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MINUTES OF THE ADJOURNED MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT THE VILLAGE HALL <br />MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1967 <br />Members answering rollcall were Trustees Courtney, Johnson, MacMillan, VanValkenburg, <br />and Mayor Bredesen. <br />1968 BUDGET APPROVED. Council Meeting of September 18, 1967, which had been adjourned <br />to September 25, 1967, was reconvened at 4:30 p.m. for budget consideration. The bud- <br />get as proposed after many hours of previous deliberation reflected a proposed reduc- <br />tion in the Village mill rate from 29.06 in 1967, to an anticipated mill rate of 28.64. <br />Trustee VanValkenburg offered the following ordinance and moved its adoption: <br />ORDINANCE NO. ~ 16-11 <br />ORDINANCE ADOPTING BUDGET FOR THE VILLAGE OF EDINA FOR <br />THE YEAR 1968, AND ESTABLISHING TqX LEVY FOR THE YEAR I- - 1967: PAYABLE IN 1968 <br />GENERAL FUND <br />45 E3 U 0 <br />GENERAL GOVERNMENT <br />Mayor and Council <br />Planning <br />Administration <br />Finance <br />Election <br />Assessing <br />Legal and Court Services <br />$ 11,220 <br />21,196 <br />67 , 968 <br />62,835 <br />7,785 <br />59,826 <br />33,520 <br />$ 271,530 <br />Library 7,180 <br />TOTAL GENERAL GOVERNMENT <br />PUBLIC WORKS <br />. Engineering <br />Administration $ 24,721 <br />125,705 <br />Highways 570,620 <br />TOTAL PUBLIC WORKS <br />PROTECTION OF PERSONS AND PROPERTY <br />Police <br />Fire <br />Civilian Defense <br />Public Health <br />Animal Control <br />$447,017 <br />209 , 131 <br />3,627 <br />25,417 <br />15,000 <br />Inspec tion 43,892 <br />TOTAL-PROTECTION OF <br />PERSONS AND PROPERTY <br />NON-DPEARmNTAL EXPENDITURES <br />Contingencies $ 13,097 <br />Settlement of Suits 5 00 <br />Special Assessments on Village Property 35,000 <br />Unallocated Capital Outlay 11,750 <br />. Capital Improvements 100,000 <br />TOTAL MISCELLANEOUS <br />AND CONTINGENCIES <br />TOTAL GENERAL FUND <br />PARK FUND <br />Administration <br />Recreation <br />Maintenance <br />721,046 <br />744,084 <br />160,347 <br />$1,897,007 <br />$ 65,707 <br />45,190 <br />88,828 <br />Capital Outlay 12,700 <br />TOTAL PARK FUND $ 212,425 <br />Section 2. <br />hereinafter set forth: <br />GENERAL FUND <br />Estimated Receipts other than General Tax Levy are hereby established as <br />Village share-State Liquor and Cigarette Taxes <br />Licenses and Permits <br />Municipal Court Fines <br />Departmental Service Charges <br />Other <br />Transfer from Liquor Fund <br />State Apportionments-Highways <br />State Apportionments-Sales Tax <br />TOTAL GENERAL FUND <br />$127,200 <br />45 , 000 <br />151,800 <br />42,800 <br />51,394 <br />43,000 <br />90,900 <br />194 I617 <br />$ 746,411