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12/5/66 <br />I MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />I .-#%. .: :I,,,L~,. I, EDIN4 YLLLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT THE VILLAGE HALL' . <br />WONDAY, DECEMBER&, 119$6. IT 7 - . ,I: : YC :,t 1- <br />Nembers answering Rollcall were Trustees Johnson,,MacMillan, Tups,-VanValke@urg <br />and Mayor Bredesen. t <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of November 21, 1966, were approved as corrected by <br />motion of Trustee Johnson, seconded by Trustee Tupa and carried. Correction was <br />that the words '?Storm Sewer" on page 251 of this Minutes Book in the "Resolution <br />Providing for Public Hearing on Village Watermain" be changed to "Watermain." <br />,I WATERMAIN IMPROVEMENT NO . 210 APPROVED AT PUBLIC HEARING . Affidavits of Publication <br />in the Edina Courier on November 23 and December 1, 1966, and of Mailing to affected <br />property owners on November 25, 1966, were approved as to form as submitted by Clerk <br />and ordered placed on file. <br />conducted and action taken by Council as herein recorded: <br />CONSTRUCTION OF VILLAGE WATERMAIN AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Pursuant to due notice given, public hearing was <br />Josephine Avenue from West 65th Street to West 66th Street <br />West 66th Street from Josephine Avenue to Tingdale Avenue <br />Wilryan Avenue from West 65th Street to West 66th Street <br />Mr. Hyde presented estimated construction cost at $32,323.79, with an estimated <br />assessment cost of $950.70 per connection, payable in ten annual instal'lments. <br />advised that this hearing had been initiated by Council because of a rep'ort from <br />Twin City Testing and Engineering Laboratory, Inc., indicating that the water supply <br />at the residence of Edward B. Chapman, 6600 Normandale Road, was unsafe for drinking <br />purposes. Subsequent tests of the water by the Village have proved that this report <br />was not accurate and that because the water is now considered safe for drinking, there <br />is presently no emergency. Because estimated construction cost presented in the <br />published and mailed notices had been figured to include cost of winter construction, <br />the cost would be reduced by approximately 10% if the work could be done in warm <br />weather. <br />few streets remaining in the Village with only temporary oil surfacing and that all <br />utilities must be in before permanent street surfacifig can be installed. <br />a letter from Mr. Roger J. Lobnitz, 6524 Wilryan Avenue, who requested that watermain <br />and permanent street surfacing both be installed as soon as possible. Mr. C. A. Emmel, <br />6525 Wilryan Avenue, and Mr. C. J. Bangs, 6517 Wilryan Avenue, questioned the estimated <br />cost of the improvement, stating that comparison of charges of Golden Valley and <br />Lexington Village showed that watermain construction in those municipalities was much <br />less expensive. <br />high side and.that some municipalities finance improvements partially from General <br />Funds or charge part of the improvement cost to the cost of the water. He advised <br />further that cost of Edina water is seventh lowest in Minnesota. Mr. Eugene S. Hauser, <br />5045 West 66th Street, presented a statement signed by owners of twenty-two properties <br />protesting installation of the watermain. <br />questioned how the watermain could be installed when the grade of the proposed service <br />road along T.H. 100 had not been established. <br />will be no change in the location of the road and that it is a relatively simple <br />matter to move the mains up or down. Mr. Hite also stated that the grade of the <br />service road will probably be established by the time this improvement will be installed. <br />HI?. John Loegering, 5101 West 66th Street, suggested that dwellings on West 66th Street <br />could hook into an existing watermain with less expense. <br />that water should go through a minimum of two loops in order to maintain high standards <br />of water quality. <br />engineering and clerical costs were added to the estimate. He was advised by Mayor <br />Bredesen that these costs have always been charged in this manner and that it would <br />not be fair to other Edina property owners who had already paid such charges to have <br />this now charged against General Funds. Mrs. R. G. Konzelman, 6529 Wilryan Avenue, <br />stated that inasmuch as 95% of the property owners oppose the construction of the <br />watermain, she did not think that it should be installed. Mayor Bredesen replied <br />that in view of the fact that this area is one of the few in Edina without permanent <br />surfaced streets, he would recommend that Council approve construction of the watermain <br />pending approval of street surfacing, which hearing should be held within two years. <br />Mr. Hauser inquired where sanitary sewer will be installed to serve the dwellings on <br />West 66th Street. <br />rear of these lots and assured him that it would not be necessary to tear up the street <br />to serve this property. <br />long it would take to have water installed in the event that a well ran dry. <br />explained that it can never be determined in advance just how soon a well will go out <br />and for this reason the Village feels that water should be available in this area. <br />Discussion ensued relative to method of assessi*g vacanttproperty. It was pointed <br />out that a connection has been assigned to each piece of property that is capaljle <br />of supporting a dwelling and that each connection will decrease the individual cost. <br />Mr. Hauser asked why oiled streets should be a drain on the General Funds of the Village <br />and was told by Mr. Hyde that a more orderly job could be done on street maintenance if <br />He <br />Mr. Hyde further advised that Josephine and Wilryan Avenues are two of the <br />He presented <br />I Mr. Hy4e pointed out that Edina estimates are always kept on the <br />' <br />, <br />Mr. W. C. Pederson, 6516 Normandale Road, <br />He was advised by Mr. Hite that there <br />He was advised by Mr. Hite <br />Mr. John Phillips, 4524 West 70th Street, questioned the fact that <br />D Mr. Hite advised that he would expect the sewer to come from the <br />Mr, Ernest C. Lawrence, 6521 Wilryan Avenue, inquired how <br />Mr. Hyde