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1504 <br />MINUTES ‘OF THE CONTINUED IGETING OF THE <br />HEZD FRIDAY, JULY 24, 1970, AT 3:OO P.M. <br />EDINA BOARD OF REVIEI? <br />Councilmen Courtney, Shaw, VanValkenburg and Mayor Bredesen served as Board <br />of Review for the meeting continued from July 14, 1970. <br />Mr. Goerge Watson, 6808 Normandale Road, recalled that he had appeared at <br />the July 14 meeting and said that he would be up for rebuttal. <br />Mr. Donald Erickson, representing Glacier Sand and Gravel Company, 7009 France <br />Ave. S., presented Council with a memorandum indicating the reasons he believed <br />that his valuation might be high and said that, while he had no actual know- <br />ledge of value of property such as his, he had been advised by his attorney <br />to make an objection at this time. Mr. Erickson emphasized that he is not <br />complaining, since he hopes that his property’is worth the market value given, <br />but that he doesn’t know where he can get a buyer at that price. Mayor Brede- <br />sen explained that it does not necessarily follow that taxes are going up <br />since the Village should not raise its expenditures beyond its normal growth <br />and that Council will try to keep dollar expenditures in line with normal <br />growth. <br />evaluation, high taxes and the tight money market might’force piecemeal sale <br />of.this property which could violate the general plans for the area as a <br />whole. Mr. Swanson advised that a 77 acre tract of land owned by Glacier <br />Sand & Gravel which was valued at $518,650 in 1966 now has a market value of <br />$3,493,500. Another Glacier Sand & Gravel Company parcel of 59 acres which <br />was valued at $227,125 in 1966 now has a market value of $1,569,900. These <br />figures, Mr. Swanson stated, are in line with valuations used consistently <br />throughout the area. <br />Mr. Hyde noted that the basic problem is that a combination of re- <br />Mr. John Hedberg, representing Hedberg & Sons Company, said that he feels <br />that his property’s market value is confiscatory and that there has been no <br />basis in the current market. <br />able to that of Glacier Sand & Gravel Company, since Glacier is almost mined <br />out and Hedbergs still have lots of sand and gravel to take out. Mr. Hedberg <br />noted the option to buy of Mapco Sand & Gravel Company property which had <br />already been zoned for industrial use for $29,300 per acre in October, 1969. <br />Mr. Hedberg contended that if his property were zoned the same as property <br />Uest of France Avenue, it would be an entirely di5ferent situation. He added <br />that sanitary sewer is still needed to serve his property before it can be <br />developed. <br />He said that the Hedberg property is not compar- <br />Mrs. Robert F. Gallagher, 6812 Brittany Road, said that market value of her <br />property had jumped from $43,575 to $55,310 and that this valuation is more <br />than the property is worth. <br />had made an estinate of $50,000 for replacement cost and that depreciation <br />should be taken from that estimate. <br />would take a real interest in what various branches of government are spend- <br />ing, taxes would not increase and urged Mrs. Gallagher and everyone else to’ <br />put pressure on all branches of government to reduce unnecessary spending. <br />Mrs. Gallagher added that a real estate company <br />Mayor Bredesen said that if everyone <br />Mr. Morris M. Rasmussen, 6433 Parnell Avenue, said that he had not appeared <br />previously before the Board of Review. He complained that the market value <br />given his bouse of $53;460 was out of line with other houses in his neighbor- <br />hood, although he agreed that it is probably assessed at replacement value. <br />Nr. Rasmussen said that he does not want his neighbors’ values to be raised, <br />but that he would like his brought in line with the others. Mr. Swanson <br />suggested that Mr. Rasmussen get another appraisal for his house and was <br />assured that the Assessors would look at this property again if requested to <br />do so. <br />Mr. Swanson presented a status report which indicated that of the 924 requests <br />which had originally been received, 75 had been withdrawn. <br />properties had been reviewed, with 780 yet to be inspected. Final conclusions <br />made on the property of all those attending the July 14 meeting showed one <br />request had been withdrawn, 3 properties Teduced and no change made in 16 cases. <br />- <br />He said that 70 <br />Nr. Hyde called attention to the letter from the Board of Hennepin County Com- <br />missioners indicating that the County Board of Equalization must adjourn on or <br />before August 17. At 4:30 Councilman VanValkenburg’s motion continuing the <br />meeting to 7:OO p.m. on August 3, 1970, was seconded by Councilman Shaw and <br />carried. <br />2LLA. ZkLYLs, <br />Village Clerk