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NINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETIhG OF THE . <br />EDINA VIUE COUNCIL HELD AT VILLAGE HALL ON . MONDAY, MAY 3, 1971 <br />.$ <br />Members answering rollcall were Councilmen Courtney, Shaw , VanValkenburg and <br />31ayor Bredesen. .. <br />MINUTES of April 19, 1971, were approved as submitted by motion of Councilman <br />VanValkenburg, seconded ' by Councilman Courtney and carried. <br />LAWRENCE A. WILSON RETIREMENT NOTED, Mayor Bredesen presented Mr. Lawrence <br />A.. Wilson, commending h5m for his efficient service during the'seventeen years <br />he had worked for the Viliage, Mayor Bredesen and the Council expressed their <br />best wishes and thanks focMr. Wilson on his retirement. <br />LOT 3, BLOCK 1, CLIFTON TERRACE R-2 ZONING DENIED. <br />request of Mr. Jeffrey Gustafson for R-2 zoning for Lot 3, Block 1, Clifton <br />Terrace, recalling that this matter had been continued from March 15 and April <br />19, 1971, so that neigfibors could try to reach a purchase agree6ent with Mr. <br />Gustafson. Mr; Luce recalled that the Planning Commission felt that this pro- <br />posed rezoning would make a reasonable buffer between the Crosstown Highway and <br />single family dwellings in the block. <br />said that residents and Mr. Gustafson are $3,200 apart and that the residents <br />feel that $13,250, which Mr. Gustafson is asking for the property, is too much <br />for a single family lot. He added that there appears to be no area to negoti- <br />ate and that residents have withdrawn their offer for that reason. Mr. Gust- <br />afson presented a map which he had drawn indicating other multiple residence <br />uses in the area, along with pictures of adjacent properties. Mr, Donald John- <br />son, 6312 Brookview Avenue, reGalled that this zoning had been denied by <br />Council on numerous occasions and urged denial at this hearing. Mayor Bredesen <br />noted that the lot is more than 2,000 square feet too small for a double dwell- <br />ing, Following considerable discussion, Councilman Courtney moved that,since <br />.the lot is 20% too small and since the zoning had been turned down on several <br />occasions, the zoning change be denied. <br />VanValkenburg and on rollcall there were four ayes and no nays and the motiog <br />was carried. <br />ORDINANCE NO, 811-A6 ADOPTED. Plf,,LuceLpres"ented Ordinance No. 811-A6, noting <br />that this matter had been continued from April 5 and 19, 1971. <br />this ordinance would delete language in the Zoning Ordinance which permitted <br />outside burning and that Richfield, St. Louis Park and Eden Prairie all have <br />this same ordinance. <br />Minnesota Pollution Confrol Agency Regulations more easily enforced. <br />man Courtney then offered the following ordinance for First Reading, with <br />waiver of Second Reading, qnd qoved its adoption as follows: <br />Mr. Hyde presented the <br />Mr. James Otto, 6324 Brookview Ave., <br />Motion was seconded by Councilman <br />I He noted that <br />Mr. Hyde added that this ordinance would make the <br />Council- <br />ORDINANCE NO. 811-A6 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE ZONING ORDINANCE (NO. 811) TO REGULATE <br />REFUSE INCINERATION AND STORAGE IN THE MULTIPLE RESIDENCE DISTRICT <br />c <br />THE VILLAGE COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA, MINNESOTA, ORDAINS: <br />Section 1, Trash and Garbage Incinerators and Storage. Supparagraph <br />(h) of paragraph 4 of Section 4 (Multiple Residence District) of Ordinance No. <br />811 is hereby amended to read as follows: <br />(h) Refuse Incineration: Storage. No incineration of any refuse, garbage <br />swill or rubbish as defined in Ordinance No. 711 shall be permitted <br />except in a manner which fully complies with Ordinance No, 633 and <br />the applicable provisions of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency <br />Regulations therein adopted. There shall be no exterior storage of <br />such refuse, garbage, swill or rubbish, or of any waste matter as <br />defined in said Ordinance No. 711, except in an accessory building <br />completely enclosed by walls and rodf. <br />Sec. 2. <br />and publication. <br />rollcall there were <br />This ordinance shall be in full force and effect upon its passage <br />Motion for adoption of the ordinance was <br />four ayes and no nays <br />ATTEST : Mayor <br />+e/ <br />Village Clerk <br />I <br />ORDINANCE NO, 811-A10 CONTINUED FOR STUDY. <br />by Clerk, approved .as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />Ordinance No. 811-AlO for First Reading, noting that the ordinance as proposed <br />Affidavits of Notice were presented <br />Mr. Luce presented