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123 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />MONDAY, JUNE 2, 1969 <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen Courtney, Johnson, Shaw, VanValken- <br />burg and Mayor Bredesen. <br />DETECTIVE SERGEANT RICHARD E. ALSTAD HONORED. <br />Detective Sergeant Richard E, Alstad who has been nominated for the International <br />Association of Chiefs of Police Service Alyard, PARADE. Mr. Hyde added that <br />Sergeant Alstad was the first officer assigned to the schools as a Liaison <br />Officer and that he has been named Suburban Policeman of the Year and has <br />been nominated for the award of National Policeman of the Year. <br />Shaw added his commendation also, noting that as a member of the School Board, <br />he had observed the. results of Sergeant Alstad's endeavors. <br />son then offered the following resolution and moved its adoption:, <br />WHEREAS, Warren C. Hyde, Village Manager, and Wayne I?, Bennett, Director of <br />Public Safety and Chief of Police for the Village of Edina, have nominated <br />Richard E. Alstad for'the PARADE - International Association of Chiefs of <br />Mayor Bredesen recognized <br />Councilman <br />Councilman John- <br />RE SOLUTION <br />I' <br />Police Service Award, and <br />WHEREAS, Richard.E. Alstad entered the seryice of the Edina Police Department <br />on September 1, 1956, and was promoted to-Detective-Juvinile Sergeant on Aug- <br />ust 1, 1965, and <br />WHEREAS, Richard E. Alstad was appointed the first Police-School Liaison Officer <br />in the State of Minnesota, and <br />WHEREAS, in cooperation with the Edina-schoo.1 officials, Richard Alstad has <br />counseled many youths of our colhmunity and has materially assisted in the <br />guidance of these youths toward a more useful role in society, and <br />SJHEREAS, the personal .actions of Richard Alstad have assisted in the reduction <br />of the ffequency and severity of Juvenile ofzeases committed by the youth of. <br />our community, and' <br />WHEREAS, Richard Alstad has been successful in establishing an extremely <br />close rapport between'the Police Department and school officials and has <br />coordinated the activities of the school with the related activities of the <br />Police Department toward the best inteArests of the youth involved, and the <br />community, and <br />WHEREAS, the efforts of Richard Alstad in working with the youth of the com- <br />munity have succeeded in serving as a deterrent in the commission oflj-uvenile <br />offenses , and <br />WHEREAS, the success of the Police-School Liaison team and program has been <br />due mainly to the activities of Richard Alstad. His appearance before many <br />school boards throughout the st-ate has resulted in the adoption of the Edina <br />program by a number of the school districts. <br />WHEREAS, Richard Alstad has appeared before many symposiums, panel discussions <br />and various types of meetings concerned with juveniles, both within and outside <br />of the State of Minnesota, to explain and promote the program, and <br />WHEREAS; the participation of Richard Alstad has brought national recognition <br />to the Edina Police Department, the Edina school system and the Village of <br />Edina as indicated by the inclus'ion of the program in a published book by a <br />nationally-known on the subject of Juvenile.Delinquency - David Loth's <br />CRIME IN THE SUBURBS, and the appearance of the Edina program in a national <br />publication called NATION'S SCHOOLS - and others, and <br />WHEREAS, the ability and friendly personality of Richard Alstad have been <br />recognized by his fellow workers in the police field as indicated by his <br />election as President of the' Suburban Peace and Police Officers' ilssociation, <br />and the Minnesota Juvenile Officers Association, and <br />WHEREAS, Richard Alstad, in addition to his Police-School Liaison work, has. <br />been instrumental in the clearance of a number of prominent criminal offenses <br />committed within the Village for which he has received previous commendation <br />by an Edina Village Council Eesolution, and <br />WHEREAS, Richard Alstad was nominated for Suburban Policeman of the Year, <br />representing the Edina Police' Department', and was subsequently selected from <br />a number of candidates from other Hennepin County suburban Police Departments <br />to be the Suburban Policeman of the Year, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ESOLVED by'the Village Council, Village of Edina, that <br />Richard Alstad be commended for the above achievements, and be nominated for <br />the PARADE - LACP Police Service Award, and that the complete support of the <br />Village of Edina be given to his candidacy. <br />Motion for adoption of the resolu <br />and carried. <br />ATTEST: <br />.. <br />5!Lkc&L d <br />. Village Clerk