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336 <br />1 <br />I <br />'"I <br />MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD <br />MONDAY, DECEMBER 30, <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen <br />MEETING OF THE <br />AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />1968, 4:30 P.M. <br />Johnson, VanValkenburg and Mayor Eredesen. <br />Councilman Shaw entered the Meeting shortly after the first item-of business. <br />MINUTES of November 18 and December 2, 1968, were aQproved as submitted by motion <br />of Councilman Johnson, seconded by Councilman VanVaXkenburg and carried. <br />HONDO SECOND ADDITION GRANTED FINALL PLAT APPROVAL. Mr. Hoisington !presented Hondo <br />Second Addition for final approval which is located south of West 70th Street just <br />adjacent to Prospect ,Hills. <br />resolution granting final approval to Hondo Second Addition as recommended by <br />Planning Commission and moved its adoption: <br />Councilman Johnson khereupon offered the following <br />RESOLUTION APPROVING FINAL PLAT OF <br />HONDO SECOND ADDITION <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Council of the'irillage of Edina, Minnesota, that <br />that certain plat entitled '@Hondo Second Addition", platted by Margaret E. Brown <br />and Warren E. Brown, husband and wife, and by Quentin A, Collins and Dorothy <br />Collins, husband and wife, and presented at the Meeting of the Village'Council of <br />December 30, 1968, be and is hereby approved. <br />$lotion for adoption of the resoluti <br />and on rollcall there were three ay <br />ATTEST: <br />dL 8, <br />Village Clerk <br />ACQUISITION OF EDINA THEATRE PARKING LOT APPROVED. Mr. Hyde advised Council that <br />he has been negotiating with Mr. Martin Stein for the acquisition of the Edina <br />Theatre parking lot and that agr'eement had been reached whereby the Village would <br />pay $2.25 per square foot for 48,749 square feet (more or less) of property with <br />some $,560 additional feet for the walkway being included wiihout any additional <br />charge, <br />deliverance of deeds for the two properties and noting that the transaction should <br />be complete before tEe end of the year, pending determination of the exact legal <br />discription. <br />Council that taxes would be abated provided the transaction was closed before 1969. <br />Mr. Hoisington advised $hat the cost of land acquisition for the 50th and France <br />improvements is running well within the estimate. Following considerable discus- <br />sion, Councilman Johnson offered the following resolution and moved its adoption: <br />Mr, Schwartz, *attorney for Mr. Stein, "presented a letter Zndicating <br />Cost of the property was given at $109,680.25 and Mr. Dalen assured <br />RESOLUTION APPROVING ACQUISITION OF EDINA THEATRE <br />PARKING LOT <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Edina Village Council that the Village purchase the property <br />presently used as a parking lot for the Edina Theater at a cost of $109,680.25, <br />said property to be used as a part 'of the 50th and France Avenue improvements, <br />Motion for adoption of the resolution was seconded by Councilman VanValkenburg <br />and on rollcall there were four.ayes and noB and the revlution vias adopted. <br />ATTEST : Mayor Y <br />4jL LL;Ilah, <br />Village Clerk <br />MUD PROJECT LAND ACQUISITION REVIEI'IED. Mr. Hyde reviewed with Council the <br />total land purchased for the Hud Lake project, showing a total cost to dare of <br />$249,993.85 and advised that the present unpaid balance is $77,539.22, Cost of <br />the total acquisition is proposed to be financed from the Park Construction <br />Fund, from the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District Funds and from funds from <br />Hennepin County. He recommended kransfer of $100,000 from the Liquor Fund to the <br />Park Construction Fund in 1968, and $50,000 in both 1969 and 1970. Discussion <br />ensued regarding the possibility of obtaining Federal funds to partially finance <br />the project. While Council opposed the idea in principle k~: was felt that the <br />matter should be investigated, whereupon Councilman Johnson' s motion authorizing <br />the Village Manager to look into the matter of obtaining Federal funds for the