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6/19/67 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />MONDAY, JUNE 19, 1967 <br />Members answering rollcall were Trustees Courtney, Johnson, MacMillan and VanValkenburg <br />who served as Mayor Pro-Tem in the absence of Mayor Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of the Meeting of June 5, 1967, were approved by motion of Trustee Johnson, sec- <br />onded by Trustee MacMillan and carried, <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS. <br />cation were presented by Clerk,,approvedas to form and ordered placed on file by motion <br />of Trustee Courtney, seconded by Trustee MacMillan and carried. Pursuant to due notice <br />given, Public Hearings were conducted and action taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />Affidavits of Mailing and of Publi- <br />A. CONSTRUCTION OF STORM SEWER AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />West 56th Street from Minnehaha Creek to Brookview Avenue <br />Brookview Avenue from West 56th Street to West 55th Street <br />West 55th Street from Kellogg Avenue to 134.9' East of Brookview Avenue <br />Mr. Ilyde advised that this is a continuation of a hearing conducted on May 15, 1967, at <br />which time it was proposed to install storm sewer pipes on West 56th Street between <br />Brookview and Minnehaha Creek at an !%timated cost of $29,432.98 proposed to be assessed <br />against benefitted properties at the estimated assessment rate of $0.021 per square foot. <br />At that meeting it was suggested that installation 0-f complete storm sewer service be <br />considered for the area and that additional areas be assessed, and for those reasons this <br />hearing is being conducted. In addition to the originally proposed pipes, it is now pro- <br />posed to install pipe in Brookview Avenue from West 56th Street to West 55th Street and <br />thence westerly to Kellogg Avenue. <br />at $82,054.89, proposed to be assessed at an estimated rate of assessment at $0.04 per <br />square foot in the area within the benefitted district{; except tor those properties with- <br />in the Colonial Grove 5th and 6th Additions where credit would be given for oosts incurred <br />by those properties in installing existing facilities. <br />within the Colonial Grove 5th Addition is $0.0144 (1.44C) per square root, and in the, <br />Colonial Grove 6th Addition it is $0.0270 (2.7C) per square foot. <br />assessed has been increased to includepoperty along Woodcrest Drive north of Colonial <br />Grove 5th Addition and additional properties in Colonial Grove 6th Addition which are <br />tributary to the total pipe system. <br />on a Sunday afternoon were presented. Rain was June 11, 1967. <br />runoff and accumulation of storm water in the area. <br />would be more severe if it were not for a ditch over private proper$y,which carried storm <br />water from West 56th Street into Minnehaha Creek. <br />questioned the need for the storm sewer and stated that streets are intended to act as <br />reservoirs for storm water. Mr. Hite advised that this is true where there is curb and <br />gutter, and that the suggested design assumes that curb and gutter would be installed at <br />some future date. Mr. Paugh also stated that it is his opinion that much of the problem <br />is caused by the improper crown on West 56th Street which causes water to flow from one <br />side of the street to the other. <br />in this manner. Mrs. 0. E. Wahl, 5417 Wooddale Avenue, stated that she sees no reason why <br />other property owners should pay for improving lots which were purchased as swamp land. <br />She suggested that because that property as improved will add considerably to the assessed <br />valuation of the Village, the cost of the storm sewer should come from General Funds if <br />not paid for by the developer and owners of the property directly benefited. <br />stated that she did not believe that anystorm sewer would be effective in the low areas of <br />Colonial Grove 6th Addition. <br />'-have Iived in the area for approximately twenty-eight years and stated <br />that there has been an unusually large amount of rain in the past month and suggested that <br />the storm sewer system should be constructed to take care of normal rainfall and not con- <br />ditions which seldom occur. Mr. C. A. Kuntz, 5437 Woodcrest Drive, stated that Mr. Bloom- <br />berg had known exactly what the problems would be when this area was developed. <br />stated that some years ago when he askedfbr assistance from the Village when the creek <br />flooded his yard, he was told by Mr. Bower Hawthorne that this was his problem and that he <br />should handle it himself. <br />Drive, Mr. Hite explained further the method used in arriving at the cost of the assess <br />ment as well as the assessment area. Mr. Thomas Hines, 5601 Oaklawn Avenue, stated that <br />he has been advised by the "Attorneys'bferral Service" that the fifteen year usage ease- <br />ment is valid in this case because much ofblonial Grove 6th Addition has been used as a <br />ponding area for many years. <br />for three months in order that property owners could obtain legal and professiona1.advice <br />relative to the proposed storm sewer. He pointed out that flooding conditions are not as <br />severe in this area as in other areas where storm sewer facilities have already been <br />installed. <br />* <br />Mr. Hyde presented total estimated construction cost <br />The estimated rate of assessment <br />The area proposed to be <br />Movies taken by Mr. Hyde during a recent gentle rain <br />The movies showed the <br />It was pointed out that this condition <br />Mr. Donald R. Paugh, 5513 Kellogg Avenue, <br />Mr. Hite advised that the street was intentionally graded <br />She further <br />Dr. Clayton Rudd, 5429 Park Place, advised that he represents <br />He <br />In reply to a question from Mr. Merill Roberts, 5425 Woodcrest <br />He suggestedfnat Council action on the project be delayed <br />Mr. Hines further advised that he has taken care of his own water problems. and