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MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD'AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />MONDAY, MAY 20, 1968 I <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen Courtney, Johnson, VanValkenburg, and <br />Mayor Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of May 6, 1968, were approved as submitted by motion <br />of Councilman Johnson, seconded by Councilman VanValkenburg and carried. .- ". <br />DANIEL STROT RECOGNIZED UPON COMPLETION OF PUBLIC WORKS CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION <br />COURSE. Mayor Bredesen presented a certificate to Mr. Daniel Strot of the Eng- <br />ineering ,Department in recognition of Mr, Strot's completion of a course in Public <br />Works Construction ,Inspection. Mayor Bredesen pointed out that a number of Village <br />employees extend additional efforts to,increase their skill and value of service to <br />the Village. - <br />HUMAN RIGHTS AD HOC COMMITTEE FINAL REPORT PRESENTED. <br />Chairman of theXuman Rights Ad Hoc Committee, presented the Final Report of the <br />Committee, stating that while the Committee did not encounter evidence of overt <br />acts of discrimination within the community, there was unanimous opinion among <br />Committee members that a Human Relations Commission should be established by the <br />Village. <br />guiding and directing the efforts of individual citizens, private groups, and <br />public agencies concerned with the problems of human relations. <br />presented a prepar,ed Memorandum of Agreement which embodies the recommendations <br />of the Committee for the establishment of a Human Relations Commission created <br />jointly by the Village of Edina and Independent School District C273. In recom- <br />mending that the two agencies cooperate under the Joint Powers Act, it is felt <br />that theiCommission would act most effectively in achieving its goal of securing <br />for all individuals of the community,,freedom from discrimination because of race, <br />color, creed, religion, or national origin in connection with employment, housing, <br />public accommodations, public services and education. Mayor Bredesen thanked the <br />Committee for its efforts and advised that in his opinion the Memorandum of Agree- <br />ment presented reflected completely the attitude of this community. <br />thate the appointment of a "high school student" to the Commission be changed to <br />permit appointment of rlany student;" Mayor Bredesen <br />further pointed out that he believes that there are many 'Tdisadvantaged't people, <br />citing epileptics,, diabetics, unmarried mothers, and e*-convicts, whose interests <br />in finding work should also be of concern to this Human Rights Committee. <br />Gus Gaynor suggested that the Mayor was."skir,ting the real issue" and recommended <br />that the Commission be composed with some semblance of representation of propor- <br />tionment for the community as a whole. <br />Webb, 6825 Wooddale Avenue, as to the next step in the matter, Mayor Bredesen <br />advised that after the Village and School District attcrneys have drawn the agree- <br />ment in the form of a resolution, it will, be presented to the School Board and <br />the Council for approval no later than the 17th of June, 1968. <br />as to whether State Statutes permit the Village and the School District to enter <br />into this agreement jointly. <br />General has issued an opinion in a similar situation in St. Louis Park and that <br />he will look into that matter before rendering his opinion. <br />out that the joint agreement is largely a matter of form and that if the Joint <br />Powers Agreement is indefensible, the Council could accept nominations from the <br />School Board. Mayor Bredesen gave his assurance that the fourteenmembers of the <br />Commission would be representative of the residents of the community. Councilman <br />Johnson then moved that Council accept the report and direct. the Village Attorney <br />to examine the agreement and report back to Council no later than June 17, 1968, <br />at which time the agreement will be considered. The motion was seconded by Coun- <br />cilman Courtney. <br />jurisdiction the Commission will have. Mayor Bredesen advised Mrs. Ford that the <br />Commission will draw up its own by-laws and make certain recommendations to the <br />Council and the School Board, and that any problems which might arise would go <br />before the Edina Human Rights Commission before going to the State level. <br />Jeub added that any legal investigations would be handled by the State board. Mr. <br />Roger Heegaard, 5633 Wooddale Avenue, expressed his thanks to the Ad Hoc Committee <br />and to the Mayor and Council and expressed the hope that the positive thinking <br />revealed at tonight's meeting will be continued. Mr. Ronald Kennedy, representing <br />the School.Board, expressed the appreciation the representatives of Village govern- <br />ment who served on the Ad Hoc Committee and indicated the hope that this Memorandum <br />of Agreement might be useful as a pattern to be used throughout the State. <br />man VanValkenburg's amendment to the motion of Councilman Johnson that Council <br />show its appreciation to the Ad,Hoc.Committee for its service to the community was <br />then accepted and the motion carried. <br />Father Richard H. Jeub, <br />This Commission could act as a coordinating agency in efficiently <br />Father Jeub <br />He recommended <br />possibly a college student. <br />Mr. <br />In reply to a question from Mr. Stuart <br />A question arose' <br />Village Attorney Whitlock advised that the Attorney <br />Mr. Hyde pointed <br />Mrs. Yvonne Ford, 4831 Valley View Road, then inquired what <br />Father <br />Council-