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MINUTES OF THE REGULARMEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON <br />MOWAY, .OCTOBER 6, 1969 <br />Elemhers Answering rollcall were Councilmen Courtney, Johnson, Shaw, Van Valkenburg, <br />and Mayor Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of September 8 and 15, 1969, were approved as submitted by motion of <br />Councilman Courtney, seconded by Councilman Shaw and carried. <br />VARIOUS SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS APPROVED. Affidavits of Notice were presented by <br />Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. Pursuant to due notice <br />tv m <br />I; <br />given,, Assessment Hearings were conducted and action taken as hereinafter <br />recorded. <br />A. <br />the history of Storm Sewer Improvement No. 111, noting that the estimated <br />assessment for the original project, including Minaeapolis property, was <br />$0.0483 per square foot and $0.0515 for the original project, not including the <br />Minneapolis assessment. <br />perty owners, the lateral pipes were eliminated in some cases. The estimated <br />cost for the revised project, including Minneapolis property, was $0.036 and <br />$0.0384 for the revised project, not including Minneapolis property. Total <br />construction cost of the revised project was given at $353,904.63, which is <br />proposed to be assessed uniformly at $0.051635 per square foot, with property <br />receiving extra-ordinary benefit assessed an additional amount determined by <br />the increase in property value as established by the Appraiser in the Assessor's <br />office and by the Cheef Surveyor of the Engineering Department. Amount assessed <br />on a uniform basis was $317,184.65 and the amount assessed on the extra-ordinary <br />benefit basis was $39,500.00. In rdsponse to a question from the audience as <br />to why the City of Minneapolis was not included in the assessment, Village <br />Attorney Whitloclc quoted from Elinnesota Statutes, Section 435.19, Subdivision <br />3, which states that cities of the First Class can determine for themselves <br />whether they want to pay an'assessment and that Minneapolis decided that it <br />did not choose to pay. Mrs. C, D. Fechner, 4116 France Avenue, complained <br />that the ponding area behind her property was poorly kept and that it detracted <br />from her property, rather.than benefitting it. She'alleged that the storm <br />sewer should be paid for by those who had requested it and that no mention of <br />extra-ordinary special benefit was made at the Improvement Hearing. Mayor <br />Bredesen said that in his opin+on, the France Avenue properties had been very <br />much improved by the pondihg area and added that the storm sewer should have <br />been installed many years ago., Mr. Peter D. Rosenow, 4150 W. 44th Street, <br />protested being included in the storm sewer district, contending that his <br />property does not contribute to the system and that the water level would have <br />to go over ten feet to flow onto W. 44th Street. <br />overflow figure of back yards of the four properties at 14. 44th Street and <br />He told Mr. Rosenow that this is a trunk storm <br />sewer and that lateral pipe to serve this area, which had been deleted from the <br />original proposal could be installed if the need arose. Mr. Rosenow said that- <br />he would vigorously oppose construction of-a lateral storm sewer to serve his <br />property, since water which settled in the rear yards was needed for gardens. <br />h\un;iidentified neighbor concurred with Mr. Rosenow's remarks. <br />ensued as to the Village Storm Sewer Policy which recognizes that at some time <br />all property within the Village will be served by one or more storm sewer <br />improvements, and that since it is the development of property which both <br />cont.ributes to the accumulation of surface water and necessitates its removal, <br />the property within the drainage district should bear the cost of the removal <br />of the surface water. <br />benefits to the drainage district as a whole takes into account that some <br />property within the district is affected by surface water runoff to a greater <br />extent than other property within the district. Mr. Dunn pointed out further <br />that a trunk sewer is a system of collecting water from a group of laterals. <br />In reply to a question of the resident at 4215 Lynn Avenue as to the possibility <br />of forcing the City of Blinneapolis to share the cost of the improvement, Mayor <br />Bredesen noted that it is unfortunate that-Minneapolis will not participate, <br />but that there is no point in adding the cost of going to court, contrary to <br />the recommendation of the Village Attorney. <br />Drive, protested his additional $600 assessment and was told by Mayor Bredesen <br />that since installation of the storm sewer, his property could be divided <br />into two additional lots and that the potential value of the property was, <br />therefore, increased. Mr. Daniel Smith, 4024 Grimes Avenue, and Mr. G. W. <br />Coppersmith, 4022 Grimes Avenue, said that since the ditch has been running <br />through their property all these years, they should not have to pay the additional <br />assessment. *Mr. Dunn replied that the appraisers feel that the elimination of <br />the ditch increases the value of these properties. Mrs. Carl E. Carlson, 4213 <br />STORM SEWER IMPROVEMENT NO. ST.S 111 (Morningside Area) Mr. Dunn reviewed <br />Because of objections on the part of a number of pro- <br />Mr. Dunn advised that the <br />, Branson Avenue was 4 1/2 ftet. <br />Discussion <br />The Storm Sewer Policy also recognizes that special <br />Mr. Donald I.J. TJray, 4211 Alden