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MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE fIAu ON 1 . -* .-- -MO$lDAY,.JUNE.l, 1970, ~ *. <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen Courtney, Johnson, Shaw, VanValken- <br />burg and Mayor Bredesen. <br />PlINUTES of May 18, 1970, were approved as corrected by Councilman Shaw, sec- <br />onded by Councilman VanValkenburg and carried. Councilman Shawls correction <br />was that the last sentence of the new Library discussion (Page 92) should bead <br />"Edina is paying Hennepin County approximately two mills (amounting to approxi- <br />mtely $120,000) for bonds and interest and land acquisition and an amount <br />of about $350,000 for operating expenses or an annual amount of nearly $500,000.t' <br />32ERO~NT3iEARINGS CONDUCTED ON VARIOUS IMPRWEMENTS. Affidavits of Notice <br />were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />suant to due notice given, public hearings were conducted and action taken as <br />hereinafter set forth. <br />A. CONSTRUCTION OF CURB & GUTTER REPLACEMENT AND STREET OVERLAY IMPROVEMENT <br />Pur- <br />NO. P-BA-168 IN Tm FOUOWING: <br />Sunnyside Road from the east line of Block 2 of Country Club District, <br />Grimes Avenue from Sunnyside Road to the north line of Sec. 18, T. 28, R.24 <br />Bruce Avenue from W. 50th Street to Sunnyside Road <br />Casco Avenue from Country Club Road to Sunnyside Road <br />Drexel Avenue from Country Club Road to Sunnyside Road <br />Edina Blvd. from Country Club Road to Sunnyside Road <br />Moorland Avenue from Country Club Road to Sunnyside Road <br />Browndale Avenue from Country Club Road to W. 44th Street <br />Edgebrook Place <br />Country Club Road from Arden Avenue to the south line of the N% Sec. 18, <br />T.-28, R. 24 <br />Fairway Section to Highway 100 <br />Arden Avenue from W. 50th Street to Sunnyside Road .I <br />.- Bridge Street from Arden Avenue to Minnehaha Creek <br />Nackey Street from Sunnyside Road to north line of Country Club District, <br />Mr. Byde recalled that in accordance with the request of some property owners <br />at the3kly9meeting the.Village had c0nducted.a foot by foot survey of all of <br />the curbing proposed to be replaced. <br />and.gutter is in such a position that it should be replaced immediately or, <br />because of vertical or horizontal fractures, it would appear likely that it <br />would need replacement within a period of three to five years. Mr. Hyde said- <br />that he and Mr. Dunn had toured the, aprea and had no difference of .op%nion with <br />the crew that made the survey and recommended that either the entire project <br />be done or none at all since the cost of a piecemeal job would cost moretthan <br />the'complete job. fie added teat the grade problems are such that replacement <br />of the 83.8%would have an affect on <br />as far as drainage was concerned. In reply to a question of Mayor Bredesen, <br />Mr. Hyde said that undoubtedly some heaval would occur over a period of time <br />from the large tree roots. <br />cost $5,000 to $10,000 to repair the curb with asphalt painted grey as had'been <br />done in spme places. Nr. Frank Thorpe, 4614 Edina Blvd., referred to the <br />petitions which he had subfitted at the meeting of May 5 in opposition of the <br />improvement as proposed and also questioned the results of the survey. Mayor <br />Bredesen said that petitions are easy to obtain if he selects the people-to be <br />approached and presents the matter in a certain way. <br />numerous.requests from residents asking that the improvement be installed, Mr. <br />Dum said that water pfpi5lrepilacement would be necessary even if the curb and <br />gutter-were not installed, and ed$lained, in answer to a question from the <br />audience, how the estimated cost was determined. Mayor Bredesen said that-he <br />would not patch the curb-and gutter at the expense of other property owners in <br />the Village and suggested the possibility of removing all of the curbs and <br />sloping the boulevard down to the,gutter-in certain areas. Speaking in opposi- <br />tion to the improvement were Messys. Ralph Tully, 4617 Bruce,Avenue, B. A. Lar- <br />son, 4607 Edina Blvd., and an unidentified gentleman and Mrs. Paul H. Heinrich, <br />4510 Edina Blvd. Mr. Paul Laederach, 4633 Bruce Avenue, spoke in favor of the <br />improvement. Sn reply to a question of Councilman Shaw, Village Attorney Whit- <br />lock said that he believed that repair work could be specially assessed but <br />that it would involve many problems and the ordinance would probably have to <br />be amended. <br />that the decision on this matter was cut and dried, stating that he had not yet <br />made up his mind. <br />for Edina and that it must consider the recommendations of the Eiigineers. Fol- <br />lowing considerable discussion, Councilman Johnson'movedLthat the'pzttfzer be con- <br />tinued to the 33xst meeting in July so that those opposed to the improvement <br />Brown Section I. <br />The survey showed.that 83.8% of the curb <br />the curb and gutter which was not replaced. . <br />Hrw>H@zJnot!eda&sp that it would probably have <br />He added that he had <br />Councilman Courtney took issue with a statement from the audience <br />He said that Councilrs interest is only for what is best <br />* c. <br />.. , .