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7/14/66 <br />MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE EDINA BOARD OF REVIEW, <br />AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />HELD THURSDAY, JULY 14, 1966, AT 5: 00 P.M. y <br />Council Members Johnson, Tupa and VanValkenburg acted as the Board of Review, with <br />Trustee VanValkenburg presiding. <br />.was Mr. Wayne Johnson, Hennepin County Supervisor of Assessments, <br />Village Assessor, Donald Kearns, was present as <br />The meeting was convened promptly at 5:OO P.M. pursuant to "Notice of Board of <br />Review Meeting" posted and published in the Edina-Monningside Courier on, June 30 <br />and July 7, 1966. <br />Irlr. Kearns presented a letter from Mr. B. E. Christensen, member of a comnhttee of . <br />three which has been appointed by the Stockholders of 7000 Sandell Ave, Cpoperative <br />Apartments, to investigate the real estate taxes for that property. Mr. Christensen's <br />letter stated that Mr. Jerome Lee, who has all of the pertinent informa%ion, is out <br />of town and requested that a meeting be set up after MI?. Lee's return as was suggested <br />by Mr. Kearns. <br />in the event that Mr. Kearns and the committee are unable to reach an understanding <br />was seconded-by Trustee Johnspn and carried. <br />Mr. Kearns reported an increase in assessed valuation for the year 1966 to $42,127,404 <br />which represents an increase over 1965 valuation of $4,440,292. <br />there are 135 personal property returns still outstanding, <br />real estate values and $2,947,985. represents personal property values. The Village <br />of Morningside annexation will add an additional 1-1/2 million dollars to the total <br />assessed valuatiqn. <br />Motion by Trustee Tupa that the Board of Review meeting be reconvened <br />He estimated that <br />$39,179,419 represents <br />I4r. Hyde stated that much of the increased personal property valuation was made <br />possible because of the addition of one man to the Assessor's staff. <br />Mr. Wayne Johnson stated that the results of the Donaldson Case would have very <br />little affect on County assessments, as Edina and other suburban areas have valued <br />all types of property at the same ratio, <br />Questions relative to assessment procedures were answered. <br />Trustee Tupa's motion that valuations for the year 1966 be approved as presented <br />by the Village Assessor was seconded by Trustee Johnson and carried, <br />at 5:35 P.M. I Adjournment