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i 8/15,'/ 66 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL <br />HELD AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />ON MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 1966 <br />lrlembers answering Rollcall were Trustees Johnson, Mad4illan, Tupa, VanVaLkenburg <br />and Mayor Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Neetbg of August 1, 1966, were approved as submitted by <br />motion of Trustee Tupa, seconded by Trustee HadSillan and carried: <br />STORM SEWER INPROVEMENT NO. 108 APPROVED PENDING COST SHARING AGFZEMENT WITH <br />RICHFIELD. <br />and 11 and of Mailing to affected property omaers on August 5, 1966, we= submitted <br />by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file by motion of Trustee Tupa, <br />seconded by Trustee VanValkenburg and carried. Mr. Hite stated that this stom <br />sewer is badly needed to correct a drainagesproblem which exists in the area of <br />Xerxes and Washburn Avenues between I?. 69th and M. 70th Streets. The project has <br />been engineered by the City of Richfield which has subaitted material to the Village <br />of Edha with the intent that the Village assume some of the cost and assess the <br />project against the properties benefitted by the improvement. <br />was presented at $41,630.00, 76.15% of which is proposed to be assessed against <br />Edina property owners at 5.936cl per square foot. Mr. Hite stated that a letter <br />received from the Richfield Village Manager, l4r. VanKrevelen, indicated that he was <br />of the opinion that Edina should pay the entire cost. <br />Mr. Hite had reached agreement with the Richfield Engineering Department for the <br />above-mentioned cost sharing agreement . <br />following resolution, contingent upon Richfield paying 23.85% and Edina paying <br />76.15% of the improvement, and moved its adoption: <br />Affidavits of Publication in the Edina-Morningside Courier on August 4 <br />Total estimated cost . <br />This letter was received after <br />Trustee VikValkenburg then effered the <br />. - <br />FESOLUTION ORDERING STORM SEWR IblPROVEMENT NO. 108 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Edina Village Council of the Village of Edina, Minnesota, that <br />this Council heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published and mailed to <br />owners of each parcel within the area proposed to be assessed for the following <br />proposed improvement: <br />CONSTRUCTION OF STORM SEWER IMPROVEMENT IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />EDINA'S PORTION - Xerxes Avenue, on an easement line to !?est 69th Street <br />RICHFIELD'S PORTION - W. 70th Street from Upton Avenue to Ifashburn Ave.; <br />Washburn Ave. from I?. 70th Street to a point 426.4 feet North of W. 70th St. ; <br />Easement 426.4 feet North of I?. 70th Street, from Xemes Avenue to the alley <br />between Washburn and Vincent Avenue . <br />and at the hearing held at the time and place specified in said notice, the Council <br />has duly considered the views of all persons interested, and being fully advised of <br />the pertinent facts does hereby determine to proceed with the construction of said <br />improvement including all proceedings which may be necessary in eminent domain for <br />the acquisition of said improvement is hereby designated and shall be referred to in <br />all subsequent proceedings as STORM SEWER IMPROVEMENT NO. 108 and the area to be <br />specially assessed therefore shall include all lots and tracts of land within the <br />following described boundaries : <br />Commencing at the southeast corner of the southwest 1/4 of Sec. 29, T. 28, R. 24; <br />thence west along the south line of said section to the west line of Tract 'W, <br />R.L.S. #629 extended south; thence north along the west line of Tracts and <br />"Ft', R.L.S. #629 to a point in Tract 'IF"* said point being 220.0 feet north of <br />the southwest corner of said Tract 'IF"; thence northeasterly to a point in <br />Tract "F", said point being 248 feet east of and 474 feet north of the southwest <br />corner of said Tract trF18s R.L.S. #629; thence north a distance of 310 feet to <br />a point in said Tract "F", R.L.S. #629, said point being 248 feet east of and <br />784 feet north of the southwest comer of said Tract ltFtl; thence southeasterly <br />to the southeast corner of Tract ltP''s R.L.S. #432; thence southeasterly to a <br />point on the east line of Tract lrF1l, R.L.S. #629 ,- said point being 426 feet <br />north of the southeast corner of said Tract ltF1*; thence south along the east <br />line of said Tract "F", R.L.S. #629, a distance of 150 feet; thence east at right <br />angles a distance of 40 feet to the east line of Tract ltQtt, R.L.S. #629; thence <br />south to the point of beginning, <br />Motion for adoption of the resolution was <br />there were five ayes and no nays and the <br />ATTEST :