Jackson Aver <br />Belmore Lane from County Road #18 to Monroe Aver <br />Second St. South from Jackson Ave, to Harrison Aver <br />Harrison Aver from Second St, South to 310 feet south <br />Easement Line from Harrison Ave, east to alley <br />Alley between Harrison Ave. and Tyler Aveb from 310 feet <br />GriEfit St, from Spruce Rd, to 420 feet south <br />Easement line from Griffit St, to p&d <br />Spruce Rd, from 200 feet east of Griffit St. to Griffit St, <br />Blake Rd, from I4aloney Ave, to Belmore Lane <br />Belmore Lane from Blake Rd. to Griffit St. <br />Griffit St, from Belmore Lane to south line of Lot 2, Block 14, <br />Easement line along Lot 2, Block 14, Mendelssohn Addition to the <br />south of Second St. South to 380 feet south of Second St. <br />Mendelssohn Addition <br />center line of Arthur St. extended; thence southerly to the north <br />line of Davies First Addition <br />Block 5, Wendelssohn Addition <br />Blake Rd. from 250 feet north of Belmore Lane to north line of Lot 2,