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MINUTES OF THE REGULAR METING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL <br />HELD AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER' 18, 1967 <br />Members answering Rollcall were Trustees Courtney, Johnson, MacMillan, VanValkenburg and <br />Mayor Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of September 5, 1967, were approved as corrected by motion <br />of Trustee VanValkenburg, seconded by Trustee Courtney and carried. Trustee VanValkenburg's <br />correction was that Ordinance No. 2-1 should have read in part that "The member of the Board <br />appointed by the School Board shall serve at the pleasure of that Board and shall not have <br />a vote except as needed'for a quorum." <br />LOUKAS M. ANGELUS RECOGNIZED UPON COMPLETION OF COURSE IN "ASSESSMENT AND APPRAISAL ADMIN- <br />ISTRATION." <br />Department which certified that Mr. Angelus has completed a 45 credit college course in <br />"Assessment and Appraisal Administration" at the University of Minnesota General Extension <br />Division and is the second person of three who has ever completed all of the requirements <br />of this course. This certified program is presented with the cooperation of the Minnesota <br />Assessors' Association, the Minnesota Association of Assessing Officers, the State of Minn- <br />extended the appreciation of the Council to Mr. Angelus for efforts to improve his ability <br />to better serve the community. <br />ag <br />Mayor Bredesen presented a Certificate'to Loukas M. Angeliis of the Assessing <br />! esota Department of Taxation and the Minnesota League of Municipalities. Mayor Bredesen <br />L\d SHELL OIL COMPANY REZONING FOR XERXES AVENUE AND HERITAGE DRIVE DENIED. <br />that this hearing on the request of Shell Oil Company and Wil-liam F. O'Neill to rezone <br />property on the southwest cornef of Heritage Drive and Xerxes Avenue from R-4 Multiple <br />Residence District to Commercial District C-2 and C-4 and Multiple Residence District R-6 <br />had been continued from September 5 upon the request of the City of Minneapolis. <br />from the Mayor of Richfield was then-presented requesting that Council take no action of <br />approval until Richfield has an opportunity to study the effects of the service station <br />proposed to be constructed at this location. Mr. Ralph Quiggle, a staff planner for the <br />City of Minneapolis, read letters from Mr. Lawrence M. Irvin, Planning Director of the City <br />of Minneapolis, and from Mr. Richard M. Erdahl, Alderman from the Thirteenth Ward of Minn- <br />eapolis, which urged that the zoning change be denied for the following reasons: <br />Mr, Hyde recalled <br />u u A letter <br />1. <br />2. <br />3. <br />4. <br />All four quadrants of the intersection are predominately residential. <br />Undeveloped areas are zoned for and included in comprehensive plans as residential. <br />Homes have been purchased in reliance on existing zoning and on existing compre- <br />hensive plans. <br />No evidence has been submitted which indicates a change in zoning is required for <br />"promoting public health, safety, morals and general, welfare" which are reasons <br />purpose of a zoning change. <br />1 defined by the legislature as being the purpose of zoning, and therefore, the <br />I <br />It was also pointed out by Mr. Quiggle that the Minneapolis Planning Commission discour- <br />ages development of "drive-in" type uses within 1,000 feet of freeway ramps and that it <br />recommends the rejection of spot zoning. Mr. Donald Leaf, representing Heritage Manor and <br />Heritage of Edina, advised that construction of the service station would deteriorate the <br />character of the area. Mr. Alan Lavine advised that he also spoke for Mr. Samuel Schneider <br />who also owns property in the area and stated that there is no particular need for the pro- <br />posed service station, and that it would produce a traffic hazard. Mr. Gerald Marx, 6124 <br />Washburn Avenue South, said that he represented six families on Washburn Avenue which were <br />all opposed to the rezoning. Mr. Richard Ziemer, owner of 6227-29 Xerxes Avenue, advised <br />that he spoke for the families who live in the row of double bungalows on Xerxes Avenue <br />near the intersection of Heritage Drive and stated that they would oppose any type of com- <br />mercial development that would create a greater amount of traffic than that caused by resi- <br />dential development and suggested that it would be difficult to control traffic if the <br />service station is approved. Mr. Hyde presented a letter of opposition to the rezoning <br />from Mr. R. A. Mueller, 6116 Xerxes Avenue. Mr. William Rosen, attorney representing Shell <br />Oil Company, advised that Mr. Irvin was "careless with the truth" and that his letter should <br />not be accepted at face value by Council. <br />sistent with the comprehensive, zoning plan, there would be no necessi-ty for this hearing. <br />Mr. Rosen suggestedthat the Village purposely did not want service stations in the Village <br />since there were no C-4 tracts of land available. <br />serve, rather than create, traffic and further advised that the Minneapolis policy of per- <br />mitting shopping centers within 1,000 feet of a freeway ramp and still not allowing service <br />stations at similar locations was not logical, Mr. Rosen called attention to the fact that <br />service stations located at France Avenue and West 54th Street had made no adverse effect <br />on the value of nearby homes, He further pointed out that Mr. O'Neill had joined Shell Oil <br />Company in the request to rezone the entire corner only to meet the ordinance requirements <br />that land be zoned C-4 only if it abuts a Commercial or Office Building District, or unless <br />it is two acres in area. <br />entire tract. <br />He stated that if this proposed zoning was con- <br />He emphasized that service stations 4 <br />He said that Shell Oil would not really care about rezoning the <br />He pointed out that Shell Oil Company is only interested in a piece of land