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NINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />$lONDAY, SEPTEMBER '16, 1968 <br />Hembers ansdering rollcall were .Councilmen Courtney, Johnson, Shaw, VanValkenburg <br />.. <br />and Mayor Bredesen. <br />HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION APPOIfiTED. <br />He advised that this <br />list does not include &y young people, since until September 13 he had only two <br />names from which to chdose. More names have been submitted and recommendations - <br />appointments from among Catholics, Jexiish, Portestants, negroes and whites so as to <br />get a well-rounded commission. <br />the following appointees for' the Human Rights Commission wa's seconded by Councilman <br />Courtney and'carried, with Councilm& Johnson abstaining from voting: <br />F. Kennddy , 1 year; Richard E. Byrd, '1% year; Mrs. Norman R. Carpenter and Earl C. <br />Schier, 2 years; Rozmond H. Kennon and SaGuef L. Kaplan, 3 years;' (School Board <br />Recommendations); Richard C. Johnson, 1 year elected; Charles F. Hansen, 1 year; <br />Mrs. Warren R. Ford and Elwyn A. Anderson, 2 years; Father Richard H. Jeub and Lynn <br />Odland, 3 years (Coundil Recommendations) . <br />STREET IMPROVEMENT BA-114 APPROVED AT PGLIC HEARING.. <br />line of Lot 10, Block 2, Normandale 2nd Addition to Vest 66th Street; Wilryan Ave. <br />from 57. 64th St. to I?. 66th St.; Tingdale Ave. from 8. 63rd St. to I?. 64th St.; <br />Tingdale Ave. from8. 65th St. to IJ. 66th St.; Mildred Ave. from W. 63rd St. to the <br />north line of Lot 14, Block 10, Normandale 2nd Addition; West 64th Street from <br />Josephine Ave. to Warren Ave.; Vest 65th St. from Highway #lo0 to Tingdale Ave.; <br />Rolf Ave. from 51. 64th St. to middle of Lot 14, Block 11, Normandale 2nd Addition) <br />Affidavits of Notice were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed <br />on file. . Mr. Hyde presented total estimated construction cost at $177,596.62, <br />proposed to be assessed as follows: $12.41 per faot of lot frontage for all lots <br />facing streets paved; $12.41 per lot for 1/3 of the total side frontage paved; <br />$90.00 per lot for all lots in the -pr?ject area as their share of the side street <br />paving. Mr. Hyde noted that a "lot" is a single building parcel (the total land <br />occupied by one house). If none of the streets in the neighborhood were already <br />paved and all of the area were to be paved at one time, then all of the lots in the <br />neighborhood Would normally pay a share of the side street paving. <br />the Normandale Second Addition, some of the north-south streets have been paved; with <br />$5-19 to $9.78 per fooc of lot frontage. <br />include anything for paving the neighborhood's-side streets, the proposed project <br />includes the assignment of a share Of the side street paving costs to lots already <br />assessed for paving at their front. <br />is to complete the permanent surfacing of a11 streets in the area bounded on the <br />north by-the Crosstown Highway, on the south by T.J. 66th Street, on the east by . <br />T. H. 100 and on the west by the M.N.& S. Railroad. <br />permanent street surfacing in some streets in the area as well as letters favoring <br />the improvement from Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Nelson, 6309 Tingdale Avenue, and Mrs.. Harold <br />Hansen, 6409 Rolf Avenue. <br />Mr. Hite that the streets will be 30 feet wide. Nr. John Scott, 6412 Wilryan, questioned <br />the cost of the improvement, stating that-at the time the petition was presented, <br />he had been given a lower estimate. <br />that time, that the Village tries to give estimated costs on the high side, and that <br />recent assessments for similar improvements have been $11.00 per foot. <br />Hovey, 6443 Rolf Avenue, said the oiled street surfacing is very' adequate at the <br />present time and that the improvement is not necessary, Mayor Bredesen said these <br />unimproved streets require more maintenance and, therefore, additional maintenance <br />costs must be paid from General Funds af the expense of other property owners ;in <br />the Village. Councilman Johnson pointed out that permanent street surfacing in- <br />creases property values at least to the extent of the improvement-cost. Concern <br />was expressed about the oak trees on Rolf and Mildred Avenues. <br />effort will be made to save all trges, but that streets will have to be at least <br />thirty feet wide in order to permit 'on-street parking. The resident at 6433 &kldred <br />Avenue inquired about a turn-around and was told by Mr. Hite that there will be <br />some type of facility provided. <br />out the matter. Mr. J. T. Rotherford, 6517 Tingdale Avenue, advised that if Ting- <br />Dale Avenue is widened from the present 26 feet to 30 feet, fourteen trees will be <br />lost. <br />must be at least 30 feet in width. An unidentified gentleman in the audience was <br />advised that if bids come in lower than the estimate, this would be reflected in <br />the assessment rate. Mr. R. B. Stevenson, ;6336 Mildred Avenue, recommended.that <br />the improvement be installed as soon as possible in order to avoid rising costs. <br />Gordon D. Snow, 6501 Tingdale Avenue, stated that side streets had no benefit from <br />this improvement. He was advised that the improved streets will be used by all <br />Mayor Bredesen presented the following list of <br />'names.for approval by Council of the Human Rights Commission. <br />I will be presented at the next meeting. Mayor Bredesen advised that he had made his <br />Councilman VanValkenburg's motion for approval of <br />Mr. Ronald <br />1. <br />(Josephine Ave. from south <br />I . <br />He froted that in <br />'the cost of that paving assessed against the adjacent lots at rates ranging from <br />Since these assessment rates did not <br />M?. Hite advised that the intent of this project <br />He presented petitions- for <br />Mr. John Connelly, 6416 Mildred Avenue, was advised by . <br />Mr. Hite stated that costs have risen since <br />Mr. R. C. <br />' <br />Mr. Hite said every <br />He was asked to come to the Village Hall to wokk <br />He was advised that if people want to be able to park on the street, it <br />Mr. <br />c