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, <br />Members answering <br />Mayor Bredesen. <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />MONDAY, APRIL 21, 1969 <br />rollcall were Councilmen Courtney, Johnson, VanValkenburg and <br />IIINUTES of April 7, 1969, were approved as submitted by motion of Councilman <br />Johnson, seconded by Councilman Courtney and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARlXGS CONDUCTED ON VARIOUS IMPROVEMENL'S. Nr; Hyde recalled that hear- <br />ings on a number of improvements had been continued from the meeting of April 7, <br />1969, whereupon hearings were conducted and action taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />A. CONSTRUCTION OF WATERMAIN AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOTJING: <br />Valley View Road from Hillside Road to Hansen Road <br />Billside Road from Valley View Road to Tracy Avenue <br />Crescent Drive from Hillside Road to Nestridge Blvd. <br />Crest Lane from Westridge Blvd. to cul-de-sac <br />Westridge Blvd. from Valley View Road to Highland Road <br />Ridgeway Road from Tracy Avenue to Westridge Blvd. <br />Crescent Drive from Westridge Blvd. to Countryside Road <br />Hunter Street from Westridge Blvd. to Crescent Drive <br />Highland Road from Tracy Avenue to Crescent Drive <br />Arbour Lane from Tracy Avenue to Arbour Avenue <br />Ridgeway Road from Tracy Avenue to Westridge Blvd, <br />Westridge Blvd; from Ridgeway Blvd. to Highland Road <br />Highland Road from Westridge Blvd. to Tracy Avenue <br />llr. Hyde advised Council that a petition for watermain had been submitted by <br />residents on Ridgeway Road from Tracy Avenue to Westridge Blvd, on Westridge <br />Blvd. from Ridgeway Blvd. to Highland Road and on Highland Road from Westridge <br />Blvd. to Tracy Avenue; <br />area that does not have Qatermain, it has been felt that this would be an oppor- <br />tune time to ins~a~l~~za~e~smaih~in the entire area. It is further proposed to to <br />construct a new permanent street surfacing with concrete curb and gutter in the <br />entire area. Mr. Hyde presented total estimated construction costs as follows. <br />for watermain, permanent street surfacing and concrete curb and gutter: <br />estimated project cost, $376,004.38, proposed to be assessed against 136 lots at <br />an estimated cost of $2,681.23. Six properties which already have Village water <br />would be assessed at an estimated cost of $lO.QO per assessable foot. Estimated <br />cost for watermain only was given at $800 per lot for the petitioned area only <br />and a cost of $725.00 per lot was given as the estimate for street repair only. <br />Mr, Hyde noted that a petition had been presented in opposition to the improve- <br />ment by residents outside of the petitioned area and that sentiment was high <br />in favor of street repair only in the petitioned area, He advised that the staff <br />favors curb and gutter on the basis of more adequate drainage and maintenance. ' . <br />sgQZ.rol. Blr, Frank Uhlemann, 5520 Highland Road, said that he feels the cost of <br />street surfacing with curb and gutter is excessive and unnecessary, but that he <br />would favor watermain and street repair at a cost of $1,500 per lot. Following <br />considerable discussion, Councilman Courtney noted that once a street has been <br />dug up for installation of utilities it is never as good as originally and that <br />the Engineers have recommended what they feel is best for the community and that <br />the .$rfce Iw211 undoubtedly be ' considerably higher when Yeplacement is necessary <br />at a future time. <br />posed, he moved that watermain be installed in the petitioned area only and that <br />the streets be repaired rather than replaced with curb and gutter as recommended. <br />Motion was seconded 'by Councilman Johnson who also emphasized that the street <br />would not be as good with a repair job as with a new surfacing. <br />{See Resolution Ordering Improvement'later in Minutes.) <br />B. <br />Since these streets'are a portion of a much larger <br />Total <br />In view of the strong opposition to the improvement as pro- <br />qotion carried. <br />CONSTRUCTION OF IIATEREIAIN AND APPURTENANCES, PERElANENT STREET SURFACING ANI) <br />CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Interlachen Circle from Interlachen Road to Interlachen Road <br />Mr. Hyde presented estimated cost for permanent street surfacing and concrete <br />curb and gutter at $18,450.70 and for watermain at $9,011.94 with total esti- <br />mated project cost at $27,462.64. Water, permanent street. surfacing and con- <br />crete curb and gutter were proposed to be assessed against 15 assessable lots <br />at $600.00 for watermain and $1,025.04 for permanent street surfacing and con- <br />crete curb and gutter. Three lots already served by watermain are proposed to <br />be assessed for permanent street surfacihg and concrete curb and gutter at a <br />rate of $1,025.04 per assessable lot. Mr. Hyde advised that a petition has been <br />received for watermain only. Dr. Nillis El. Duryea, 5641 Interlachen Circle, and <br />Mr. Daniel Runke, 5637 Interlachen Circle spoke in favor of the improvements as <br />proposed. Messrs. I?. H. Beall, C. I,. Stone and Alden Sheffield spoke in .opposi- <br />tion to the proposed tixskalla&ton.of:obncrete curb and gutter, stating that they <br />I