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5/15/67 <br />MINUTES OF THE FSGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />MONDAY, MAY 15, '1967 ' <br />Members answering Rollcall were Trustees Johnson, MacMillan, VanValkenburg and <br />Mayor Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of May 1, 1967, were approved as submitted by <br />motion of Trustee Johnson, seconded by Trustee VanValkenburg and carried, <br />LIBRARY BIDS AUTHORIZED. <br />Mr. Arthur H. Dickey, architect, who reviewed site and floor plans for the <br />proposed Edina Library; stating tliat minor revisions had been made from the <br />original plans to conform to the Village Hall site. (Trustee Courtney arrived <br />at this time.) <br />development and professional fees would amount to approximately $431,360, with <br />furnishings and equipment estimated to cost $48,000. <br />were presented as follows: General Fund Reserves, $166,000; Federal Grant for <br />Building, $98,700; Federal Grant for Furnishings, $24,000; Hennepin County Library <br />District (1/2 furnishings), $24,000; Gifts, $25,000; Sale or Lease of Present Site, <br />$50,000; General Fund Surplus, $91,660. <br />as proposed will be 15,600 square feet in area and accomodate 50,000 volumes. <br />The schedule calls for ground breaking in September, 1967. <br />advised that he had been under the impression that gifts amounting to approximately <br />$100,000 had been anticipated, and that he considers $91,660 too much to come <br />out of General Fund Surplus. <br />50% larger than originally proposed. Mrs. Maynard Hasselquist, member of the <br />Library Committee, stated that $50,000 was to have come from merchants in the <br />50th and Halifax area, but that those funds are not available since the <br />location had been changed to the Village Hall site. <br />funds realized from the sale of the present library had been included in the <br />$100,000 figure. <br />estimated cost includes the cost of books. <br />property owners are now paying five mills to Hennepin County for books and <br />personnel with their property taxes. The Reverend Dean Postlethwaite, Library <br />Committee Chairman, indicated that everything possible would be done to obtain <br />additional gifts. Mr, Hite advised that if approved by Council, these plans <br />will then go to the Hennepin County Library Board for approval. <br />burg's motion granting authoeization to proceed with taking of bids was then <br />seconded by Trustee Courtney and carried. <br />Mr. Regis Yunker of the Library Committee, introduced <br />Mr. Yunker advised that estimated cost of constructibn,'site <br />* <br />Proposed means of financing <br />Mr. Kite pointed out that the library <br />Mayor Bredesen <br />He further pointed out that the library is about <br />ShB further pointed out that <br />Mr. Roger B. Taney, Jr., 5520 Brookview Avenue, asked if the <br />He was advised by Mr. Hyde that <br />Trustee VanValken- <br />P,UBLIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED. <br />May 4 and May 11, and of Mailing on May 5, 1967, were presented by Clerk, approved <br />Affidavits. of Publication in the Edina Courier on <br />as to form and ordered placed on file, <br />hearings were conducted and action taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />A. CONSTRUCTION OF STORM SEWER IMPROVEMENT AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Mr, Hyde presented total estimated construction cost at $29,432.98, proposed to <br />be assessed against 1,403,854 square feet at an estimated cost of $0,021 per assess- <br />able square foot. He explained that this storm sewer was brought to hearing by <br />Council action because of a need which had become apparent with the development <br />of the last parcel of land in the area, Colonial Grove Sixth Addition. <br />developer of that subdivision had been required by the Village to spend $6,000 in <br />storm sewer construction-costs at the time the land was platted and was also <br />required to bring in 120,000 cubic yards of fill in order to Paise the land above <br />the flood level of Minnehaha Creek. Since this land has been raised, drainage <br />of storm water into Minnehaha Creek has been redirected and water now accumulates <br />in the street at the intersection of Woodcrest Drive and West 56th Street. In <br />addition, the volume and velocity of the storm water as it runs down West 56th <br />Street interfers with the use and maintenance of the roadway. <br />5505 Brookview Avenue, presented a petition signed by 161 out of 183 property <br />owners in the area protesting installation of the storm sewer and charged that <br />there is no economic benefit to property owners because of the.fact that this <br />expense cannot be reflected in the selling cost of homes in the area. <br />that the cost of the storm sewer should be borne by those whose property is flooded. <br />Mr. Hyde pointed out that all property in the storm sewer district is benefited by <br />streets draining proper.3.y and because streets w%th adequate storm sewers are more <br />economically maintained. . <br />would improve West 56th Street. Mr. Hite pointed out that a 12-inch'pipe installed <br />ten years ago to give relief to Woodcrest Drive residents north of West 56th Street <br />is no longer adequate to handle storm.waters. He further stated that the Minnehaha <br />Creek flooding experienced in this area in the spring of 1966 was caused by <br />"frazzled" ice in the creek bed and had no bearing on the proposed storm sewer. <br />An unidentified gentleman in the audience stated that high real estate values <br />Pursuant to due notice given, public <br />West 56th Street from Brookview Avenue easterly to Minnehaha Creek <br />The <br />Mr. Robert Stiles, <br />He stated <br />He further pointed out that the proposed storm sewer