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6/6/66 <br />MXNUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT THE VILLAGE HALL ON <br />I <br />JUNE 6, 1966 <br />Members answering Rollcall were Trustees Johnson, MacMillan, Tupa, VanValkenburg <br />and Mayor Bredesen . P <br />IUNUTES of Nay 16, 1966, were approved as submitted by motion of Trustee VanValkenburg, <br />seconded by Trustee Tupa and unanimously carrigd. <br />HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON VARIOUS 114PROVEMENTS. <br />and of Publication in the Edina-Norningside Courier on May 26 and June 2, 1966, were <br />presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file by motion of <br />Trustee Johnson, seconded by Trustee Tupa and carried. <br />public hearings were conducted on the following proposed improvements and action was <br />taken by Council as hereinafter recorded: <br />A. CONSTRUCTION OF PEREIANENT STREET SURFACING AND CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER IN BEARD <br />- Nr. Hyde presented total estimated project cost at $3,257.66 which is proposed to be <br />Affidavits of Mailing on talay 27, 1966, <br />Pursuant to due notice given, <br />COURT <br />assessed at $1,085.89 per lot and stated that a petition had been received requesting <br />the improvement . <br />Improvement later in Minutes . ) <br />No discussion was heard from the audience. (See Resolution Ordering <br />B. CONSTRUC~ION OF PER.IANENT STREET SURFACING AND CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER IN THE <br />FOLLOk7ING : <br />Warden Avenue from Johnson Drive to Tracy Avenue. <br />Mr. Hyde stated that calls have been received advising that the petition which had <br />been submitted had requested concrete surfacing. <br />surfacing as given in mailed and published notices was presented at $8,586.33 wliich <br />was proposed to be assessed at an estimated cost of $9.23 per assessable foot. <br />Estimated cost for concrete surfacing was given at $17,592.25 which would be assessed <br />at an estimated cost of $18,92 per front foot. Mr. Nicolas J. Delebo, 5605 Warden <br />Avenue, asked why the cost of concrete is so high and was advised by Nr. Hite that <br />the small amount of work involved was the primary reason. <br />estimate had been made on the basis of bids received on another job of similar size <br />which had been bid earlier this year. Nr. Hite further stated that because of the <br />large amount of. bituminous surfacing being done in the Village this year, the cost <br />for this type of surfacing is exceptionally low. At the request of Mr. DeLebo, <br />Trustee Tupa’s motion that the matter be tabled.unti.1 June 20 was seconded by <br />Trustee MacMillan and unanimously carried. <br />7 . <br />Estimated cost of bituminous street <br />He stated that this <br />I C. CONSTRUCTION OF PEFWNENT STREET SURFACING AND CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER IN THE <br />FOLLOWING : <br />West 49th Street from Westbrook Lane to center line of Minneapolis, Northfield <br />and Southern Railroad. <br />P <br />Total estimated cost was presented by Mr, Hyde at $8,209.47‘which is proposed to be <br />assessed against 698.66 estimated footage at an estimated rate of $11.75 per assessable <br />foot. tk. Hite stated that Lot 8, Block 4, Tingdale Brothers Brookside District had <br />been added to the assessment district because this lot has access to this street <br />only, <br />for the T,H. 100 improvement might incLude this street, <br />Street. <br />the east of the railroad track will be resurfaced as part of the previously authorized <br />Brookside area relocation paving. No further discussion was offered. (See <br />Resolution Ordering Improvement later in Minutes.) <br />&. Donald Jenkins, 4840 Westbrook Lane, inquired whether or not proposed plans <br />He was advised by Mr. Hite <br />. that present plans call for discontinuing present access to the highway from W, 49th <br />In reply to a question from Mr. Johnson, l4r. Hite stated that the street to <br />+ <br />D CONSTRUCTION OF PERPAHENT STREET SURFACING I IN~~THEI”EOLLOI~1NG : <br />Alley between Minnehaha Blvd. and Halifax Avenue from Vest 52nd Street to the <br />south line of Lot 36, Block 2, South Harriet Park 2nd Addition. <br />Mr. Hite stated that although a petition which had been received requesting the <br />improvement had requested bituminous surfacing, proposed estimates had been submitted <br />for concrete surfacing because of the fact that bituminous surfacing does not stand <br />up well in alleys and because of the higher cost of maintenance of bituminous alleys, <br />He stated that St, Louis Park and Hopkins will not allow any alley surfacing other <br />than concrete and that Hopkins subsidizes such assessments from General Funds b <br />Estimated project cost for concvete surfacing as submitted in published and mailed <br />notices was presented at $6,427.55 and proposed to be assessed‘at a cost of $7.49 per <br />assessable foot. <br />at $5,026.10 which would be proposed to be assessed at $5*86 per assessable foot, <br />Mr. Eite stated the estimated cost of bituminous surfacing was $2,404.39 with a <br />resulting rate of assessment of $2.80 per assessable foot. Ur. Carl Elving, 5216 <br />Halifax Avenue, stated that he is one of the two residents who use the alley but that <br />he would oppose asking other property owners to pay such a high price for the <br />Minnehaha Blvd., Nr, 0, J. Trainor, Jr,, 5212 Halifax Ave., and 1.1~~ Charles Balogh, <br />5204 Halifax Ave., all stated that they wish to withdraw their names from the petition. <br />U <br />Revised estimate based on quotations received on June 6 was given <br />. improvement. lk. George C, Pitzer, 5217 lilinnehaha Blvd., Walter Lehnert, 5209