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MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1967 . <br />c <br />Members answering rollcall were Trustees Courtney, Johnson, Mac Millan and Mayor <br />Brede sen. <br />MINUTES of the meetings of September 18 and 25, 1967, were approved by motion of <br />Trustee Johnson, seconded by Trustee TfacIfiXl:a6 and cakried.' - '. <br />MORNINGSIDE NEIGHBORHOOD STORM SEWER APPROVED. Mr. Hite recalled to Council that <br />this hearing for a storm sewer in the Morninaside neighborhood had been continued v from the meeting of September 18, in order that Village officials could continue <br />negotiations with the City of Minneapolis and the City of St. Louis Park on the <br />sharing of costs. He advised that Notice of Hearing had been republished in the <br />Edina Courier on October 5 and 12, because of an error in the original publication. <br />Affidavit of Publication was then presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered <br />placed on file. Mr. Hite pointed out that while discussions with St, Louis Park were <br />progressing*satisfactorily, the City of Minneapolis Engineering Department had not <br />been receptivetto any cost sharing agreement. The matter is currently being taken <br />up with the Minneapolis Legal Department. Mr. Hite pointed out that any action taken <br />at this meeting should be contingent upon satisfactory cost sharing agreements with <br />both St. Louis Park and with Minneapolis, and he presented a letter received from Mr. <br />Fred Nissen reiterating objections made by him at the meeting of September 18. <br />Trustee VanValkenburg entered the meeting at this time. <br />possibility of deleting lateral pipes in Branson, Grimes and Crocker Avenues, which <br />deletion would reduce cost of the proposed storm sewer by $81,600 and reduce estimated <br />cost of assessment from 04.85~ to 03.6~ per square foot. <br />stalled in the remaining segments of the system so that additional laterals can be <br />added at a later date if necessary. <br />4238 Grimes Avenue, Mr. John Dickson of Barr Engineering Company, noted that filling <br />in low areas would not solve the problems but simply change the location of the prob- <br />lems. <br />4213 Scott Terrace, Mrs. Charles Farr, 4211,Scott Terrace, and Mr, L. G. Simeon, 4307 <br />Oakdale Avenue, and Mr. Jack Peterson, 4101 Kipling.Avenue. Mr. George B. Haun, 4115 <br />Morningside Road and Mr. Robert S. Jackson, 4216 West 44th Street, both advised that <br />water which settles in their yards during a rainstorm soaks into therground in a very <br />short time and requested that their property not be assessed for the improvement. <br />James Lushine, 4166 Monterey Avenue, questioned the need for additional buildable lots. <br />A representative of Calvin Christian School advised that the school is not utilizing <br />all of the property within the storm sewer district and requested that the unused <br />property be assessed at a different rate. <br />pointed out that properties on the north side of West 44th Street have already been <br />assessed for storm sewer and that one-third of the cost was paid from General Funds. <br />Mayor Bredesen replied that only the portion of the lot draining to the storm sewer <br />district would be assessed and pointed out that if this property helps to create a <br />problem, it must help to pay for the storm sewer. <br />Terrace, was advised that this storm sewer would reduce the amount of water seeping <br />into sanitary sewer pipes and could.possibly reduce the sanitary sewer back-up at her <br />home. Mr. Regis J. Yunker, 4004 West 42nd Street, and Mr. Armond W. Halweg, 4200 <br />Branson Avenue, advised that if it is necessary to install pipes in Branson, Grimes <br />and Crocker Avenues at a later date, it will be more expensive at that time. <br />Daniel Smith, 4024 Grimes Avenue, urged that the storm sewer be authorized as proposed. <br />In reply to allegations that the proposed storm sewer benefits Edina as a whole, and <br />that the cost should be paid from General Funds, Mayor Bredesen advised that all other <br />-areas in the Village had paid for storm sewers in their areas and that it would not <br />be fair to them if this storm sewer should not be similarly assessed, Mayor Bredesen <br />further recalled that residents of the Morningside area had received a 30 to 35% <br />Village tax levy decrease along with improved services and streets when they were <br />annexed to Edina, but that this fact had-not been noted by residents. In reply to a <br />question concerning the possible use of surplus funds of the Village of Morningside <br />at the time of annexation, Mayor Bredesen stated that this would not be fair to tax- <br />payers who may need other services which might require use of those funds. Mr. Hite <br />advised that most of the area not included in the proposed storm sewer was included <br />within the area of the previously installed storm sewer, a portion of which had been <br />paid from Morningside General Funds. <br />properties should not be assessed at the same rate as owners of low properties, Mayor <br />Bredesen advised that a similar assessment had recently been held valid in the courts. <br />Trustee Johnson then recommended that the storm sewer be approved as proposed with <br />the deletion of the Branson, Crocker and Grimes Avenue laterals, provided that the <br />proposed cost sharing agreements can be reached with St. Louis Park and Minneapolis. <br />Trustee Johnson then offered the following resolution and moved its adoption: <br />Mr. Hite suggested the <br />Adequate pipes would be in- <br />In reply to a question of Mr. Clarence Viegersdyk, <br />The question.of ."benefit" to their property was raised by Mrs. Donald S. Beggs, <br />Mr, <br />Mr. Leslie H. Hughes, 4206 West 44th Street, <br />Mrs. Marion G. Taylor, 4209 Scott <br />Mrs. <br />In reply to a statement that owners of high