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10/17/66 <br />I <br />MIhWTES OF' THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT THE VILLAGE HALL <br />ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1966. <br />~ <br />Members answering rollcall were Trustees E.IacE4illan, Tupa, Johqson , VanValGenburg <br />and Nayor Bredesen. z <br />IMPROVEMENT BONDS SOLD., The Village Clerk presented affidavits of publication in <br />the Commercial West and in the official newspaper of a notice of sale of $3,500,000 <br />Improvement Bonds 'ijf the Village, for which bids were to be received at this meeting <br />in accordance with a resolution adopted by the Village Council on September 6, 196t, <br />which were approved and ordered placed on file. <br />The Village Clerk announced that bids had been received which were thereupon opened <br />and read, and the highest and best bid of each bidder was found to be as follows: <br />John Nuveen E CO., Inc. ) 11/1/67 3.80 4.0964% . None <br />Dean Witter E Co. ). 1968-72 incl. 3.90 <br />Hartford National Bank ) 1973-76 incl. 4.00 <br />Paine , Webber , Jackson E Curtis ) <br />Barcus Kindred E Co. ) <br />Juran E Moody ) at 2% from 12/16/66 to '5/1/67 <br />Ball, Burge E Kraus <br />Name of Bidder Maturity Dates Interest Rate Av. Int. Rate Premium <br />Plus Additional Coupon an all Bonds <br />Kenower, MacArthur E Co. 1 <br />NcDougal E Condon, Inc. 1 .. Underwood Neuhaus E Co, , Inc. ) <br />Halsey, Stuart E Co., Inc. ) 11/1/67 - 1976"incl.4.00 4.11781 945 , 00 <br />Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner <br />The lhite-Phillips Co., Inc. ) at .90% from 2/1/67 to 11/1/67 <br />Allan B3air E Co. <br />First Wisconsin National Bank ) <br />American Nat'l Bank of St. Paul) <br />E Smith, Inc. ) Plus Additional Coupon on all Bonds <br />1st YNat'l Bank of Winneapolis <br />1st Nat'l Bank of St. Paul - <br />Smith, Barney E Co. <br />Harris Trust E Savings Bank <br />Hayden, Stone, Inc. <br />First of Michigan Corporation <br />Allison-Williams Company <br />Blyth E Company, Inc. <br />J. M. Dain E Company <br />Francis I. DuPont E Company <br />LaSalle National Bank <br />Northwestern National Bank <br />Piper, Jaffray E Hopwood <br />Boodard-Elwood E Company <br />Cauldwell-Phillips Company <br />Shaughnessy E Company, Inc. <br />First Edina National Bank <br />First Southdale Nat'l Bank of <br />Edina <br />11/1/67-1969 incl. 3.90 4.1436 <br />) 1970-1976 incl. 4,OO <br />1 <br />) <br />) 1 1 1 1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 1. <br />1 1 <br />Plus Additional Coupon on all Bonds <br />at 2.00% from 11/28/66 to 5/1/67 <br />None I <br />Continental Illinois Nat'l 1 <br />Bank E Trust Co. of Chicago ) 11/1/67 4.5 4.15799 211.75 <br />White, Weld E Co. ) 1968-1976 incl. 4.00 <br />Hornblower E Weeks-Hemphill, <br />Reinholdt E Gardner <br />Noyes ) Plus Additional'Coupon on all Bonds <br />) at -90% per annum from 12/1/66 to 11/1/67 <br />Carleton D. Beh Co. 1 <br />None <br />Co-Managers: <br />Ebin, Robertson E Co., Inc. 11/1/67-69 incl. 3.90 4.189 <br />Reynolds E Company ) 1970-1976 incl. 4.00 <br />Miller E Schroeder E Co., <br />Inc . 1 <br />McDonald E Company 1 <br />Loewi E Company 1 <br />E. F. Hutton E Co., Inc. 1 <br />Hanauer E Company 1 <br />After consideration of the foregoing bids, Councilman VanValkenburg introduced the <br />following resolution and moved its adoption: