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MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE EDINA BOARD <br />OF REVIEW HELD TUESDAY, JULY 14, 1970, <br />AT 5 :00 P.M. , AT EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Councilmen Courtney, Johnson , Shaw, VanValkenburg and Mayor Bredesen served as <br />Board of Review. <br />also present. The meeting was convened at 5:OO p.m., pursuant to "Notice of <br />Review Meeting" published in the Edina Sun and posted on Village Bulletin <br />Boards on July 2, 1970. <br />Mr. Robert Martin, Assistant Hennepin County Assessor was <br />Hayor Bredesen stated that the purpose of this meeting is to discuss property <br />values only and not the amount of taxes, noting that higher valuations in <br />themselves do not make high taxes. <br />on July 21, 1970, at 7:30 p.m. (probably at Valley View Junior High School) <br />at which representatives of the School Board, Hennepin County and the Village <br />will discuss budgets and at that time-taxes can be discussed. Mr. Ifartin <br />explained that the County has had the responsibility of seeing that every <br />community in Hennepin County is at the same median or "mid-level" and noted <br />conditions which had brought about increases in property values over recent <br />years. Mr. Kent Swanson, Village Assessor, explained that notices of 1970 <br />valuations had been mailed to residential property owners during April and <br />that his staff had not yet had an opportunity to review all of &he approximate <br />950 individual properties for which reduction of market value had been <br />requested. <br />He advised that a meeting will be held <br />Mr. George Watson, 6808 Normandale Road, requested reduction of his market <br />value to the 1968 market value of $28,400, particularly on the grounds that <br />the proposed up-grading of T.H. 100 has reduced adjacent property values and <br />made property difficult to sell. <br />attempted to analyze all aspects of the highway development in making its <br />determinations. <br />Mr.. Swanson said that his department had <br />Mrs. R. L. Berge, 7011 Mark Terrace Drive, said that market value on her house <br />had been set at $73,540 and protested that this value was not consistent with <br />neighboring properties, <br />block had been set from $8,400 to $8,700 less than prices for which these <br />houses had been sold and that she would have to sell her house for $82,000 <br />in order to be consistent with the examples she had sited. She did not feel <br />that her house would sell for that .price. <br />Mrs. Emma Empanger, 5537 County Road 18, '1r7as represented by her son-in-law <br />who protested the market value of her property which had been set at $30,000 <br />as against the 1968 market value of $18,000. He noted the three acre parcel <br />in question is approximately 100 feet wide and 2,300 feet deep and that one <br />acre is a peat bog. <br />the depth of the parcel. <br />perty existed only on its current zoning and not on any anticipated zoning or <br />development. <br />Mr. Samuel Schneider, 6620 Iroquois Trail, protested the increase of his <br />market value to $101,350, $21,550 over the 1968 market value which he had <br />protested at that time. <br />and argued that values were not consistent. <br />true market value would be $90,000. <br />She added that market values on other houses in her <br />He questioned the saleability of this property because of <br />Mr. Swanson advised that the value set on any pro- <br />He showed pictures of other properties in the Village <br />Mr. Schneider suggested that the <br />Mr. Leo Dvorak, 5605 County Road 18, said that market value for his five acre <br />tract of land had increased from $30,900 in 1968 to $49,200. <br />one-third of the property is low, abutting Nine Mile Creek. <br />Council that $10,000 per acre is not an unreasonable price for land on today's <br />market . <br />Mr. Valdo Marelc, 5101 W. 44th Street, protested the market value of $8,100 <br />set by the Assessor for vacant lots adjacent to T.H. 100, stating that high- <br />way construction would deter sale of these lots. <br />sota Highway Department had already compensated Mr. Marek for the portion of <br />his property which was taken. <br />He added that <br />It was noted by <br />- <br />It was noted that the Minne- <br />I <br />Mr. H. H. Bourgerie, 6317 France Avenue, protested the market value of $35,000 <br />set for his home. He stated that this is out of line for single family dwell- <br />ings on France Avenue, particularly in view of the heavey traffic on France <br />Avenue.