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128 <br />IIINUTES OF SPECIAL MF,ETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HAU ON <br />NONDAY, .JUNE 22, 1970 <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen Courtney, Johnson, Shaw, Van <br />Valkenburg and Nayor Bredesen. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON VARIOUS IMPROVEMENTS. <br />that Storm Sewer Improvement P4ST.S; -124, Street Improvement P-B-78 and Street <br />Improvement P-BA-171 had been continued from meeting of June 15, 1970, since <br />only three Councilmen had been present2 at the time vote was taken on these <br />improvements. Action was then taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />A. STORM SEWER IMPROVEMENT NO. P-ST.S. 124 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Mayor Bredesen recalled <br />Storm Sewer system to be installed as part of Highway 100 reconstruction <br />from North Edina Village Limits to Crosstown Highway as described in Notice <br />of Public Hearing on pages 110 thru 114 of this Ninutes Book <br />Mr. Dunn recalled total estimated cost for the trunk portion of this improvement <br />was $242,'454:56, proposed to be assessed agaidst the entire drainage area at an <br />estimated cost of $20.26 per 1,000 square feet for residential property. Total <br />estimated cost of the lateral portion of the system was given at $30,993.71, <br />proposed to be assessed over the area benefitting from lateral service at $7.56 <br />per 1,000 square feet. <br />for multiple properties and industrial and commercial properties because of <br />varying run-off conditions,. Mrs. Joseph B. Moore, 5100 Grove Street, asked if <br />some adjustment could be made on the assessment and was told by Mayor Bredesen <br />that he would not approve paying for any part of the storm sever from General <br />Funds. Mr. Dunn added that the State will pay approximately 70% of the cost. <br />Nrs. Moore also suggested the possibility that the- assessment of. this project <br />might have an unfavorable affect on a possible school bond issue. Mr. Kazemi <br />Abol, 4840 Westbrook Lane, ISr. E. .W. DeLaittre, 5207 Grandviexi Lane and two <br />unidentified gentlemen objected to the improvement on the grounds that their <br />property would not receive any benefit;,khat the assessment will be excessive <br />and that their property will be depreciated by the upgrading *of the highway. <br />Protest was also made that the estimated $37,000 cost of a pump to control the <br />level of Melody Lake should not be charged against the entire project, but <br />assessed directly to property owners vzhose land abuts the lake. <br />to a question from the audience, Mayor Bredesen reviewed the historic background <br />of Highway 100, noting that about 1951 or 1952 the Village had requested the grade <br />sggaralion at 50th':St.; <br />of the Village. <br />delayed pending this construction of the highway. <br />policy of the Village was also reviewed and it was noted that the Halla property <br />and Our Lady of Grace Church property would be assessed at a higher rate. <br />Mayor Bredesen recalled that the Village Engineer had said that something would <br />have to be done, whether or not the highway was improved, to offer relief to <br />those who were suffering from stofm-water and thatit would probably cost $600,000 <br />if the State was not paying a share of the cost. <br />Ninnesota State Highway Department noted that the Stke figures how much the <br />highway contributes to the storm sewer and how much the Village contributes to <br />the storm sewer and base their cost on "peak flow". Following considerable dis- <br />cussion, Councilman VanValkenburg's motion authorizing the improvement on the <br />basis that the Village has negotiated as much as possible with the State and <br />on the basis that there is no present trunk stob <br />on the basis that if the State Highway Department were not involved, the cost <br />of the needed storm sewer would be considerably higher, was seconded b'y Council- <br />man Shaw and carried. Councilman Shaw made the additional comment that the <br />trunk sewer was necessary because of the fact that some of the lateral storm <br />sewers in the area would have to dead-end 'and become useless without the trunk <br />sewer. <br />B, <br />Mr. Dunn noted that various adjustments would be made <br />In response <br />and at that time the State had turned down the request <br />He noted also that a storm sewer system for this area had been <br />The storm sewer assessment <br />Mr. Richard Sullivan of the <br />. sewer in the area and also <br />(See Resolution Ordering Improvement later in Minutes.) <br />CURB AND GUTTER, DRIVEWAY AND SIDEWALK IMPROVEMENT NO. P-B-78 IN THE FOLLOW <br />ING : <br />Willson Road from Eden Avenue to 1050' South <br />Eden Avenue from FJillson Road to 300' East <br />Grange Road from Eden Avenue to W. 50th Street <br />la. 50th Street from Dale Drive to W. Sunnyslope Road <br />-Arcadia Avenue from Eden Avenue to W. 50th Street <br />West Frontage Road from Eden Avenue to -1050' South <br />Vernon Avenue from Arcadia Avenue to 250' FJest <br />Laura Avenue from Moore Avenue to Cascade Lane <br />Vest Frontage Road from tJ. 44th St. to North Edina Village Limits <br />"Sidewalk" West of lest Frontage Road from Richmond Drive to Our Lady <br />of Grace Church Property <br />Mr. Dunn recalled that this improvement hearing had been continued from June <br />15, 1970, and presented estimated cost at $33,919.72, proposed to be assessed